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  1. my heartfelt thanks once more to our angels who have worked hard for the translation and timing of this episode! may you be blessed!
    omo my eyes were too drawn to Sukkie’s tennis pic in this vid that I had to stop reading and just keep staring! hohoho! whoever chose it- my biggest thanks! kkk!
    more power to the team and of course to our prince! another enjoyable episode! i love his energy! ^^

  2. Thank you to the subtitling team, I see a new name there. Embrasse Moi, Wen Lee and Akh Saad thank you for your hard work.

    In the first half of enjoying ep 9, the connection went down. 🙁
    should play the other half later on and catch up the previous episode- sad that I hvnt listened ep 8 .

    In the first minutes, Mr. Jang talked like a bullet train. That was hard to follow the subtitle. Or maybe I was being slow.
    Truly he is a smart and has wide knowledge abt cuisine and beverage.
    And he is correct abt baking = math. You have to follow the instruction precisely, or else. It needs patient in steps of baking, exactly like math. I do bake only if I’m in the mood. The mood indeed affects the output of any activities, not only in baking.

    I hv a question, when he said “Go home.!” in 14.43 and 15.53, he made it cute. It would be great if any of you here who knows Hangul could share the romanization of the words.


  3. Thank you for the english subs! 🙂 You have worked hard.

    Sukkie are the world´s best host. So funny and cheerful. It´s very funny when he talks about eels who don´t show entusiasm when they meet him. And it´s extremely cute when he tells that a girl who is making bread looks very feminine to him.

    I hope that Sukkie will continue to make Zikzin Radio, and that you will continue to translate for oss.

  4. First of all thank those who offered me this opportunity.
    It was another impressive meeting with the Magician Jang.
    I heard (read) all the episodes and each time I find something new about him.
    I have to tell from the beginning that he worked hard. Gets 5 stars from me with a lot of love.
    I restarted this episode several times and finally I gave up the sound.
    I was very attentive to his voice and because of this I lose the subtitle.
    He said he likes Lee Byung Hun’s voice and he’s the kind of person whose voice can contain a lot of emotions.
    By curiosity, I listened too. He really has a nice voice but I love Jang Keun Suk’s voice.
    With his voice caught my attention the first time. To me, his voice contains many emotions and his songs helped me to get over difficult moments.
    In this episode I found many of his thoughts that he has shared with his eels just like between friends.
    He said it appeared Radio ZIKZIN just because he wanted to interact and share with his eels. He wanted to create a different platform where he and his eels can exchange and share views and opinions.
    “Although this is also a kind of consideration for you all, I want to use the method that best shows my charming voice.” ….. Ha ha ha …
    Of all his words I realized how much is thinking about his work. He wants to be to height on.
    I found him several aspects characteristic of a free spirit.
    Free Spirit is like the thought does not stand a moment. For him, movement is life and life essence of progress: to get where you are where you need to be.
    So this happens with Keun Suk. He’s in a constant search. Over time, due to these permanent search and struggle he has acquired special skills.
    Just as he put it: “If You Need One, let me know and I’ll make one for yow. Say do it and I’ll do it.” This is Keun Suk. No fear of the new and go bravely on some roads unexplored.
    He urges eels to be active. “It’s good if everyone can find his / her own active interest …. Do something like exercise or created something with your hands.”
    I was impressed by the times in which he removes his soul in sight. I understand how much pressure is on his shoulders and how he search ways to escape.
    I was glad to find that he likes flowers. “I like to put flowers in the house…. Make the house look more lively… They are helpful to reduce the pressure.”
    He likes to drive at night and on the car radio to be his songs. In this way their brain rests and feels free. So he feels free.
    He worked hard and is tired but pleased with how he spent time this winter.
    He is always interested to succeed and last moments of the show were dedicated of the eels to which thanked them as they filled him with energy.
    Words that went to my heart. And the last song was “Serenade” my soul song.
    Dear Keun Suk. Mutumesc!!!( Thank you )!!! We are beside you. We believe in you and we’re sure that you succeed in everything you propose. Take care of your soul and your health. When you find it hard you can to decrease speed and do not lose confidence. You are capable of wonderful things and you have your whole life ahead. I love ZIKZIN Radio!

  5. I love your manly voice sukkie not only your charming voice..but the voice that everyone get pregnant when they heard your voice…prince can you please make one for me please??!


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