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  1. The beautiful images above, for which I thank you, are our “Martisor”.
    Let me explain what it is about.
    In my country, the first day of March is the celebration of “Martisor” (little March – Martie ), talisman bearer of happiness and is celebrated the return of nature to life.
    “Martisorul” is a red and white ribbon made ​​of two braided wires, one white and one red, which means the season has passed – the winter and it starts – spring, which caught a symbol of good luck – a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a chimney sweeper, a heart… Rebirth of nature and the coming of spring are celebrated in ancient times. In our tradition popular white-red rope is interweaving of 365 days of the year and the 1st of March is the agricultural New Year when nature comes alive.
    “Martisorul” bring good luck and ward off misfortune. Tradition says that the person who wears it befriends the sun that gives him everything : power, beauty, joy, health, love and purity of mind.
    March amulets are worn until the trees bloom, then hung on their branches.
    For this reason and I will send each of you a virtual “Martisor” will make friends with the sun.
    And for our Keun Suk, I send him with love a “Martisor” and I wish as the miracle of the nature rebirth to bring him new dreams and hopes, peace of mind, tenderness and love, energy, enthusiasm and many achievements.

    • Adriana, awwww…thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tradition with us. Thank you for your virtual gifts. You’re so sweet!!!

    • Adriana,
      Happy 1st of March to Sukki, you and everyone!
      Here in my country Bulgaria it is also a big holiday – we call it Grandma Marta and everyone wears red-and-white ornaments.
      So for Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Macedonia it is the Spring day we all celebrate.

    • Adrianne…Thanks for explaning such beautiful and meaningful tradition..now we are able to forge and “fool” nature we tend to forget how important the seasons are to human lives esp the regions with clear seasons… spring and summer are most important and happy but also hardworking time…


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