12 thoughts on “[Pics] FERRINO 2014 S/S collection”

  1. cool! i love to call him mr. cool.

    ee..i am wondering, does sukie more like if eels say “he is cool” instead of “he is cute” hmm..based on experiences..not everymen feel comfort when ppl said they r cute. ggkgk..my friend hates when somebody call him cute..kkk. he said cute is too boyish or childish, but cool is more manly 🙂 so, i call him cute when he got angry 😀 when he got angry he looks like a baby.. gosh. just kiding.

    • I totally agree with you. The period “cute” passed.
      Keun Suk is now our beautiful, cool, gorgeous, handsome, charming ….. and he makes your heart to take speed.
      We must get used to the thought that our boy became a wonderful man.
      But I still keep my opinion that he has a sweet smile. And a handsome man can have a sweet smile, right?

  2. He looks good in all the pictures. Vivid colors are an advantage for him.
    My favorites are pics 8 and 10. Picture 11 express love of life .
    Thanks Tenshi.

  3. for some reason, i never praise him too much, he is still human 🙂 all artis are looks georgous, they should looks handsome or pretty, but it will nothing without charisma. sukie has charisma, and it performd very cooly by his gesture and voice. i watchd ikemen desu, when he appeard on one of the episod, the aura of the drama was totally different. then i realised, this men has star charm.


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