21 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 11_Cyber Love”

  1. wow! once again my heartfelt thanks to the translation and subbing team of Zikzin radio in ECI!!
    i’m so delighted to finally understand the conversation with the eel who made Sukkie laugh so hard in this episode! daebak!
    Sukkie you are really one of a kind making us eels all happy and connected! we will keep zikzin with you!

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  3. Thank you so much to all the Translator Team members. Translating and subbing must be for hard and time consuming works. Without this blog’s wonderful Team, we, international eels, will sure be lost and totally don’t understand JKS.

    Every time, I listen to JKS, I always learned and gained something valuables about life in general. He is a very talkative, also a very wise cunning and smart man.

    I love the segment when he called his Korean eels, gagG, memebers…… he said he won’t give up until he get someone…..awwwww. That’s my JKS, my star, always ZikZin!!! Beside very entertaining segment, it’s also heart-warming to witness a group of strangers become closed friends and closed families thru the love of JKS. Just like many of us, international eels, some of us become very closed friends. Some of us never meet each other yet….but we know each other and bonded with each other thru Internet chatting and become good and supportive friends.

    Honestly, if anyone mentioned that I can meet and make good friends via internet….10 years ago…I would say…that person is CRAZY. I was never into Internet chatting group or Cyber chatting any type of group. I even thought Internet is very dangerous, you never know who can pretended to be any body… so I never bother with meeting or chatting with people via Internet.

    All said and done, being JKS eel has changed my perception about Cyber friendship alot. Of course, I still have caution of the possible dangerous or scamp or bad people pretend to be your friends…..but in reality they are NOT.

    So far, my experiences with Cyber friendship are all pleasant and nice, especially chatting among EELs friends.

    I’m sooo glad for a man name JKS, who has opened my eyes and broadened my small world a little. I have learned so much from different people from different countries, learned to appreciate and respect different cultures. The world is so beautiful if we want it to be beautiful.

    • Dear Kailey, beautiful words! I feel very identified with each sentence. I was unable to listen to episode 11 yet for reasons beyond my control but I can imagine all thanks to your comments, reviews and photos. I’m really grateful and I feel blessed to be part of the great JKS´s world . I wish everyone (including the Prince of course) a nice weekend. For sure I’ll go to the beach with my kids tomorrow and I’ll be thinking about you, my friends. A lot of hugs and Zikzin!

    • Kailey…I agree with you. I normally don’t jump in every new thing that comes along. Eventhough I withness the internet from beginning and also saw my kid chatting her way but I taught her to be cautious all the time.
      I myself was never of the chatroom type but now for JKS hahaha

      I love his Chic-n-Toc style..hahaha and about him not wanting to be like BB..for the obvious reason.. I’m glad he is not too musled and all. I love his “lean” body

      This episode was again very open and very entertaining…I love his natural ways and how he hides nothing…I trust him as he trust us to put things in the right perspective.. The program is ment for him and his eels to be free and open without sanctimony or false pretend… We know Sukkie to be a very cordial and polite person in normal life.. now he is chatting with us just as he would with his close friends.. It is that unique ZR!!

    • Dear Kailey.
      I really appreciate your words and I totally agree with what you said.
      Especially the part about cyberspace. Indeed, our Keun Suk’s made me more open and to change my thinking about interaction on the net.
      For that I thank him again and thank you, those who helped me get out of my shell …
      God bless everyone and only good thoughts !

    • Yes, I believe too, that here we are a small community of beautiful girls and ladies. Even I don’t know you personally, I hope someday I will. My main reason, when I first starting to comment on this blog, was because I had a feeling of confidence and warmth, feeling that I never felt on other blogs. Somehow I felt comfortable here, and here I am.
      Regarding the safety, yes, this is something you need to be cautious, you never know…And, I’m talking from my experience. Listening to Sukkie, I remembered my experience with chat rooms. It was in 2000 my first year at University, studying Applied Informatics in Economics. At that time we were living like in the stone age, no technology, no malls, nothing…It was a strange world. I was learning about computers, mainly programming (do you remember that blue screen of Pascal language?) and the info lab had just 3 or 4 small working computers with Win ’95 on them for 50 students?! I still cannot believe how I could learn! Back then, I was living in the campus. One day, a colleague of mine ask me if I ever was at an Internet room. I was blank: Whhaaat??? What’s that? No, I never was, I answered and she started to explain me, this and that, and so one…At school lab we hadn’t any internet connection, so I was pretty much curious, and what I did? I go there with my friend to have “fun”. That day, I lost it entirely. I was so absorbed by the stuff, that I forgot of my courses…surfing, laughing, games, and…chat. At that time I hadn’t a boyfriend, I think I was about the only of my colleagues who didn’t have one, don’t know why…not that wouldn’t have been some to like me…And my friend, “let’s find you someone” and before I knew it already started a conversation for me…We chat awhile till he asked me to meet. I didn’t want. My friend, started to yell: “Are you crazy?” “No. I simply don’t want. I don’t know him, bla, bla, bla” We had a little fight then in which she succeeded to write in my place. And you know what happened. I had to meet him. (we hadn’t had photos so it was something like “blank” dating). My first impulse was not going, but on the other hand, as I said I’m too curious, I really wanted to see that person, how it looked like. So I went. And I was the first there, right at the fixed time. And I did like Sukkie, waiting, and waiting, with thousands thoughts in my head, quite frustrated by the waiting, omo, and when finally he appeared…NOOOOO, no, no, no,…, bad experience ever. I don’t know what was in my head then, but even now I can’t believe how I had the courage to do that…

  4. Thank you, translation team! I am so very grateful to you guys. Without you, many of us would not understand a thing JKS says 🙂 And thank you jangkeunsukforever!

    JKS is so sweet calling the gagG group. Their conversation is very enjoyable and touching. Listening to them, you can feel the true love and caring from his eel, and JKS’s sincere caring and appreciation of his eels.

    Best wishes to JKS!

  5. I really love Sukkie´s Zikzin Radio. He is so chaming and funny, and genuine.”Chik and tok” 😀 ,the story about his internet friend, the story about a girl that BB suppose to bring :D, and his staff who can´t stopp laughing. It feels like talking and laughing with friends.

    Thank you once again for english subs! I hope that subs for episode 12 will be ready soon. 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for translation. Through your generosity I have the opportunity to be closer to our Keun Suk.
    It was a magical new meeting between good friends. Every time he shares his experience of life, generously and caring for its eels . There are interactive meetings with discussion of normal and spontaneous reactions . There is nothing staged.
    I must admit that for many years my job involves working on the computer but I have always stayed away from social networks . It seemed a useless thing that destroys the direct relationship between me and my friends.
    That is until I discovered Keun Suk. It took me some time to get courage but I felt the need to share my thoughts and feelings with others who love him .
    You can call it cyber love . Because of the distance, this is the only way to communicate and to be closer to our Keun Suk. It’s the only way I can see him and I can find news about him.
    It is often frustrating but that is the price to be an overseas eel. However, no matter how hard it would be, definitely I will not give up.
    But I think it is great that people in many parts of the world, without knowing, people very different culture, language, religion, traditions and conceptions about life, managed to find a common denominator, their unlimited love for Jang Keun Suk.
    I say that is a true cyber love, in the best sense of the word.
    Therefore, as long as this blog will be, I will continue to be with you and to support our beloved Prince.

  7. we eels patiently waiting for that someone sukkie…we pray that you will get someone before u enlist we want you to be happy take care always and GOD BLESS!!

  8. Thank you for the English sub!! I really appreciate your hard work! That we are able to understand what our JKS is talking about. I especially love the part when he talks to the fans. It’s so personal and enjoyable. I really love it!!! Thanks again!


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