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  1. every time i hear LINE message notification, I automatically smile (since my only friend there is him lol). And this… has put a very big smile on my face today. My prince, I love you more!

  2. I dont understand . If all of those 3000 eels are korean how come pretty man had such low ratings ???!!! If only half of then whatched the drama would have had decent rating ??!!i really doubt the ratings??!!!!

    • Dear Randa, those 3000 eels included Japanese, Chinese and other international eels :). The thing is… the ones sampled for the TV rating survey might not include the households in which Korean eel lives. Again, worry not about the domestic TV rating in Korea. We all know its biggest flaw 🙂

    • Not every korean (or household) has a meter…Only a few…and if from those few only a small percentage is watching than the rating will be low..
      I’m sure a lot of them watch but (almost) non of them had such a meter

    • TV ratings are based on the viewing behavior of those people/household that has the TV meter. If none of the eels’ household doesnt have that meter, their viewing of JKS’ program wont be counted, which is very unfortunate. I used to work in media advertising and I never relay in just ratings…gut feel is also one strategy

  3. my dearest Sukkie, pls know that you are always loved. to love and be loved is the greatest thing in life so thank you for letting us love you…. may we continue to grow inspired by the love we have for one another.

  4. Yes, I do too!
    We love you Yeah, yeah!

    OHHH, how sad! I have only access to this blog! No way to access Line or something else cause I live in a black hole! Please don´t give up, JKS is like my air.

    BUT no matter I found Tenshi, thank you, I love you too and the other eels.

    • Do not worry!
      You’re between friends and you’ll be to date with news about our dear Keun Suk.
      Parents of this blog deserves all confidence. They are true eels.
      All the best!

  5. This camera I see filming all gives me hope that soon we will be able to watch the fan meeting by ourselves. I really want to see it all, the press photos are very onesided=

  6. This photo gave me a smile on my face. And his message…My eels…love…sure…I love you!!! He is so sweet! I love this man!!! Zikzin JKS you are doing what you love and enjoy! We are all here to support you always!!!!

    • Jang Keun Suk´s photo is under “Zone B”. He has gotten 13,229 votes up to this moment…whereas another Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, has gotten 290,820 votes!!!! Let´s unite to vote for our AP! The highest scores are Wu´s, with 335,924 votes.
      I don´t speak Chinese, but I used the google translator….I found out I need a so-called “Verification Code” in order to vote for JKS…and I think that it implies, as it normally does on other websites, a registration. Hmmm….I wish a Chinese-speaking eel can help us here. Thanks!

      • I was able to vote three times for JKS as my favorite Asian Male God! I was asked for a verification code, but I didn´t get any type of “captcha”. I did it again the second time, so I copied the numbers that I had there, with a Chinese letter….ehem….and pressed a button in Chinese, that I can assume was “done” or “finished”. It worked 3 times!! One of the three times, my captcha was simply a blank space, so I sent a blank space, too. Oh, boy! What an experience… Hope you can all vote for him.

  7. It’s a good thing that you said that his photo was in zone B otherwise I never would have found his picture. I’m glad that you mentioned voting for your favorite Asian Male God . I didn’t know what I was voting for. It’s gone up to 14,485 votes. I wonder if other people were like me and didn’t know to look under another zone for his picture.

    • JKS´votes today rose to 15991!! I will vote once every hour. We are doing a great job together. In order to get the information in English, go to the page in Chinese (http://nanshen.ddyule.cn/) and use your mouse´s right button, then press “translate to English”.
      You will be able to read the information, even if it is a bad translation, it is better than nothing. :)) This is what the instructions on the translated version say:
      Selection rules
      January 26 Asian male god start, will be published by the group of experts and search engine with the data generated by the tripartite microblogging named “Asian men of God,” the one hundred candidates, and open voting.
      First round: January 26-February the 7th one hundred men of God candidate, users will vote for the former seventy cut.
      Second round: February 7 -2 21 February seventy men of God candidate, former friends will vote for forty cut.
      Third round: Feb. 21-March the 7th forty men of God candidate, users will vote for the former eleven cut.
      Fourth round: March 7 -3 31 eleven male god candidate, online voting by the top ten, the ten selected Asian male god. Ranked tenth one who regrets eliminated.

  8. I don’t want to disappoint anyone but the last time when I voted, first place have
    592245 votes and Keun Suk have 15991 votes (28th place).
    During the validation of my vote, first place received 52 votes. There were times when during my validation, second place received 253 votes.
    My question is why such a difference?
    Therefore, we need to vote but should not be too worrying about the results.
    Have been 100 and ours Keun Suk is currently the 28 th
    No need to worry about this fight because, in my opinion, they are not so significant.
    For us, Jang Keun Suk is the best and the most beautiful and not far from reality when I say this.
    He’s among the first of a long time and that’s real value.
    He’s not like a fireworks. They shine a short time and then disappear.
    Keun Suk is really a star that shines constantly and will always shine.


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