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  1. i remember he said he didtn like excercise.. when diet time he prefers drink soju without eat..hope he not often to do that. it will not good for his healt, and specially for skin. btw, n those catalogue, he looks more mature now.. manly and cool. ferrino is the best.

    well..about his short movie in jeju island, hope released soon 🙂 and next..wanna know his new plan, new drama or movie, ect.we should wait 1 year..noprob. actually i amnot interested to wach any korean drama after bel ami final..gkgk. they are same theme and idea. so bored. as mentioned before i love light comedy on k drama..bel ami is one of my fav. since korean drama become so dramatic and serious recently, i stop to watch. but i promis if sukie play as serious role on his next drama, i will watch!! hehe, i will support him to play any role 🙂

  2. Thanks Tenshi for this gift. Every posting about our Keun Suk is a true gift.
    I saw the entire catalog. All photos are really beautiful. Especially those in which he appears.
    In every chapter we see Keun Suk that fits perfectly with the theme chosen.
    It is very pleasant to observe how many faces and multiple attitudes can he create to convey as accurately the messages to viewers.
    We see Keun Suk cool, handsome, manful, brave, gallant, innocent, sweet, attractive, decent, sexy, foolhardy …… Depending on the situation ….
    He is impressive in Falling in Ferrino Heritage, he’s cool and sexy but I love the pictures of Enjoying Italian Lifestyle, that make my heart take speed ….
    It’s a hard work but also a rewarding job. Congratulations!
    I’m always thinking and I wonder what program is that it manages to cover many activities ?
    Although he wants to leave another impression, I think his program is very well organized and he has an impressive self control. He also succeeded to attract a team that supports him permanently.
    In the world of entertainment is very hard to stay on top without a huge effort and a permanent self control. The pressure at which it’s subject probably others would take down immediately .
    Therefore maybe at some point he feels the need to escape somehow .
    We must not judge him too harshly. Do not forget! He’s still a human.
    If you listen carefully ZIKZIN Radio_episode 9, you will find more clarification in this regard.
    And another thing. I noticed that many times he likes to make statements that let the interlocutors confused. I think it his way of reacting to some comments and this is part of his charm.
    What we can do is support him, to give him confidence and energy, always tell how much we need him, to pray for his health and send him all our love.

  3. Adri, what a beautiful words! Unfortunately I can only see photos. Can you tell me more?
    Oh, I miss you Sukkie! Are you ok? I hope so.
    Please shine bright for me, you my brightest star, shine bright at least in my memory.

  4. The catalog is divided into 5 sections .
    Find pictures in posts Ferrino occurred on February 14,February 22, March 5 and March 7.
    1 – FERRINO EXTREME DREAMING – experience adventures on the mountain
    Keun Suk is sporty, brave, daring, adventurous, foolhardy, cool and handsome.
    Pics 2-8/February 22 , pics 2-5/March 5, pics 1-5/March 7.
    My favorites are pics 3 and 4 /March 5.
    2 – FERRINO SPIRIT COMES FROM NATURE – green forest and park
    Keun Suk is cool, handsome, happy, smiling, full of life and sweet.
    Pics 1-6 and 8-10 / February 14 , pics 6-11 / March 7.
    There are two pics where his eyes sparkle and they irresistibly smile, pics 3/February 14 and 11/March 7.
    My favorites are the picts 4/February 14 and 8/March 7.
    3 – FALLING IN FERRINO HERITAGE – fashion heritage like just cultural heritage along history
    Keun Suk is cool, splendid, manly, sexy.
    Pics 7/February 14, 1/February 22, 1/March 5.
    My favorite is pic 1/March 5.
    4 – Enjoying ITALIAN LIFESTYLE – romance and love
    Here are the pics that made my heart speed up.
    Pics 11-12/February 14, 9/February 22 and 6/March 5.
    My favorite is the picture that he has eyeglasses.
    5 – FOR ALL THE LITTLE FERRINO FANS – a step to teach kids how to love, to enjoy and be part of nature.
    The boy in the pictures look like him when he was a kid.
    There would be much to say and maybe others have another opinion.
    These are my appreciations but I hope that are helpful. I wrote them with great pleasure.


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