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  1. I love this write-up.. Love the photos too of course! :))
    Timeless… which means “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion”.. Timeless which can also mean “lasting, enduring, classic, ageless, perennial, unfailing, unchanging, everlasting”
    The word has a very deep meaning which is like JKS.. With 20+ years in career, wit all that he had been through — fame, success, failure, criticisms, praises — he remained focus on his dreams on what he wants to do, he remained true to his principle with the same conviction 20+ yrs ago until now. The way he lives his life continues to amaze us..
    장근석씨, remain timeless and the source of inspiration to many.. 직진!!

    • Agree…JKS is timeless because he is like time itself…he doesn’t get stuck like a lot of artists..doing things they have done so many times or like some who has a “big” hit and keeps repeating it over and over again…just to milk out the cow ..
      JKS evolves gratually like how time passes by…(he does not need extra time…he just need to clones himself LOL
      Sukkie also ages well..Looking at papa Jang…Sukkie will be one handsome old korean male specie

    • I love how you interpreted the word “timeless”, all these qualities are Jang Keun Suk. Sugar Sukkie of his eels. Btw, he is only 26 and will be 27 in August, why we keep saying he is 28. What worries me is that he will have to be enlisted soon. How can we do without him for two years!!! I was away for a few days for work in the place without internet and I just miss him a lot.

      I suggest we create an online electronic dictionary or word net, like A to Z of Prince Jang Keun Suk, we can collect all the words emerge in our mind when we think of him and we just share it here and with other communities that love JKS. Sis Tenshi, should we start the project with the Prince’s agreement.

      • Seems to me a great idea!
        As for the enlistment period, will be a sad period but we must not forget a very important thing.
        Jang Keun Suk is forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. Therefore we will be able to bear two years. Only depends on us to do in such a way to feel that he is with us and him to feel that we are with him.
        If two years of absence will continue to communicate like until now, on his return will be good for him and for us.
        So head up! Always after a night of darkness comes the bright sun!

      • I also welcome the idea of an electronic dictionary^^ Regarding his military service, does anyone know if it is true that he mentioned at the FM his enlistment is scheduled for next year?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Whenever I read speak well about Keun Suk, I’m happy and I’m proud of him. It’s like talking about my son.
    Timeless term can have several meanings in this context and can be interpreted varied enough.
    My thought is that Keun Suk will never be ignored. He will leave a remarkable mark over time by his unique and unmistakable style .
    He created his own style with courage, without considering the controversies and trends at the time. His style does not take into account the time and real space.
    Watching and listening to him you can be anywhere and anytime. Be the leader of pop band Hwang Tae-Kyung, Prince Lee Chang Hwi, indie singer Kang Moo Kyul, liberal photographer Seo Joon, beautiful man Dok Go Ma Te or singer Jang Keun Suk on concert stage, my feeling is that they can be at anytime.
    Even that is only 27 years old, he has achieved so much. It makes you think that for him the real time does not have the same meaning as for others.
    But it’s not enough for him. His life will be a permanent search and constant desire to make something new. He will always be an example for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, the mind wide open and the strength to accept his incontestable value.
    I don’t know if I expressed myself very well but I hope you understand what I mean .
    I wish him happiness and fortune and I pray to be strong and healthy to fulfill his dreams.

  3. timeless indeed because Sukkie is able to capture hearts of all-ages when he was still a boy, now when he can still do romcom, and even until he grows into a fine man in the future. i am sure of that! it is because of his truth and sincerity and passion that transcends time.
    love you dear Sukkie! zikzin’
    thank you for sharing these screenshots dear Tenshi! ^^

  4. yes, he is indeed a beautiful man inside and out! i really love his looks in bel ami! hope he will maintain these looks, especially the short haired JKS….

  5. yes i agree…jks is all of these…passionate…determined…unpredictable…he will remain a star for his eels forever…his light shines through for his eels spanning many generations… and he will remain so for all time…


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