[Notice] About a change of how to describe date on jangkeunsukforever.com

It might be a small change, but to avoid making our visitors confused, we decided to say it officially. From today, February 7th, 2014, we use the way to describe date ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. It means ‘2014-02-07’. In US and Japan (his country Korea as well), we use this order. But our blog ‘jangkeunsukforever.com’ has used the order ‘dd.mm.yyyy’ since before because it’s more natural in Singapore where our founder and sponsor Ivy (Aphrael) is living. But now we Sarah (Springsuk_USA) and I are the admins, so it’s more natural to use ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. Please understand our change. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “[Notice] About a change of how to describe date on jangkeunsukforever.com”

  1. I understand and I’m sure aphreal will not mind…for you girls have to do all the writing so it’s more natural..
    Thanks for your hardwork all : )

  2. It doesn’t matter how the dates are written….I really apprrciate all the time and effort put in by all the admins to make this blog the only one I rely on for all the updates on Sukkie 🙂


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