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  1. Tenshi, Thank you so much for sharing and translating this for us! I owe you a lot! Through you and the rest of the admin of this blog, I know Sukkie beyond the roles he portrayed. And the Sukkie whom love by million Eels.

  2. Brother and sister eels…thanks for your hard work…love you
    Let’s here what he had to say to Cheemomo….I only understand they said a lot of “I love you..Wo ai ni” to each other…Cheemomo is such lucky eal having the prince said so many times Wo ai ni in your ear….to bad she missed out on his kiss…hahaha

  3. Glad that he can do his radio show on his own terms. He won’t be able to do this if he is under an agency. That was a good decision on him to have his agency with his parents in the Executive Leadership Team. He has the freedom to schedule his time, which others don’t have. In addition, he has a good share of revenues from his hard work; and he can be more creative and innovative as an artist.

    Others wanted him to follow other celebrities to do this and that, its good that he has his own mind.

    Suk, read this http://www.lominger.com. Its really good reading, you understand English right?

  4. Thank you very match for english subs! 🙂

    I really love Zikzin Radio. Sukkie er så fanny and unprentetious. It feels like tolking with a friend.I could listen to him laugh all day. Why is he so good in everything he does?

  5. Thank you all translator and sub teams. Your hard works are very much appreciated.

    I never get tired of listening to JKS’ talks. He surely is a very articulate, witty and smart man. Every time, I listen to him, I always learn somethings, beside understanding him better and better how he perceive about certain things about work or life in general.

    Honestly, some of his words are so deep that I have a hard time understanding the real meaning of them. For example when he talks about “water” and “Coca” drink concept….I’m not sure I get his real meaning.

    I am sooo glad and happy to hear that if he has to go back one year later, he would still pick to play as Dokgo MaTe and despite not so good result, he is not regret about his choice. BRAVO Sukkie! Thank you for being Dokgo MaTe. I love Beautiful Man.

  6. Thanks a lot Wen Li and Springsuk for the English subtitle that made it possible for me to follow him and enjoyed the program. It was very funny when he asked Ji Mo Mo the 24 year old Chinese fan to give him a kiss and the phone was cut off as if she rejected it!!! This must have been through the excitement talking to him in such an intimate tone. I wish she asked him “What kind of a kiss you want?” I wonder what would our witty, mischievous Prince would say, uhm….

    Another point is that now that Sugar Sukkie got more than 20 million followers on Weibo, almost half of Korea Population, I wonder how he is going to do with this. He is always very surprising and exciting for me. I guess Zikzin Radio is a great way to get in touch with his International fans, especially China is the country that use radios a lot in their communication. Our Prince has a lot of child in him that makes him so lively, lovable, and unpretentious. I just simply love him.

  7. Thanks to all those who worked and gave me the opportunity to know better Keun Suk! Good work!
    Now that I have clarified these thoughts I can tell you:
    ~First point. I must say that I watched the episode 3 times. The reason? Because of his voice I could not read the whole translation.
    ~Secondly point. I have concluded that I am away to well known Keun Suk.
    His answers and comments to Twitter posts were much sense. They’re normal and logical answers and comments of an intelligent person who wants to be treated like a normal human being.
    I realized that fans love can often become possessive, blind and deaf, even if it is really great.
    It is possible that in some cases, love for an idol to be actually only a desire to see the idol as often as possible because of physical appearance.
    The fans often forget that their idol is a human being who has a personal life, family, their own ideals.
    The relationship between fans and idol must be mutual and based on full respect.
    We should not ask everything and we should not expect perfection.
    Keun Suk ours is a young man blessed with talent, intelligence, and many other qualities but he has weaknesses characteristic of a normal person.
    It is a person who needs his moments of intimacy. No need to tromping through his life. Is enough which tells us and shows us voluntarily.
    Do we need to give him the right to choose should not make him feel pressured.
    When he said ” things is not easy in this world” was absolutely right and this helps us understand that his way up to this point has been full of obstacles that he managed to pass well, but my God, with how much effort …!
    He gives evidence of great strength of character and a lot of involvement. He says,” I don’t like it when others prepare banquet ready for me. I want prepare myself. Even if it doesn’t taste good, I made it, it’s even better.” Good for you Keun Suk! I’m proud of you!
    ~ The third point. My hopes for Keun Suk .
    Be healthy and have reason to smile and laugh often.
    Be full of inspiration and creativity.
    Be surrounded by true friends and loved ones.
    Rest and relax as you want, where you like and together with who you want.
    Do the car trip through Asia which you speak with such hope.
    Make time for all proposed projects that gain more and more popularity.
    Have more activities in Korea as you want.
    Play a role in a classical drama, if you wish that.
    Get more scripts and choose the one most suitable.
    To fulfill your wish “Rather I hope more people CAN understand JKS’s views of the world.”
    perfom whenever you want to be close to the fans.
    Records new tracks with Team H if what you want.
    ~ In conclusion, you work hard for many years, you’ve matured and gained more experience.
    It’s time to get full use of these advantages.
    Take it slowly!
    You are truly my Cola! You have your own charm and no one can match it.
    Be sure that many people appreciateyour true value, are with you, support you and respect you like you deserve.
    What I wish you from my heart is to do what you want and what you like!


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