12 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 8_Wisdom of Life”

  1. it’s here! thank you so much for the translating and timing team for all the hard work on this! you are wonderful gifts to us eels! ^^

  2. A thousand times thank you for english subs! 🙂

    I´ve been holding my breath since episode 8 was uploadet for alomoust 3 weeks ago.

  3. Thanks a heap to all JKSforever team for the English subtitle. My Sugar is really talkative. I wonder whether the girl who will be attractive to him must be the quiet, good listener type.

    It’s great fun listening to this episode. I have 4 refrigerators at home. One for medicine and cosmetics, one for veggies and fruits, one for meat and fish, and the other one for drinks and canned food. This is because where I live could be very hot for half a year. Now I need to follow his suggestion on glycerine. I do use Soda bicarbonate, I also use salt water to soak the veggies and grapes. One thing that he did not mention is salt and vinegar, these together could make a magic cleanser for stains on crystal, glass, chinaware. I think I would have more fun doing my house cleaning. Thanks to you, Sugar Sukkie, life is always beautiful with you.

    • I’m laughing so much when he even said he is talkative in the womb and telling the doctor to deliver him faster as he is suffocating in his mum’s womb.. I keep thinking of what he said in Happy Camp 快点! 快点! (means faster in Chinese).. OMG.. Suk really makes me laugh so much with his Zikzin radio each time!!!

      • yes he is so funny guy and he told to the doctor to not slap his bum anymore and I laughed when he said that he bought 3 lobsters and he don’t know what to do bcuz he wanted to eat them fresh he cooked the other one and the two lobster he put into the bucket that full of water with salt and the next day the two lobster died and he was so sorry for not being there beside them to protect them…OMG how I love this man so much for being funny and kind hearted he is one of a kind

  4. Thanks to all who have worked hard to give us great moments.
    Ours Keun Suk is a talker so sweet, with a wonderful voice….
    Now I understand how he got this ability in communication. More practice….. ha ha ha ….. his explanation made ​​me laugh heartily !
    What is good about it’s that everything he says makes sense. He did not speak unnecessarily, even when he was joking .
    Life is so difficult ! Housekeeping is so difficult !
    He’s absolutely right ! And I say this after many, many, many years of housekeeping and service at the same time , and two children, and …. But they were beautiful years!
    My husband and I were very young when we got married. We were university students and for various reasons we have decided to be independent.
    We learned one another housekeeping but we have perfected when we become parents.
    Conclusion is that WHEN NEEDED, YOU LEARN!
    I note with admiration that Keun Suk has enough knowledge about housekeeping, even if he speaks joking in his characteristic style. Similarly, he learned because he needed. Life and the hardships taught him.
    I loved when he said that he cooking without a recipe book and he likes to create. It is no wonder. Creativity is a characteristic feature of his.
    However, I want to give him some tips that I gave to my son also.
    Seasonings have their purpose in food. It’s important to not put them beyond measure.
    Do not ever turn your fridge into storage. Buy only what you need.
    To shun offers 3 +1 or other of the same kind. You risk to exceed the expiration date until their turn comes to use them.
    Vegetables and fruits buying them more frequently but in smaller quantities.
    Products in the refrigerator to be placed in categories.
    Let’s do a check of the products and their expiration date every 3 days.
    Activated charcoal is great for absorbing odors from the refrigerator. It is used to filter water, air and medicinal purposes.
    And obligatory if you want to be a happy chef you must have sharp knife.
    Dear Keun Suk, have a good life and be happy.

    • And another thing. If you have beside you the person that you love, it is easier and more beautiful. No matter how skillful is a man, a woman hand made ​​wonders.

  5. Thanks to the team work behind the translation.You guys are really gifted with intellect and wisdom.For jks global fans- translating in international language is so essential for understanding and knowing him more.Definitely, his fans all over the world will be more interested and will increase in number because of your effort.

  6. yes,yes, a million thanks to all translators…you are responsible for making us understand our prince much more…
    he is such a funny person…laughed when he said to the doctor “hurry, hurry…i’m suffocating in here!… who on earth would have thought of that? ha ha…definitely made my day…
    he’s quite a sensible and independent young man too… cleans his own ref when he can easily afford to have a cleaning lady do this for him…not really spoiled…mama jang did a great job bringing him up…surprisingly, even if mama jang seems very strict he really loves and respects her…he is such a good son…we love him more for this…


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