[2014-03-17] @zosun_hi twitter

We were trying to film or be filmed, looking relaxed~~ It was really tough~ kk
@zosun_hi: “@khlee1034: “@jb0430: 마리끌레르잡지 요것도이써요 ^^~♡♡
넘 이뻐요#장근석 http://t.co/7NNsMUWeqL”ㅡ 힘 뺀 모습^^ 예뻐요~~”힘빼고 찍고 찍히느라~~ 진짜 힘들었음~ㅋㅋ

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  1. My dear Keun Suk.
    Try to take it slowly. You have worked hard so far and the results are worth the effort.
    You have achieved so far as others have not done in a lifetime.
    You need a break from your exhausted artistic life to make your personal life more peaceful and beautiful.
    It is time to think more about yourself, your body and soul. Enjoy life. Enjoy dear people around you.
    We love you and we can wait however you will need.
    I send to you only good thoughts and peace in your soul.

  2. Isn´t that korean Marie Claire? I tought it will be on korean. It looks like it is on english. I hope it is.

    Sukkie was very busy with Bel Ami and Zepp Tour. It was probably a tough period for him. That is possible reason why he is saing that he need a break. I really want to read this.

    Sukkie has been very quiet lately, no twitter- messages since February, and no line-messages. I hope that he is taking a well deserved break.

    I like the picture. Sukkie looks very tender. A quite opposite of his Team H-look.:) ( I like his Team H look too.)

      • Dear Tenshi, thank you very much for the info. I just wonder whether the article about our Prince as appeared in this issue of Marie Claire will be translated into English for your international eels in this JKSforever pond one day.

  3. Looking good Suk! I so love how you look in this picture.. Looking fresh and rested! Enjoy your vacay and be back in action soon!

  4. he look younger and more fresh ..can’t wait for his next drama or movie.
    it would be great if he take the role as a hero like lee min ho in city hunter.And i wish can see him in “Running Man” game.
    hope someone can pass this fan dream to him <3

  5. liked him with long hair(not that long though).But short hair is waaay better.He looks super handsome and cool.
    Take a break if u need it sukkie…
    Stay healthy and happy.

    • Thank you, Tenshi! We can always count on you.

      I have ordered it. Don´t really know why I´m so happy. It´s on korean! And I have to wait a few weeks to get it. But I´m still happy. Can´t help it. 🙂

  6. Seriously…the price is more than hundr
    ed.i never buy a mag cost that much.huh..fortunately..I dont have paypal.kkk…


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