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  1. I think he tie his head band like that so it look like a rabbit ears….he’s born in the year to a rabbit. This was during the cooking segment, he had to tie his hair because he’s cooking.

  2. I dont understand . If all of those 3000 eels are korean how come pretty man had such low ratings ???!!! If only half of then whatched the drama would have had decent rating ??!!i really doubt the ratings??!!!!

    • They must have AGB Nielsen peoplemeter installed on their tv sets, & not every koreans have those, actually only 3000+ households in korea have that & they base that viewer rating samplings from these 3,000+ households. If only it is possible that a hundreds of international eels like us would live in korea & would have this AGB’s peoplemeter in our tvs during airing of Sukkie’s drama… lots would volunteer to do that I bet 🙂


      • i wonder how many korean eels are there?i know he has many international fans.btw..his style here remind me of the sock’s factory president in beautiful man.kkkk…with cute version..

    • i think most international artist are not famous in their homeland. it doesn’t matter for me. whether his drama ratings sucks in korea but for me it is always award winning and i’m very happy when i watched it. i even re watched it many times. it becomes my past time.

      • I agree with you. There are lots of Kdrama with very high ratings in Korea but having very few viewers abroad. So the actors are just well known in their homeland.

  3. I also wished to see some nice pictures of him in that white suit.
    Apparently media covered only this particular moment of the show.

  4. He looks so good!
    I’m happy for Keun Suk that has managed to achieve such a wonderful experience for him and for the fans.
    Hope he fully recharge its batteries!
    I think it’s great to have the opportunity to see Keun Suk in such an event. Just like a meeting between friends.
    He is able to successfully pass such an event, considering his abilities of expression and communication.
    He knows how to fill every moment, so in the end to be sorry it’s over.
    Another reason to love him and appreciate him to the fullest!!!

  5. He is cute…smile is adorable…. like a little boy….
    I really want to see him.But I know I never gonna see him in my life…sad but true too..
    But whenever I see his pics and read his news, its like i am near to him….

    • Don’t feel too sad Shamna…a lot of eels will never be able to visit the kingdom and see the prince…but in this pond you will feel like you are with him…getting updates from other lovely hardworking eels sharing everything worthy of knowing about this exeptional youngman…
      Let him inspire you..
      Dream big and work hard…never let anyone tell you things are impossable or far fetched…just follow your own heart and dreams..and work harder..you might live your dream one day…..ZIKZIN

    • hehe.. speaking of Kim Eun Ho, I started watching “Hwang Ji Ni” a while ago.. I giggle everytime i see the 19 year old Geun Suk.. So kawaii!! ^^

      • And did you watched all of it?
        I stucked with the the heartbreaking episode…just can’t watch… huhuhuhu crying while thinking of it…his acting was soooooo good..the youthful innocence
        The rest of the drama just don’t interest me…I know.. my bad : (

      • @ mamacri: i’m not yet done watching.. i only scanned the first 2 episodes during lunchbreak here at the office.. maybe i wont be able to watch the rest of the drama too after Eun Ho’s death.. although i haven’t seen that yet, just part of it from old videos that i watched before.. makes me sad while thinking about it.. huhu 🙁

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