[2014-03-28] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

2014 Jang Keun Suk staff MT~~
2014 장근석 스텝 엠티~~

tenshi_akuma’s note: According to a website, Membership Training (M.T.) is a special part of Korean culture where schoolmates or employees of the same office get together for a weekend trip to a nice place that seems miles away from the city.

Wow, warm
으 따뜻하다

Well, it’s about time to have a drink..?
슬슬 한 잔 해볼까..?

Ah… I’m feeling drunk…
아이고 취한다…

Hmmm… Where am I..?
우웅 여긴어디야..

11 thoughts on “[2014-03-28] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Hello Fellow Eels,
    I found a link on Facebook about a quite important voting event in China. It will end on Apr 26th. Last time I checked our prince was in 4th postion but now he dropped to 5th. He should win this poll.
    Go to this link–> http://hg.ddyule.cn/?yundunkey=1d3ebc74e453588f2f509bd419b 6dc6931394932910_24645511
    2. Click on the red icon with the words “投他一票” (where JKS’s picture is) and wait for the code to show up.
    3. Type in the code and click on the blue confirmation button.
    You can vote once per hour

  2. The Prince doll, our Prince is still playing with dolls like a boy. I remember my son playing his Japanese robot dolls till he was twelve, the Prince must have missed his childhood spending time on acting and modeling. Probably that is why he still has a lot of child in him who is now a very mature and responsible man. That personality makes us all love and adore him.

  3. It have been a while that i didn;t see a tweet chain storm of story from suk. The last that makes me laughing out loud will be the tweet of him and zingkun visiting Lotte Duty Free Shop.


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