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  1. O that one girl…wonder if she is an eel must be really over the moon with his hug…
    I love it how our bossy Sukkie always demands the attention when in a group..he is THE MAN.. <3

    • I remember a few times, I saw read that there are many Chinese and Japanese eels who went to Hanyang University to study also and also in the Fuji TV – Jang Keun Suk documentary.. there are many Korean students in Hanyang who are fans of Suk also…
      So far.. eels at Hanyang university are giving Suk his private space as a student and even a FA I read in China BaidsuSukbar, the Chinese eel pretend that she is just a junior and contained her excitement as an eel ^_^
      It is good to see this vid that Suk can spend his graduation day with his fellow juniors at HanYang University and this will be a memorable moment for all.

  2. Beautiful moments.
    I look at these pictures and I see a man with a dignified attitude and impressive, with a very pleasant way to communicate and that inspires respect.
    I think that over the years he could return here as a teacher. Would looks great and I think he would do fine. Who knows ….
    Beautiful moments that will turn into precious memories for him and for the other participants.
    Dear Keun Suk.
    You’re a rich man. You already have a box full of treasures of this kind.
    A man without memories is a poor man. Like a people without history.
    It’s important to turn these memories into a source of inspiration for the present and future.
    I trust in your present and in your future.

    • Mom Adriana, he will, I am 100% sure, though as guest teacher or some, as he has mutual relationship with H univ. Added with he loves to give back whether to eels, staffs, fellow actors, drama team, etc so The univ is included. Seing him in classic suit and gave speech – plus mature body language – to juniors, it feels that he is already a professor in the eyes and heart.

      He is a role model of the significance of education. I still remember once he said in VJ radio that he wanted to be a director, it requires Phd. So he will be back to school in the future.

      • Thanks. You’re so sweet.
        I am very proud of his attitude. He proved it again that is a person who knows how to adapt and behave appropriately to any situation.
        I don’t know if another colleague of his generation could do just as well on ZIKZIN TOUR scene and in front of an audience at a university graduation ceremony.

  3. This is random, I’d like to know had Mr. Jang posted his graduation work video in YT or something? I mean the video he made as the requirement to graduate frm univ, he wore red suit in it, it was created back in 2011. Probably Sis Tenshi knows?

  4. “”I don’t know if another colleague
    of his generation could do just as
    well on ZIKZIN TOUR scene and
    in front of an audience at a
    university graduation ceremony.””

    Mom Adriana, recently I watched Jang Geun Suk KBS documentary for the 2nd times. Still there were many things that I hv missed. It seems that I hv to watch the video more to really understand his personality and people’s reaction abt him. One of the people in the video said that ( I paraphrased the words) “actors only can do fan meeting, singers only can entertain (or sing ?), but Jang Geun Suk is different, he can do both well”. In term of entertain, he knows well how to cater himself in front of different kind of audience, i.e: reporters, government, eels in radio/fan meetings/small concerts/big concerts, friends, co-workers and even his juniors at univ. He could make people pay attention on him, in different environment -formal and casual situation-, in a good way. Then I think your question is now answered.

    btw, this is merely an observation made by me, who knows Mr. Jang closer in the past 4 months.

    • rham, yes… for some of us who have seen him in person before in person during FM and concerts and also autograph session.. I must say our prince has great stage presence and standout each time… we love his real personality more than all the roles he played in drama/movie or roles he played on stage. Just like JKS documentary you have seen, that is his real personality and we also gathered from Korean eels.. what you see is what you get for JKS.. the nature down to earth boy who always speak his mind and we always agree with many of his co-workers, he is much more matured in thinking for his age.. perhaps because of early entry into working life as a child actor.. he has learned to read people’s expression as a child actor from young.. (sounds like Mate’s learning experience – understand the button of each person to control the mind).. if you’ve seen all his interviews and TV shows, he is able to fit into the program and blend with the host for each program. Everytime, the interviewer or host will end up with a laughing time with our prince as he is so entertaining to watch ^_^

      • sis QQ, just want to add. JKS is also never lost for words in any interviews too….kkk… He is very intelligent and articulated person. At times, I had feeling that the interviewers were more caution with their questions to ask him than he answered them….LOLL.

    • It’s true !
      What impressed me the most about Keun Suk was able to perfectly adapt to any situation .
      Without exaggerating, he simply fascinated me with his strong personality and easy to speak to a young man.
      What distinguishes it from the others is that besides real talent, with which he was born and refined over time, he has a very strong character. That’s not born. This form while with much effort and willpower.
      Having character means to focus your energy and strengthen your voluntary means to free yourself from outside influences strength of character as passion and perseverance in achieving long-term goals. Those who have strength of character will live life as a marathon and not a sprint competition.
      Strength of character remain stuck ade your future – day and night, not just on weekends, not just for a month, but for years – and is a feature that makes you work hard to make the future a reality.
      If a real talent benefits from a strong character we are dealing with a special person as Keun Suk ours.
      Besides all this he has a free thinking is what is called a free spirit with an open mind.
      Far from me to make him a perfect man. That’s the little imperfections give it a unique charm. Keun Suk’s charm. I like his imperfections.
      But more than that I love it when he acts like a playful child, when he makes jokes with the staff, when he gives surprising answers to reporters, when he danced in the street, when he slid on stage and sing still laughing …..


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