[Video] ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ Fan Meeting promotional video

It’s about a promotional video for ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ fan meeting in Japan held on June 14. From 0:24 to 0:30, JKS appears on the video, saying “Everyone, come and see me. I’m looking forward to meeting you there!”

Credits: KNTVnow

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  1. For me, Beautiful Man is a reference point in our Keun Suk’s career and his personal life. It is my opinion.
    In my mind everything is divided between the period before Beautiful Man and after Beautiful Man.
    Before Beutiful Man is a long and fruitful period of accumulation. It is the period in which he educated themselves and was formed as a multi-talented artist, as a free person and a free spirit.
    Without compromises and without regrets, he chose the path of a responsible man, loving of life and people, compassionate, with respect and care for those around him, a sincere and honest man.
    Note that he never used the easy way.
    Beautiful Man was followed by successful completion of ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR IN ZEP, his graduation, his meeting with Korean fans after 4 years.
    After Beautiful Man is the time of consolidation. Now, Keun Suk became known and beloved star overseas and across countries.
    Therefore, he has greatest need of us to support him, encourage him and show him all the love and our appreciation.
    Regarding Beautiful Man, for me nothing was accidental.
    The story was blended perfectly with the real life. We have witnessed the maturation of Ma Te and transformation of a pretty boy into a beautiful man.
    May be overreacting, but at the end of the drama in which he appears dressed in red, the color that symbolizes vitality, strength, love, passion, success, fame, courage, will to get results, the power to influence and understand the difficulties and lessons life, seems to me very significant.
    For these reasons, although I liked as all his movies and series, Beautiful Man will occupy a very important place in my heart.
    I wish pleasant meeting with Japanese fans and I usually ask him to think and to the eels at greater distance, but which love him as much.
    I pray for his health and happiness!


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