5 thoughts on “[fan-cam 2] JKS’ graduation from Hanyang University”

  1. This is another great video showing some ‘behind the scenes’ of what happened on Sukkie’s graduation day. It is really heart warming to see how close and comfortable he is with his staff, teasing them by sharing his mortar board with his managers and Jason 🙂 And the way his professor kisses him by clubbing his face so tenderly shows how much she loves this boy, like how a mother loves her child…it says a lot about his personality and character, if only you get to know him.

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  2. I think one of his strengths is his relationship with the staff members.
    They are like a family and take care of each other equally.
    They’re lucky and I want them to spend together many moments of this kind.
    The song fits the images. Lively and delicate at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing dear Tenshi.


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