10 thoughts on “[2014-03-15] @Galssam2 twitter”

  1. He’s a good guy, I mean our Prince. He always looks after people around him. I remember him saying in one of his interviews that when he was less busy he used cooked breakfast for his staff and watching them eat he felt like a hen. There is definitely an element of a hen in him 🙂

    • O Yes…tomorrow is Holi..
      Subh Holi Tanushree and all other Hindu eels…and non Hindu eels for that matter for it’s a joyfull celebration of the light

  2. Generosity is the virtue of the strong and is the helping hand of unconditional love.
    A good son, a good friend, a good boss, a good man. This is our Keun Suk.
    We have a saying: “Whence you give God will give you tenfold.”
    So to help him God!

  3. Oh that is so sweet, thinking of other´s people food is nice, just what are those? a fridge and something to keep warm the food like the pizza thing?


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