[STARCAST] Jang Keun Suk’s lovely propose – Fan meeting sketch

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IN 2014, Feb, 8, world prince Jang Keun Suk has fan meeting ‘2014 Jang Keun Suk PROPOSE’ in Olympic hall in Olympic Park. The meeting place is crowded with fans even 3 hours before the meeting. We can feel fan’s joy and excitement already.

The fan meeting opens in 4 years under the concept of ‘PROPOSE’, increasing fan’s expectation high. Despite the heavy snow, fans all around countries including Japan, China come to the place. More than 3000 fans gather, representing highlight of interesting.
Long waiting line to take pictures in front of huge poster of the actor, Jang. ^^
He has already prepared for the fan meeting. Everything is ready and he is signing in his Polaroid picture. So curious about the picture^^ Excited by his confident ment, saying please be ready for the meeting!
What is happening in the waiting room? He is trimming his nail! What a sensitive man! He says that he feels a bit nervous, because it’s been a while since he met his fans in person. He cares everything for his fans.
He is rehearsing with his band. It is so serious. He will run talk show and perform in the fan meeting.
In leather jacket and wearing sunglasses! He is so tough guy^^
The fan meeting started at 6 pm. This is the picture of today’s MC Mr. Jang. His pleasant and truthful talk made fans more exciting and joyful. The concept of fan meeting was ‘camping’ giving comfortable environment to fans. His fashionable bandana and vest added his camping style-look, making his fans a big smile. ^0^
Thanks to his camping concept, fans felt Mr. Jang as their brothers in neighborhood. Feels like he is standing and singing right next to you! Fans were so into his voice, waving their placard and cheering him up. Olympic hall was full of passion.
Actor Jang has performed energetic songs such as ‘save me’ and ‘turn off’ which was released in Japanese album, and OST of ‘You’re Beautiful,’ ‘still’, ‘promise’, presenting the best moment for his fans.
Talk with brothers of his band! It was consisted of 12 keywords, including food, wine, music, style and so on. It was really like I was in camping! Among them, his words “Actor is my vocation, and music is expression of my feeling” were so impressive. He has his unique color and style!
What was the book he recently read? It was Buddhist priest Hyemin’s ‘things which can be seen only if you shoud stop’
What is his favorite movie? ‘Chungking Express’! What was the music when he was under difficult situation? It was ‘save me’!
The meeting was a real talk show! Fans were kept smiling.
While talking with his brothers of band, he tried playing guitar! The sound of his guitar playing! It was short by intense! He met his members of band for the first time today(?!), it was so unbelievable, because they looked like old friends. ^^;
Surprise visit of Kim, Jaejung of JYJ~Mr. Jang’s cooking time for him! Camping is all about cooking!!!!
Actor Jang’s special “beer can chicken” time. It was his favorite and he prepared all the ingredients by himself. His sincerity! The food was more meaningful because he made it by himself.
JaeJung tasted the completed food~ the taste of it? He came to the fan meeting, giving up his other schedules. He received 20,000 won for his appearance, but gave back the money to the fans, receiving big applauds from the audience. What a close bondage between them! So touching!
The fan meeting was finished with his ending song. Fans were kept saying “anchor” , even after he disappeared from the scene. Suddenly he appeared again and was in white suit and confessed, “will you marry me?” It was the highlight of the today’s fan meeting.
He took pictures with his fans. It will be a good memory for the fans.

After the fan meeting, he kept saying thank you for his fans and he felt so pleased to see his fans in four years.
Fans were hard to leave the place, sinning ‘nature boy’. It was so sad to be finished that soon. Thank you! Mr Jang! Big applaud to him!!!!
[Pictures, Written by=Tree-J Company]

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  1. Such beautiful article…thanks eels for translating and sharing
    makes regret not able to join even more…but also more sure to get the DVD : )

  2. Yeahhhh……Super nice and warm article!!! Love it!!!

    Sooo funny, I was used to not reading so nice article from Korean medias about JKS, so my first thought when seeing the original article, without English translation yet, was “Ohhhh….I hope it’s not a bad write up”…LOLL. So you see, I am soo pleased with article…kkk. I feel happy and smiley when I read nice articles, on any topics.

    Yeahhh…thank you to the author for writing nice words about JKS’FM and his devoted eels.

    Dear KeunSuk-ahh,

    You know… You don’t need to feel the urge to be in the rats race in the ShowBiz among many other STARs. You still can shine on your own ways and styles!! Just keep on doing things you love and on your own pace and strength is much more meaningful and fulfilling…which lead to “no regret” in whatever you do. Sure some projects or things you did are not treated as BIG success, you might not happy about the outcome or even disappointed about it somehow. That’s ALRIGHT!! You learned more from your failure than success experiences. Whatever the result of the projects, still no regret, becoz you did things based on your own chosen or choice.!! Please please keep on doing thing your choice and be happy with it.

    Jyo ZikZin….fighting!!!

  3. Thanks for posting and translating. I greatly enjoyed reading the rows and photos are a true delight.
    This is Jang Keun Suk’s power.
    He knows how achieve the most sensitive point of eels hearts. He knows how to turn a fans meeting in a unique show.
    Everything he does, concerts, fans meetings , shows, dramas, interviews ….. do with maximum respect and total dedication. He put the soul in the endeavor of thank everyone who love him and support him.
    So he has put a brick in the foundation of the house that he builds with hard work and love for 20 years. It is the house that I wrote yesterday. A beautiful house, durable and welcoming, made ​​to withstand all storms.
    It is a house for our hearts.
    I always feel that thanks are not enough but they will be transmitted with infinite love.
    I am very proud of my choice and I hope that I can be considered an eel.
    I pray for his health and wish him peace of mind and power to move forward on the path chosen.

  4. Even though I was not there, but reading FAs and articles as well as looking at pictures and videos uploaded from the FM, I can really feel the great excitement :). I’m glad that everybody had fun together… Jang Keun Suk and eels will go on zikzining together :).

  5. It must have been magical to be there. I always have the same feeling: cause everything he does is magic! just like that old song of Police.

    Thanks for translating and sharing.


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