9 thoughts on “[06.02.2014] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. I loveeeeeeeeeee these pictures…Sukkie in such relax way…enjoying some free time doing what youngster do…He really is a boy of many talents..skateboarding, snowboarding…football, tennis, ping pong, billards

  2. Hey guys, I’m kinda new in finding out more about JGS, although I did like him way back since 2009. Just wondering… does he usually stay in Korea – as in does he live there and just goes to Japan/China whenever he has work, or does he live in Japan? Actually, I’m just really shocked to find out he doesn’t do fanmeets in Korea often, and I know he doesn’t do concerts too. I hope his FM goes really well and he does an acting project soon before enlisting. Really wanna see him in something that’s also successful in Korea. He’s such a talented actor…

  3. A free soul, an open mind, he is our Keun Suk!
    I think this is own way to relax, to detach from all the worries and to put his thoughts in order before an important event.
    Good luck at the meeting with Korean fans!


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