[weibo] Caffe Bene Shooting BTS_20140312

Credit: 咖啡陪你caffebene

Translation: #JangKeunSuk Company You, Happiness Strikes You# After one day busy shooting. Cafebene Spokesman picture shooting finally finished :D! Hard work @JangKeunSuk and HS Media Official and all the staff, you’re all gave your super energy! The pictures are great. We won’t just tease you, show you the BTS picture first. The first picture will be released soon, please look forward to it.

#张根硕陪你,幸福来袭#经过一天的紧张拍摄,咖啡陪你代言人新平面终于完成[太开心]!辛苦亲爱的@张根硕 以及@HS_Media官方微博 所有工作人员,你们都超级给力!画面非常赞!不吊鳗鱼们胃口,拍摄花絮精彩抢先看~ 首张新平面定装照也会很快会发布,鳗鱼们期待吧[爱你]~![鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]

3 thoughts on “[weibo] Caffe Bene Shooting BTS_20140312”

  1. Hard work but wonderful results!
    He looks great! We are wondering what about him! And behold! He is very busy and yet he always turn their beautiful thoughts to us.
    Good work dear Prince!


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