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  1. Sugar Sukkie, you are the apple of my eye. No one could ever compete with you either in your look, your cheerfulness, your kindness and your diligentness. Just simply love and adore you, sweetie.

  2. So proud of you!

    I truly admire your perseverance, which I do not have. If I am in your shoes, I should have quit years ago. But you didn’t. You are relentless in pursuing your dream to have a Bachelor’s Degree regardless of your busy schedule and immense popularity.

    You are a good example to eels who are currently in the “lazy mode” to go to school. You persisted.

    Now, it seems the critics have shut-up, they seem to be embarrassed themselves that the guy they continue to criticize is a relentless learner. Added to that, they saw pics of Suk and his teacher who lovingly hugged and kissed him. You can really feel her admiration and love for Suk. There were other celebrity graduates there but its only Suk whom she hugged and kissed. This teacher admire his potential evidenced by his school projects.

    Congratulations Suk! I am so proud of you.

  3. congret sukiee.. haha.. seems he increase his weigh a bit 🙂 not succes with his diet plan i think.. :p anyway dnt worry you looks so manly and adorable in those pics.

    i read an article about jgs and psh filming a short movie for promoting korean tourism this month. good job..cant wait to see the short movie! 🙂

  4. Chukayo Oppa! Its just so frustrating that i have to leave Seoul on the 18.. If i should have known, i would have extended my trip! Poor me!

  5. His graduation silenced his critics. They thought he is merely a happy-go-lucky guy who loves clubbing and smoking, but eels know him best.

    You are an inspiration in your pursuit for learning – its not easy to part ways with $1.2 million for scholarship for younger students at Hanyang, but you did and from your own hard-earned money. No benefit shows, no fund-raising concerts, absolutely no auction of clothes etc – you gave from the heart. You earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can. So proud of you. May your kind increase.

    • Kitty…good of you to point this out…for his countrymen, from his own heart, hard cash earned by his own sweat, struggling with his busy schedule and school while bear the hardship of bashing, from his own savings instead of saving it up to retire,…
      Our boy man is such kind man…he puts much emphasize on learning..eventhough his career could have done without, he persevered and wants others to have the same experience, satisfaction and fulfillment of college life as he has..
      Worthy of our admiration

    • Well said. But in general, to judge by appearances is a very easy but very damaging at the same time.
      It is damaging to the one who is judged but also for those who judge.
      In my opinionthe one who misjudge lose the most.
      Keun Suk is a young man very well anchored in reality. He realizes that he can not sing and dance tirelessly all his life. Therefore he put solid basis for the Mr.Jang Geun Suk artistic future .
      The fact that he completed his education and is in a constant experimentation of new activities shows that it is a young capable, with an open mind.
      As for his desire to help the younger ones to complete their art education, I think it starts from the memory of the period in which he was forced to make many sacrifices to prepare and maintain in the harsh world of entertainment.
      For this he can be an example to follow for the young but also for elders.
      I personally admire him more.

    • Good for him. It is a short film meant for promoting Korean tourism.
      Keun Suk loves his homeland and I think is very happy to participate in this project.
      I’m sure it will be good work, especially as it is alongside Shin Hye. Those two fit very well and are shiny side by side.

    • Thanks for sharing, JJ. I am really glad they have chosen JKS for the promotional film. I can´t wait to see it. Doesn´t that prove that he is the most popular Korean man? They have finally realized that.

    • I guess this one is for Lotte Duty Free CF. As we know, Keun Suk has been their ambassadors for years. It’s good that they still keep him and this year’s concept seems to be for tourism promotion.

      • I’m agree with you noonaeel this is cf for lotte duty free lee Minho park shin hye and exo are the additional model

  6. Two parents who are proud of their son. A son happy as he made his parents proud
    of him. A family proud and happy. A touching image which to me he went directly to the soul.
    In photos 5-8, there is a charming, attractive and handsom man.
    The other day I reviewed some images of DoReMiFaSol ….. Now, when I see pictures of graduation, I feel like when I saw my son on graduation day dressed in suit and when I exclaimed, “My God, what man!”
    Our boy grew up and became a real man.
    I wish him all the best, to be able to take life by the throat like until now, with courage and determination, not to back down in the face of obstacles.
    He always remains the same free spirit and to always have the same open mind.

  7. Some people ‘laughed’ at the numbers of years he spent to finish his study and compared it with another popular actor who could make it in four years- yet he didn’t seem to contribute as much as JKS did. They all didn’t realise that it’s not the quantity but quality that matters more in life. During those 8 years, Jang Keun Suk did a lot for himself and for others. His University is proud of him. Hanyang uni said that they became more and more popular to international audience thanks to JKS, even though Hanyang itself is already famous in Korea as one of the top private research universities. When I was in Seoul last year, we passed Hanyang Uni subway station and my Korean friend told us: ‘This is Hanyang University. It’s one of the best here.’ I couldn’t be more proud and said to my friend: ‘oh, Jang Keun Suk is studying here’ :).
    Keun Suk-ah, just like your proud eomma & appa and your proud professors, we eels are proud of you. You made it through the rain & never gave up. Congratulations once again! Wishing you a brighter path ahead <3

    • yes.. we are proud of him ^_^ actually Suk wanted to go into another top university in Korea to study journalism earlier but that university don’t offer to part time student, so he picked Hanyang University to pursue his studies. With his hectic working schedule compared to many other artistes, I would say he did very well already as he has completed his studies to get a degree despite being a part time student. I know many artistes would have given up half way because of their career but he did not.. that is what makes us so proud of him too. When he started on a dream he believes in with passion, he will complete that till he fullfill in the end.

  8. Hadueh Noona… huhuhu your words got me in tears. And no need to listen/read people’s negative words. I am still wondering why people love to comment people they dont like. Hv no clue.

    I so wanna go to Seoul… hope there will be a chance… even for once.. if God wills

    @QQ, thank you for let us know more back stories abt Mr. Jang.

    Fam, eels,Tree J staff & H univ are very proud of him. Even media coverage for Mr.Jang was so massive. Media proud of him as well. Who’s not proud of him?

  9. congratulations, prince! you have made your parents truly proud for having you as a son! you have shown to the world the true meaning of perseverance by continuing with your studies until your graduation. this is no mean feat, considering that all the while you have your concerts, dramas, movies and cfs to attend to while studying!

    watching videos of your graduation, am so proud to be your eel. i come from the
    the philippines and before i knew about you i admired american actors but once i learned about you from love rain i have been following your life and all your asian tour videos..i learned a lot of your personality from those videos and your guestings in shows..i admire you for sticking to your goals no matter what and despite all the hardships… for having a beautiful heart, giving donations expecting nothing in return..
    ah, watching the videos of your graduation shows your happiness as an ordinary graduate… very humble and respectful..cherishing all your moments as an ordinary student despite being a top Hallyu star…am so proud to be one of the million eels who love and cherish you… keep reaching for new goals…i will always support you!

  10. JGS looks totally awesome in this 3 piece suit! So elegant and classy! The guy knows how to dress! So proud of you, JGS, my love 🙂

  11. congratulated my sukie.

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you.
    you are sooooo active. love love love.

    you are in my heart forever n you are my life too.


    • he majored in Theatre and Film studies at Hanyang University, he has got also few awards for short films he directed, scripted, edited and produced in the past while he was undergraduates.
      Understand recently he announced he is planning to pursue Masters degree.

      • So, it´s true, QQeyes007! I have heard from a eel a week ago that he will study for 2 more years, and that we don´t need to worry about his enlistment. No one else talked about that, so I didn´t actually believe that until I saw your comment. Does it really mean that? Do you know that? I would appreciate if you could answer me. You know always so much about Sukkie. 🙂

      • Zoe, my understand he mentioned his plan during recent Lotte FM so it is better to wait for official announcement after confirmation that it has been approved.

      • Oh, he said that at the last Lotte DF FM! I guess we will hear more about that eventually. Thank you. 🙂 I´ll wait patiently for official announcement.

  12. Is that his mom and dad on the first picture? So proud of Sukkie to earned a bachelor’s degree despite of his busy life. Not all stars can do the same he did.


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