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  1. Did I missed something…can’t remember he called up on us to give suggestions…hahaha
    maybe afraid we will nag him lol
    I love for him to find his soulmate..one he can only have fun with but can rest his weary head and share is troubles with, a cosy familie in law where he is welcome and they stand behind him and the relationship…
    and for them to make long roadtrips kekeke

  2. Nature: camping, trips in the mountains, walking, jumping, screaming, swimming, you know, things like that. For someone who works a lot intelectually, nature is the best. Going outside with friends, family or even alone is so tonic and invigorating. And doing anything that comes in your head at a moment. Teasing your loved ones, scare them unexpectedly, etc., in a gentle manner… Sitting in front of a campfire, late in the night, singing out loud with friends, screaming trying to hear the echo, or going in the woods doing nasty things ;-), swimming in the lake under the moonlight, telling jokes, oh my…

    And yes, I want him to be with the woman he loves…if he has any; after all, a woman and some children are the ones with you can have the greatest satisfaction in life…So do something to find that woman…I want you to be happy!

  3. suk ah..life is not just for fun..u should take new responsibility..to lead ur family life. if i tell him this..i know i’ll be called a nagging eel.i know it.kkkk..when he ask a question..eel should answer carefully without going off topic or we will get scolded.kkkk…

  4. A girlfriend,yes.But marriage-please don’t pressure him.I think he’s not ready for that.And it’s good that he’s still enjoying his single life at a young age of 26.He’s not a female who happens to have a time frame bearing a child .In fact many actors in Korea that are much older than him are not yet married.So,don’t rush him into something that he would regret in the end.Just give him the benefit to decide when he’s ready for that chapter in his life.Remember-Jks did not experience a normal childhood.So,let him be a childlike for a while then. I would suggest that he should spend more quality time with his family and friends talking about the good times they had or perhaps playing some funny games.

    • Eels dont pressure him.we just give our permission to him in case he have someone now but afraid to tell us.we just try to be open fans. If we ask him to get married..do u think he will get pressured? Of course not..he’s not that type.kkk…

  5. I am glad that episode 9 is out. I like to hear his voice and laughter, but I cann´t understand almost anything.

    I have been waiting for episode 8 with english subs. I know that Sukkie has kept you busy with his graduation this week, but I hope that you guys work on translation of episode 8 too.

    Palli, palli 🙂

    I hope it comes soon. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 🙂

    • Hi! Hope you will not waste your energy reading those nasty posts of those obnoxious antis. We know our Sukkie is making great things, and people who really love, and treasure him, always believe in him in good and bad times. And this is where he reinforce his energy. As the old saying goes…” You cannot put a good man down”. And there are a lot of proofs, how Sukkie rises in the midst of many bias judgement. Recently, we got a news that he will be doing the CF to promote Korea together with Park Shin Hye. This is so amazing among the many Hallyu stars he was the one chosen. This is just another his great credential to invite visitors in Korea.

    • No eels would believe that he’s a gambler.With Keun Suk scheds.,he has no time for such thing.JKS is a transparent kind of guy .He shows his positive and even his negative side to his fans.So if he’s really into it,his eels would be the 1st one to know.
      And i think his manager wont allow such vicious act.

  6. It really irritating how people see jks and now they even compare and from their comment its lyk they want this guys image to be in trash always .any way i wish jks will serve God whole heartedly and i assure you that God has the power to make jks his and surely give him a new name and pple wil even fear to mock him.dont leave him out in your prayers

  7. Keun Suk: Having fun involves doing all the nice things that you have always wanted to do, but just haven´t had the time to do (traveling to distant places, like NYC, Ibiza, Rome, Berlin, Rio, Bali, for example). The idea is to reduce stress and kill bad mood. You love all the arts, so if you like to write, to sing, to read, to listen to good music, to see the greatest movies of all times… make time for all those activities and throw a theme party! Hang out with positive people. That is having fun!
    Nurture your body, mind and spirit with things that can actually make you smile and have nice memories later (blue skies, sunsets, therapeutic chocolate massage and other body therapies, candles, a nice conversation with friends, a bonfire, camping with people you like, falling in love, laughing about silly things, going to nice clubs in other places, learning new things, etc.)
    It would be very nice if you could go to a country/place where nobody knows how FAMOUS you are, where you could actually enjoy your life without worrying about paparazzi/ fans/anti-fans following you all around; somewhere where you could practice the foreign languages you know or maybe start learning a new one; a place where you could hang out with other people your age, go to concerts of your favorite bands, to the beach/mountains/woods, to nice restaurants, museums/art exhibitions, pubs, discos; a place where you could actually meet and date someone, go windsurfing, bungee jumping, kitesurfing or kiteboarding, for example. Considering that you just graduated from college, vacations would be ideal: warm weather, blue water and skies and a lot of green, surrounded by nice people! 🙂

  8. He’s been asking for our responses for Eps 10 & 11 as well. Gee, sometimes he’s sooooooooooo energetic that a poor not-so-young eel like me has to run as fast as him to be able to catch up 😉

  9. When I’m stressed and I want to have fun I feel the need to do something about my childhood or my youth.
    You should try some of these:
    – Watch cartoons (required to be Tom and Jerry)
    – To walk barefoot through the grass
    – To walk barefoot through the water on the seashore
    – Wait for the sunrise beach (you can do wonderful pictures on this occasion)
    – To go to the amusement park and to ride the rollercoaster
    – To eat strawberry ice cream from a huge box
    – To hear crickets at night I put in a sleeping bag under the stars
    – To walk through the forest singing with all your might
    – To go to a concert on the beach, listening to Electro & House and dance all night
    It would be and more. I have tested all of the above and have guaranteed success.
    And what is most important, it is mandatory to have a very dear person next to you.


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