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Chapter three: Chihuahua’s arrival at ZIKZIN SHOP

[From top left, top right, bottom left to bottom right]
Chihuahua: Hey! Don’t you know where ZIKZIN SHOP is?
Shibuya is really big!!
Surprisingly, there is a great deal of greenery in Shibuya.
Pegasus&Leopard: A newcomer arrived!
第三章 チワワのZIKZIN SHOPへ到着編
Chihuahua: ねえ〜ZIKZIN SHOPって知ってない?
Pegasus&Leopard: 新米が来たね!

Notice from Collecte De Zikzin
We’ll start to sell these popular stuffed toy animals on March 14th. We’re looking forward to your visit.

Everyone: See you on March 14th ❤︎
Collecte De Zikzinからのお知らせ 大人気のぬいぐるみの子たちを3月14日から 販売いたします。 ご来店お待ちしております。
tenshi_akuma’s note: As you know, these are from HANSA Toys.

17 thoughts on “[2014-03-12] @collecte_zikzin twitter”

    • It sounds like him. It reminds me of the story he made with his grey pig toy (don’t remember the name) 🙂 He’s such a positive, playful and warm person. I really love this man.

    • Yes, they are new items for sale. You can get the same ones at Hansa Toys, too. Many countries sell their items at shops or online. Please check.

  1. So sweet! hahaha I love all of you guys, especially Leopard hahaha Sukkie you are so sweet hahahaha I can´t stop laughing hahahaha

  2. i read some news which made me shake and sad but i know jks will stand very firm just as japan shook but is still verrrry firm.jks i loooooooooooove youuuuuuu.we will always win fightin

  3. Chihuahua is intelligent, intuitive, energetic and protective. Can be possessive and spoiled but affectionate and gentle.
    SHOP ZIKZIN Chihuahua is really sweet and makes good team with Pegasus and Leopard.
    The three little stories are very funny. They have brought my good mood.
    Keun Suk ours will be an adorable father.
    Thanks Tenshi.

  4. Thank you Tenshi for sharing this. We can easily get lost at Shibuya, I did so many times. I love all the photos. They Did reflect Shibuya, especially when Chihuahua was crossing the street. I also love the one at the little garden. I wonder whether it was at Collecte Zikzin. I have never been there. I must go there one day to dine.

  5. This reminds me of another friend who has a toy companion “Gina” a gnome whom she brought to her European travels last autumn. Instead of her posing for pictures, it was “Gina the gnome” who was in subways, bus rides, train rides, etc. She too is an enjoyable companion.

    Sukkie might really be a “never a dull moment companion – always finding something to laugh even in the lousiest of days”. What a gift I wish I have – always positive.


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