14 thoughts on “[2014-03-13] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. oh sorry fo ma self too.japanese are too lucky.they get sukkies stuff more than any other country.eg concerts,shops fanmeetings etc sooooooooooo jealous

  2. Even though I am a little jealous, good for Japanese eels. They deserve everything because they have always been close to our Keun Suk and supported him strongly.
    I am away from him and I can’t support him than the words written but sent with lot of love and appreciation.
    I am very happy that I discovered Keun Suk and I can be an active witness to his wonderful evolution.
    I do not think I will be able to see him in real life but I’m happy for those who have that opportunity. I was fortunate to meet here people who generously shared with us such joy and gave me the opportunity to convey my thoughts and feelings towards this unique experience of my life. And for that I thank them!
    My advice is to not miss any opportunity in life to do something that you enjoy and that help you express your feelings, whatever your age.

    • i agree adriana. you are right! me too, i’m just happy to see JKS in SNS and on any platform that i can see him. for me, its enough as of now. but if given the chance that i could see him in person, i would be extremely happy…

      • Yes…me too can only support him from afar..
        the japanese eels do properly love him. Giving him so much respect and appreciation..they really deserves each others love and attention

    • Adri I´m agree with you 100 % . Your Advice is my motto jejeje Through these lines I can see that your heart is huge and warm. I’m happy to have found all of you. Thanks for sharing your love. JKS is very fortunate to have people like you by his side. I’m happy for the Japanese Eels.


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