11 thoughts on “[pics] Jang Keun Suk and Kim Jae Joon Appear on Singapore “Teenage” Magazine March Issue”

  1. JKS, please come to Singapore!
    We are waiting for you ……!
    Love to see you in magazine again but we want to see you in real person!
    Come Come!……Why not?!
    Bring your parents….Suni…. yr neighbor JJ….PSH.. etc!
    All are welcome! kkkk
    Must come you know…..Come leh…(this is singlish)! Kkk
    You are undoubtly the PRETIEST among all!

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    What is the buzz? What are his prettiest features? Why do we love him?
    He charmed the whole world with his sweet smile and velvety …..
    In his eyes you get lost like a dust particle in the Universe ….
    His voice takes you away like a spring breeze rises towards the sky a flower petal …..
    It’s beautiful, talented, intelligent, frankly, brave, honest, tenacious, determined, inspired, visionary, spontaneous, sensitive, courteous, tireless, he has a sense of humor, has a big heart, has great communication skills, loves his fellows, loves his country, has a strong character, has an open mind ………
    Why do we love him ???????

  3. Yes, how can they forget those luscious lips which are like no other, with its unique upturned corners and full pout !


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