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  1. Ferrino chose him as a new face for the brand because Keun Suk has his own style and cheerful image. They believe that he matches to the identity of Ferrino.
    This brand has a tradition about 143 years since it first launch and has stores in 35 countries.
    Ferrino outdoor brand is equivalent to the freedom of movement and joy of living. Both concepts fit perfectly with ours Keun Suk.
    Going on the principle ” ours is the most beautiful and the best”, I think Ferrino could not make a better choice than this.
    The photos inspire me a young man:
    1. bravely
    2. manly
    3. sexy
    4. adventurous
    5. really gorgeous
    Keun Suk, I believe in you and in your future.

      • oh, no it’s nat good.I am worried for JKS. Some time ago I read the following number Lee Min Ho in weibo to 19 million.Is this news true?
        why!? This is not normal.

      • That is not normal for eels but that is the reality.
        Ours Keun Suk arrived at 17,196,310 Followers on weibo (compared to 19,340,202 Followers for LMH).
        The same happens on http://www.ddyule.cn, Keun Suk is our 27th place with 28.539 votes (from 3rd LMH with 1,123,539 votes).
        At first I was very sad. I wondered why this difference?
        But I thought about what I said a few days ago about the house with a foundation deeply embedded in the ground, built brick by brick during 20 years, resistant to storms without having to budge.
        We think with love and trust to our Keun Suk. We wish him health and courage and determination to go straight ahead.
        Paul Coelho said: “When you really want something, all the Universe conspires to fulfill your plan.”

      • Adriana, Well said!!! Always love reading your comment. You also have so logic and sensible and peaceful comments. You must be GREAT person in real life!!!

        Here is my two cents about how I think of “popularity” of STARs…….(as best as I can express myself in English.)

        I don’t really care who is popular or not popular. I only care about Jang Keun Suk!!

        I clearly remembered when I first became EEL, I had no clue how popular Sukkie was, how many numbers of followers he had in his SNS accounts or even if he had one at that time. I followed Jang Keun Suk because I saw his talents, loved his voice, loved his personality, and he entertained me. Literally, JKS had chased away some of my daily stresses. Most of all, I was attracted to his intelligent mind. I have learned so much about life beyond my small circle by reading his interviews and words of wisdom.

        The RACE or completion between some STARs always exists in the ShowBiz. The fanwars between fans of different STARs or Idol group are unavoidable. FANs always think their STARs are the BEST. There goes the conflict and never ending arguments!! No surprise!!

        We, ECI eels, had discussed about Why JKS has LOW followers of numbers in his SNS’ accounts: Tweeter, FACEBOOKs, Line …etc… by comparing to some K-Stars and many K-Idols. Some explanations or reasons are….. many FANS of JKS are older and not technologies sound; therefore, they don’t have various SNS Internet Accounts. I am one among many JKS’ fans who is computer dummie. I have learned how to surfed on the Internet Search Engines when I became an EEL.

        Even now, I don’t have Tweeter, Apps, Lines, Intragram, and Weibo. I tried to sign up for Weibo account, but I failed. I only have FaceBook Account. I’m not even good in using it. I only created FB for the sole purpose of joining ECI fansclub…..LOLL. What I am trying to say is…….even I don’t have all those SNS accounts, I show my love and support to my STAR by supporting him directly, either by buying all his official products, watching his DRAMAs and MOVIES or YouTupe FMVs, listening to his music, contributing to some charities under his name, and always always wish him WELL and CHEER him up when things are not going well with his life or career. So if to measure my loyal and love for Jang Keun Suk…..it’s un-measurable. Let’s just say, I’ll do any thing in my means and strengths to support Jang Keun Suk, in whatever projects or works he does. I will always on Jang Keun Suk’s side, no matter what..!!!

        So if people ONLY focus on how popularity of any STARs based on how HIGH the followers in SNS accounts or TV rating, then Jang Keun Suk is not popular at all…because he has less in all accounts. But to compare STARs’ fans with strong LOVE and loyalty, Jang Keun Suk is very BIG star. NO doubt about that!!!

        How many fans among that millions are Loyal and truly loving and always do for the BEST of their STARs. In a way, I don’t really care if other Kstars would have 100 million of followers in SNS accounts. Let’s them have it all…!! Talking about loyality and loving hearts, even we are low in numbers, EELS are best of the best of FANs any STAR can dream of. JKS is proud of his EELs.

        As for record setting in general, JKS said, there is such thing as a record…becoz it exists so that someone to have try to beat that record. Other than that, record won’t exist at all. Goshhh…JKS is sooooo visionary and wise beyond his years for real. He already foresee most things going to happen already…and he is sooo grounded and calm about it.

        So eels, we can change our attitude and mentality and belief with this changing momentum of our Prince’s popularity and status as an ACTOR and entertainer. All I can say that EELs must have very strong wills and brave hearts to continue fighting with Jang Keun Suk. What happen right now is also a TEST of our loyalty and undying love for Jang Keun Suk. If we are with him, believe in him, we will do our best to support him. Success or failure…only time will tell..!!!

      • Adriana, I saw the Lee Min Ho numbers in Weibo and Twitter long time ago and I had thought a lot how that affects our Prince. The conclusion – there is no any thunderclap!
        LMH gained a lot of popularity recently because of his last drama and many people /mostly teenegers/signed to follow him – just picking a button.
        We donn’t follow our Prince because he is trendy or cute! We love him!!!

        I saw that LMH updates his Twitter one or two times a month, same at Weibo. For me this is disrespectful for his fans :((

        Jang Geun Suk loves his eels and keeps them informed about his activities and feelings. His 663 thousands followers in Twitter and 17.5 milions in Weibo are really lucky to be in constant touch with him!

      • @rossiyn And eels are so lucky not only Jang Keun Suk love to share things & be in constant touch with his eels. Eels are basking with so much talents coming from Sukkie, we get to watch him not only in dramas, he’s busy all year round not just as an actor but as a singer as well, he has Zikzin Radio too. Though i’ll never get enough of Jang Keun Suk but compare to others he got so many things going on. This is the thing that sets him apart from the rest, Keun Suk does have quantity (in terms of fans) & most important quality (lots of talents) to maintain those fans.

      • Well…the numbers maybe higher than Sukkie’s but we must not forget he opened his official chinese fanclub in Weibo too…so many chinese eels will rather choose to sign up for that instead…(and maybe just so to see how many real fans there are..because weibo is something a lot of people just click randomly..besides I know a lot of youngsters sign in using different names or maybe using elders their personalia just to be able to up vote things)
        And as Rossiyn points out..LMH had this well promoted drama starring PSH and she is very well loved in China too…so of course he will get his numbers…
        Numbers in these cases are relative…the case of PSY…his numbers are really really high, don’t know how many but…he? based on what??..that one song..
        Maybe when Bel Ami will be showing in China or JKS dances on the great wall and now even spokesman for a chinese cosmetic brand Yalget, his coming promotions of Tongyi with PSH and let’s not forget the pairing up of JKS and PSH for LOTTE duty free as a lovey dovey couple (wonder why not LMH and PSH because of heirs?) it will have it’s affect too
        Beside of numbers…let’s not forget the works of JKS and LMH are really in very different classes. While JKS is already busy with meaningful storylines the other is still catering to the youngsters with his cinderella stories..Just like in music JKS is catering to various taste in music style as solo artist or as Team H for the more serious party goers… while the K-pop groups are mainly the same stuff in singing and cute dances…
        So we can’t compare both men nor JKS with the mainstream K-pop…
        LMH is well loved and promoted by Korean’s while JKS is still left to swim against the currents…
        Maybe some of you don’t know or forgot but this is a relevant point what must not be forgotten..LMH came to fame with Boys over Flowers, a remake of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden(which can be seen as the starter of novella drama) starring F4 with Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu. Back then this drama was a very very big deal in China and it was forbidden because of it’s content; all books and video’s were banned and the one who could watch it did this with illegal copies..
        When F4 was travelling more than 10.000 fans where at the airport welcoming them so sometimes they closed because the airport for fear for the safety of F4, stampede or collapse of the building. Jerry Yan got a presidential welcome when he was invited by the President of the Philippines…
        To eels numbers are not as important just because of what Kailey said…the maturity of fanbase and the difference of work..
        We love Sukkie communication with us eels so very often; we love when he jokes and scold us…and we know it is him who is the one behind the communication besides that he remembers everything…that is so personal and we know for sure we are in his heart…
        I don’t know about other artist because I don’t follow but when they communicate…is it obligatory or somebody else??
        Sorry for my long rambling…I don’t hate LMH; he is just not interesting enough for me to follow and I’m a bit tired of that man’s name in JKS fanpage for they have no bussiness together..(I remember when Sukkie was in that program of Kneedrop Guru he said he wished to befriend more male friends in E bizz like Lee Seung Gi and LMH…and both ignored him…esp..after the messaging of JKS to LMH…saying I love girls….kssst…for me one thing is for sure Sukkie is more man than he will ever be
        So eels just enjoy JKS because all the obious reasons and not wasting our precious time about things that are beyond our influence..
        but keep voting..just to put him amongst the top…

      • Sorry…my point with Meteor Garden is…LMH is frequently announced as the korean Dao Ming Si…only for that reason the expectations are already fueled
        He was the spring festival in China this year singing a song from Meteor Garden with the original singer of that song…
        JKS has only done original work

      • Mamacri, thank you so much for saying it all. You speak my heart. Totally agree with you. I don’t hate LMH or any other STARs for that matter. I just don’t follow LMH or other K-stars because to me, they are just STARs whose dramas I watched. Some of their dramas I enjoyed very much, more than some JKS’ dramas, mind you, but just not interesting enough for me to become a fan or even as a casual follower.

        Honestly, I watched Boys Over Flowers (and many other famous K-dramas) before I watched You’re Beautiful… LMH did not catch my eyes..even he was eyes’ candy with tall physic. To me, JKS had the “WOW” factors in YAB, adding with his deep voice and unique personality, I was attracted to him without even realizing it until it was too late for me to do any thing about it. I was trapped. JKS stole my heart, totally!!! And NOW, four years later, I am still crazy (or even crazier) about him. How can that’s possible for someone like me, who was never interested or cared about any other in the world, even the Hollywood STARs..LOL.

        My love and loyalty for this Unique K-actor have NEVER changed (or wavered), not by any other super famous STARs, no matter how talented or good looking they might be. I love watching dramas, K-dramas, Chinese, Japanese, Twainese and Thai-dramas….I watched them all and enjoyed the LOTs and LIKE many other STARs. But I can claim I am only a proud Jang Keun Suk’s fan, 100% eel!!

        Originally, I was trying to say I do not feel any threaten or worry that I would love JKS less now because he might be #1 rank anymore based on numbers of SNS followers. Sorry I got side track…kkkk. No matter, if JKS don’t have 20 million or 30 million followers, my feeling won’t change. I still believe in my choice of my STAR. I trust and believe in him. I will continue to support him and his works as long as he is still in the ShowBiz. ZikZin all the way!!!

      • My dear eels. Your words have touched me deeply.
        When talking about ours Keun Suk is about quality. We are not talking about quantity at the expense of quality.
        We talk about the depth and talent, not surface and nice look.
        So much the better for us that he was blessed both with exterior beauty as well as interior beauty.
        Wishing to make sure that my appreciation about Keun Suk is fair and objective I watched Asian series with other actors.
        The conclusion is that I chose to be with you and are increasingly proud of my choice.
        It was my choice but each has the right to choose what he feels. It is important to respect our choice and the choices of others.
        I wish everyone all the best and thank you so much Kailey.

    • I only see JKS, only listen to his songs, only watch his dramas/movies, only follows his news.
      I never care about other actors/idols. But recently I am allergic to one name, LMH, as this name always appears in JKS’ forums/news/posts everywhere. LOL. I am not a hater, I am just allergic to it. This is a fact, and I don’t want to hide it. Remember the children song: rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Now I want to sing this: LMH, LMH, go away, please don’t appear in my regular visiting places, you affect my good mood adversely…sssh..shh.. go home.. go back to your fan page… LOL

      • Hahahaha…me too…I’ll sing along with you Jessica…go to you own home….pe-lease!!…
        I ever saw a bit of his acting and it felt so stiff so decided not to follow…and now I’m in my palace and he just follows me…bleh!!
        For me there is only 1 F4..and Jerry Yan is my other bias..(also not a follower)

        No offence to other eels; they mean well…maybe some of you loving JKS and LMH or you just don’t want the other to be “more highley ranked” than your loved one JKS…but I and I guess a lot of us just don’t want to compare the two.
        There is little or nothing to compare with in my opinion…for Sukkie is always ahead of others, original and the been there don’t that kind of guy, choosing the kind of things he want to challenge instead of what’s gonna bring me more succes and fame…and maybe not all of it is the best but I want to feel the passion of the artist when I watch/listen to it now or over 30 yrs..and Sukkie is my burning volcano..

      • I thought I’m the only one who has allergy to that name hahaahahh…Jess I’m with you. I don’t like Sukkie’s name to be associated with that name hahahah

    • The number of followers of JKS’s weibo might have been surpassed by LMH. Every record he made might also have been broken by others. All these don’t matter to me, since he always got to do or to get those things first and then the others followed :). What made me decide to be an eel was not the size of Jang Keun Suk’s fanbase, but by the very big, priceless love he shares with his eels :). I want to cherish this quality more than just the numbers.

      @Mamacri agree… Suk has been doing the original only so far and not doing it twice. He was supposed to be Gu Jun Pyo (Korean version of Dao Ming Si/ Domyouji Tsukasa) but he preferred acting as Kang Gun Woo in BV instead. Did he regret it? I don’t think so. Did we eels regret it? I don’t think so either :p. You’re Beautiful might not have the highest rating back then in Korea, but look at how it has been remade in three other countries (Japan, China, Taiwan). It’s almost like the case of Meteor Garden which has been remade several times including the Korean one with LMH in it. To me F4 is always Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness Wu anyway ;p. It goes the same to Hwang Tae Kyung… it’s always Jang Keun Suk to all of us :).

      He might have been really popular if he decided to ‘go with the flock’, since ‘the flock’ has the power to popularity. But that’s not our Jang Keun Suk. He’s special and he’ll keep on being special no matter how many fans he has… without having to be ‘number one’ in every rank. We all have seen his quality and eels’ quality of love to him. All priceless 🙂

  2. i love his chic style as doq go mate bel ami but in this ferrano stuff he is so manly, i love more! 🙂 yes we know he is always adorable whatever he wear..but imo, his cute style isnt my favorite,i prefer his chic style or manly syle. 🙂 just imo.. ;p

  3. Eels hv been waiting for a long time to see him in short hair!
    Now the wait is worth waiting for!
    Keep your hair short Prince, for the time being…..coz we love it and we know u love it too!

  4. wow! daebak! he is really gorgeous in short hair. love him much with short hair! i hope he will maintain his short hair and manly looks!


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