[2014-03-14] QQ Music 2013 Annual Report- MV Top 10 Team H “What Is Your Name” No. 1

Credit: QQ 音乐
Translation: Wen Lee from ECI
According to QQ Music 2013 Statistics Report on 130314, Jang Keun Suk’s ‘What Is Your Name’ was No.1 on the Top 10 MV list! The other 9 were all Chinese artists. The Top 10 songs list & Top 10 albums list were all Chinese artists. JKS was the only foreign artist!
QQ Music Statistics (for 2013): Total albums released 23,385. Total MVs released 27,506. No. of MV hits 6 billion. Total songs released 176,092. Total HK/Taiwan artists 5,224. Total China artists 16,447. Total foreign artists 125,307. Total QQ Music members 200 million. Everyday 40 million members listen in.

19 thoughts on “[2014-03-14] QQ Music 2013 Annual Report- MV Top 10 Team H “What Is Your Name” No. 1”

  1. Way to go, Team H! You are the best! 🙂 200 million QQ Music members have really good taste in music.

    Can´t wait to hear new Team H album. I hope that the release date will be announced soon.

  2. Dear JGS, I tried but can’t warm up to your Big Brother. I’m so very sorry. I love you very dearly but your BB’s style is not mine :-(. however, as long as you are happy, I’m happy 🙂

    Good Luck with this year’s projects! Love you as always!

  3. Thanks for sharing this.
    Honestly, I feel like a mother happy and proud of his son’s achievement! Because it is an important achievement.
    He worked hard alone and with BB but beautiful results do not delay.
    The effort to make the tree to bear fruit is bitter but the collected fruits are sweet .
    I like Keun Suk’s songs and TEAM H’s songs.
    All are made with a lot of heart, with love of music and respect for those who listen.
    After you listen, hardly get out of your mind and many of them can be used as remedies for the mind and soul. They make you feel that you are alive.
    Well done guys!
    Some time ago I dared to post a “LOVE LETTER” that I used titles of their songs. I thought to adjust to the event and post it back in their honor.

    In a BEAUTIFUL DAY I saw you, my BEAUTIFUL MAN and I stayed WITHOUT WORDS.
    In this CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY world, our lives are LIKE A MOVIE.
    WHAT SHOULD I DO ? I thought to write a LOVE LETTER.
    Don’t LET ME CRY ! Please SAVE ME and read my letter. CAN YOU HEAR ME ?
    Can you hear my SERENADE to you ?I PROMISE you a BEAUTIFUL CHANGE.
    WELCOME TO MY WORLD ! Give me your hand and let’s RUN AWAY through the
    Don’t tell me GOOD BYE. I’ll ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU.
    With all my love I wish you THE HAPPY DAY !!!

    I send to you all my love and all my appreciation and I promise you that I will remain a loyal eel even when I become a granny ………

  4. well well well… this is really good news because a lot claims that they are no.1, but without solid proofs, and this one has it.

    congratulations team h

  5. congrats!! prince and BB and looking forward for the new team H album keep up the good work we LOVE you prince and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  6. Gosh, he is top in China. The one and only among Chinese singers. What is your name is really lovely. I was at his Team H concert when he sang this song. It was great fun. Congratulations! R u working on your new album now? U r so quiet, Sugar.

  7. Oh sukkie great job…chukayae ur voice is beautiful and peculiar..i love all songs..ur awesome oppa fighting…i love u always….

  8. Wow…this is really a credit to Team H because being the first in this mv chart is not easy as we can see there are well known singers too from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even China itself in the chart. Congratulation Prince and BB. Your next stop should be the european chart!!!


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