[Pic] JKS with Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri

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Hello, little brother

tenshi_akuma’s note: The man next to him is Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri (his nickname is ‘Kung’), CEO of 411 entertainment company in Thailand. The company brought him to Thailand for Bangkok CRI SHOW in 2011. Many K-Pop events in Bangkok are almost taken by Kung Chalemchai.

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  1. Awww..seeing this picture bought me one sweet nostalgia story when Sukkie had noticed and was being nice to one Thai man (not sure if this man, or his MC or his FM sponsor..) who was ill or looked ill at the time…and Sukkie asked the man directly if he is feeling sick and offered his own medicine to the man…saying that it’s good Korean medicine, something right that. Don’t remember the detail much of the story. Though, I remembered the feeling so touched when I read the story of how Sukkie was sweet and caring person, and all those years had passed, Sukkie is still the same caring person.

    I think the Thai man wrote something…he was touched by Sukkie’s action. Sukkie was the FIRST star to give him medicine and seemed sincerely concern about his health…awwww.

    • I remember him.there is a thai tv prog with him and suk on stage.the prog where suk eat somtam.yes..he mention suk like his bro to him.but his style looks so different back then.maybe he gonna promote suk in thailand again this year for teamh maybe.thaieels should prepare frm now.kkkk…

    • I saw the video interview in 2011 in Thailand. CEO of 411 Entertainment Company in Thailand said nice things about our Keun Suk: “He always care about other people all the time.”
      I accidentally found a video press conference ASIATOUR 2013 – 2013.03.22.
      I was very impressed how he’s polite to everyone, do not ignore anyone and finally to help with great respect a lady down stairs .
      Why Does are some who consider him arrogant? These people are either blind or full of envy.

      • No worry sis.those people just dont know him..act … someone like him can easily misunderstood by others.they call his confidence as arrogant. His honesty as rude..what a narrow minded and negative people.

  2. Actually, this CEO of 411 Entertainment in Thailand, organized Cri Show in 2010. I wish he would try to bring the Prince to Thailand again one day in 2014. His name should be written “Keung”, using the same vowel as our Prince’s middle name except with an ‘ng’ final sound. He did a better job compared to the one that organized Team H concert in Thailand 2013. The Prince did not come to Thailand in 2012. We miss him in flesh and blood version!!!

  3. Hello eels , this guy has made my day ^^
    The words he sad in caption is “Come to visit my bro” in Thailand ppl know Who he is ?
    He is CEO. of agency to bring K-pop to opening the concert in here (Thailand)
    411 company also bring JYJ often Khun.Kung also close to Kim Jea Joong.
    Eels in here also come to leave the comment for him…. Thai eels want Team H party Kkkkkkkkkkkk
    Hope we good luck for this year. Cheer !!! jyoooooo!!!! Zikzin !!!!!

    Ps. Khun.Kung take a trip to Korea with his girlfriend VJ.Jha ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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