4 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] [KBS World] Pit-A-Pat Korean 2 | 두근두근 한국어 2 – Episode 32”

  1. Today I see on TV ep.15. Though I saw Love Rain many times, I look very much forward.
    I admit. I have corrupted my husband who was impressed by the story of the first episodes. It’s nice when you have someone to talk on the same topic ….
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Ahh Love Rain.. an unforgettable drama with its many romantic scenes and dialogues, hugging and kissing, tears and heartbreak, good natural acting by JKS and awesome chemistry. Keun Suk, in a romance thriller and teaming up with an actress he hasn’t worked with before, is my wish for his next acting project^^ Haeng bo kae yo


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