[article] Jang Keun Suk, “The ultimate goal is to be active as an actor until death”

Original Source: Naver Star
Chinese translation site for the article: 韩国中央日报
English Translation by: Springsuk_USA

KBS2 Drama 예쁜 남자 “Bel Ami (Beautiful Man)” ended show with boos, the drama’s average rating is only 4%. As a drama stared by “Asia Prince” Jang keun Suk, this come out is really disappointing. Some people even said: “Jang Keun Suk is only popular in overseas” As Jang Keun Suk himself, his reaction is pretty calm, he quietly accepted people’s cruel comments.

Just recently Jang Keun Suk sat down with reporter in a bar in Cheongdamdong, Seoul. He revealed his thoughts. He said: “I’m only 28, not 30 years old yet, many people think I should be perfect. Recently I always hope that I reach to my 30 years soon, have some wrinkles on my face, so those sights looking on me may have some changes.”

The rating of “Bel Ami” (Beautiful Man), you must be disappointed, right?
Regardless if it is a success or not, end any work will make you feel sorry. Even it went back to a year ago, I would still choose to play “Beautiful Man”. After I made decision for the drama, I had waited for 7 months. I have deep feeling with this drama. The drama improved my acting skill and the level of awareness of the work, helped me develop the ‘internal strength’. In this drama, I could show to the audiences many images of ‘Jang keun Suk Style’ This is really meaningful to me. Unfortunately, the story line in the middle has a sudden turn, that was one regret I would say if there was any.

I heard the atmosphere at filming site is pretty good. Right?
Actors, workers and director are all young people, so it was really smooth communication on site. When shooting ep 5-6, I had some confusion ‘why Kim botong (IU) loves Dokgo Mate?’ as an actor myself, if I have the doubt for it, the audiences may have the same issue to understand it. If I just leave the problem there, it would be hard to let audiences get into the story. So I had a 5 hours long discussion with the writer, producer and PD Jo. After coordinating advice to find a middle point, we successfully completed the shooting. Although the coordination process is very painful, but after we finished the work I saw the staff’s faces with satisfaction, I am also very happy.

The role in this drama don’t you think it has similarity with role you played in “You’re Beautiful” (2009), “Mary Stayed All Night Out” (2010) “Love Rain” (2012)?
This drama is the last romantic comedy drama I played before my 30. When I was choosing the work and role, I have thought very carefully, even the rating is not good, but no one has criticized ‘my acting’ was bad, I’m happy with this. (laugh). Just like this, every year I will do one drama/movie project, I hope one day the rating will be better.

The copyright of “Beautiful Man” have sold with high price in Japan, China, Taiwan and Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia etc. Therefore, there are claims that ‘Jang Keun Suk trump card only works in a foreign country’, how do you think about this?
If it does not work in Korea but it works in other countries, isn’t this also a good thing? Actually, I do not want to play in those ‘can sell big’ works. When I choose a project, I always have my own standard. But people tends to evaluate me base on the rating. So I hope I will be 30 soon, till then, I will become more mature.

You hold events as a singer in foreign countries, why don’t you sing in Korea?
In Korea, I want people more see me as an actor and concentrate on acting. My ultimate goal is to be active as an actor until death. When I do concerts overseas. This will strengthen more on entertainer image. I only do things that I love to do… compare to be a ‘multi-talented artist’, my dream is to be a ‘real actor’.

Have you ever suffered losses because of being too frank?
I think, to be frank will bring more benefit than loss. When I was started to do events in Japan and China, people’s first attitude towards me more like ‘this guys is so and so.’ then gradually, people accept my free spirit character, they think this is my personality. They like more about me being honest and frank.

You have a 10 billion won building in Cheongdamdong. 4 billion won condo in nonhyeondong, and even Shibaya you has building. You are called by people ’20s Young Tycoon’. What is your special reason for keep doing on real estate?
Stock market has huge risk, so eventually I eyed on real estate. I’m a person once I make a choice I just keep going forward. haha, it is not done by my parents, or I asked them to do it for me. When I debuted as child star, I want to import my administration to control the money.

40 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk, “The ultimate goal is to be active as an actor until death””

  1. Very well said, Jang Keun Suk Dear.
    Never forget who you are.
    Never let people turn you into who they want.
    Do not forget that you are a wonderful young man, that you own unsuspected power to change the world and to relieve souls.
    Live intensely and beautiful, continues to mean something good in people’s lives.
    Please you to have the power to retire when you feel you do not belong to a place or a soul and take it from the beginning whenever need be.
    You are able to do this!
    Love and respect!

  2. Isn’t more prestigious to be famous in other countries! It is very hard to make name and be loved by other countries, therefore he’s doing a good job! Continue doing what you want to do and what will make you happy, these things will bear more fruits in the future. Keep up the good work!

    • Agree with you…
      Well thinking beings must wonder why that is and go looking for answers..
      Who is the odd one in here…
      Not worth convincing the “brain”washed/dead” in this…
      He has every right to express himself in any artistic way desired..for that HE is the artist
      Like Rembrandt and Vermeer etc…they painted the originals from their souls, back then a lot of people did not understood their work, now it’s priceless and only left many to copy..

  3. Dear JKS…

    If you ever read this, let me tell you one thing…

    You should never wish to become older faster or for the time to go faster 🙂 Time and health are the only things we really have in this life and we often don’t appreciate them until they’re gone…

    I’m 34 now and when I was your age, I also thought that I’ll become more mature and serious when I hit the big 3-O. But, let me tell you – that DID NOT happen! Hahahaha…\

    I did get older, mind you, and got well deserved lines on my forehead and some gray hair but I NEVER grew up! Still groovy and immature as ever, if not even more so now than before 🙂 Hehehehe

    This is my honest advice… Age is, unfortunately, counted in years. Just ignore it and be your true self until the end! Behave and act however you feel at a certain moment. That is what makes this life a real adventure and no number can or should change that! 🙂

    Peace out!

    • hahaha…not will 50 do it
      You only get more “respect” because you are a adjumma
      Just do your thing, not matter the numbre…and enjoy life to the fullest and staying forever young in mind

  4. wow thank you Sarah for translating and sharing this article.
    I can give him an award even just for handling this interview very maturely.
    Sukkie you are brilliant man in and out. Yes we all know people in Korea judge you by ratings but we know better right? I know this only inspires you to even do better bec that is who you are!
    We eels we will supporting you, we will not leave your side, we will make you stronger as you make us inspired. Thank you for being who you are! Zikzin!

  5. 배우 장근석은 멋있습니다.젊은 그의 발언이나 행동은 때로 반감이나 비판을 사버릴 지도 모른다 …그래도 한국의 배우로서 모국에 사랑받는 장근석이 되면 믿고 있습니다^^

  6. Thanks for translating, Sis Sarah! Another part of his latest series of interviews that I enjoy reading :). Our boy seems to mature well. Keun Suk-ah, this noona eel of yours is now telling you to please enjoy your 20s as some of the things you can only do in these ages might not be possible to do when you’re reaching your 30s :). You are a great young yet undoubtedly experienced actor. I can imagine that in the next few years you’ll mature even more as a 30 y.o actor. Til then, keep zikzin-ing. We eels are here to support you 🙂

  7. Keun-Suk sshi, you can’t pleased everyone and different people holds different perceptions. I know it is tough for you in Korea but as long as you believe you are right, just zikzin towards it. Certain things there are no right or wrong. Just follow yr kind heart and do it with self consciousness and you will be alright. Not many people in yr industry can do what you are doing now with such freedom and successes!
    Eels love you!

  8. i love his comments! jks is always be real jks….hope till death.

    hes really a genius, always has +ve thinking~~~love it^^inspire me^^

  9. Ahhh.. don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, you’ll get there when you get there and when you do you can look back on all you’ve done, smile, and then see just how much more is still out there waiting. I meet people my age and feel sad sometimes at how little they have actually done with their lives and how much they let circumstances hold them back. No matter what struggles and pain I experienced when I was young I am ever so grateful that life never let me stay stuck in those circumstances and at least I got out there and LIVED IT.(no regrets) Enjoy it all but especially all the mistakes. 🙂
    Thanks for translating, I love to see so much support.

  10. Keen Suk ah~~ I love you for who you are. So keep being yourself. Do whatever you want to do and never change for anyone. Live, laugh, love to the fullest! Don’t hold back because of people’s stigma on you. Enjoy your youth, age is just a number after all. It don’t defines you. You are way mature than your age now..~hahahaha…

    Sarah sis thanks for translating this. Always love to see our little prince is happy.

  11. Such an intelligent hard working man, our young Prince. I just wonder, isn’t he 26 going on to 27? Why people, including himself, say he is 28. He also has to spend 2 years doing military service, hasn’t he? Being away from him on the screen for a day or two makes me miserable. How could I do when he is enlisted? I just can’t imagine,

    • 28 is his Korean age :). It’s like +1 of the ‘normal’ gregorian age. He is indeed still 26 going on 27 as he’s born in 1987 🙂

  12. Dear Sukkie.. be yourself forever. we are proud to see your hard work so far, and the results you achieved. You was the only Korean actor who has many titles. actor, singer, DJ, entrepreneur, even a boss. You was the only actor who became a top 20 young tycoon on your own, not your family heritage. when other artists succeed as an actor / singer, you are even successful in all fields. Please continue to work in accordance with your passion, your desire, your pleasure. Please keep happy, and healthy, we will continue to support you until the end.♥♥♥

  13. I wish Jang Keun Suk all the best in the future. He’s still the most talented young actor in his home land. He’s also a very good singer, I love his heavy vocal. Enjoy doing what you love to do. Believe in yourself, because we believe in you. Cheers.

  14. Be yourself, you don’t make other people’s life miserable, in the contrary, you make a lot of people something to smile wth; you voice, humour, acting & your generosity that is embrace by the less well off. Keep fighting & smiling.

  15. I am so comforted that he will have one project every year…..this is a great piece of news for his eels who are not able to follow him around the world to watch his concerts.

    JKS, please come to Singapore in 2014…..I want to watch U live singing all those songs of yours.

    Eels are so blessed to follow an actor who is also a great singer.

    • I also pray that Suk will come to S’pore again as the last time I watched him is also my first time going to his Cri show 1 Asia tour 2011 – 1st stop in S’pore and singing “Let Me Cry” of his first album…..I already regretted I didn’t know Suk in early 2010 when he was here for Asia tour 2010… now I’m wishing the more to meet Suk here in S’pore as many of my eel friends can go together including my mum and sister.. both are fans of Suk ^_^

  16. One thing I like about JKS – he’s honest and frank. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Black is black, white is white. What you see, is what you get – no mask at all. Love him or hate him, that’s his real self. Transparent. Not pretentious.

  17. Thanks for sharing this eels…
    wonder where the original is from and who the interviewer..because the stupid rating in Korea came up again.

    Now I know why the change of feeling in the drama; our Sukkie had something to do with it..yeah..BM was funny but really nerve wrecking too
    Wonder how much the drama differs from the Manwhua..

    I admire JKS more and more when I see how he cope with the hardship in his life and not choose the easy way out..I’m almost his mother’s age and yet he inspires me and I think many of us who are also wondering in life..
    Not to be contempted only because it’s easy to live a life that is already predetermined for you by others…leaving a lot of regrets and unhappiness which will carry through the next generations..
    We must keep challenging ourselves and keep questioning and reasoning all that we do. We tend to neglect our six sense while that is where our true self is
    I love what he says…”I only do things that I love to do… compare to be a ‘multi-talented artist’, my dream is to be a ‘real actor’”…But I love all of him

  18. Hi, I can say only that he changed my life. I feel younger and stronger than ever, even I kiss myself every day hahaha. I´m so proud of him, so gratefull. I can not find the correct words to define how important he is to me. No matter what another people says of him, I believe in him and I think untill my last day. He is hard, precious, genuine and shines like a diamond but that fact hurts some people. Never mind JKS, zikzin, enjoy and apreciate every single moment of your live. That´s an advise from someone who is 42. Defend your happiness whatever, do what you should do, everything but not take care of your health hahaha

  19. Thanks for translating and sharing this article to us. I always love reading Sukkie’s interviews. He always gave eloquent answers specially to hypothetical questions.
    Sukkie even if you will be 50 years old, you still have that child’s innocence in your heart, that made you so unique, and maybe the reason why you are so straightforward and honest. I love his confidence of saying that being honest and straightforward is more of the advantageous side. Its true that being honest and frank as you grow older, you gain more respect, and the next generation will be looking up at you. You will become their model.

  20. I love him for being honest, frank and straightforward…Just enjoy your life to the fullest. Stay happy and healthy always my Prince. I am looking forward for your next project and how I wish I can attend one of your concert and hope you will visit our country…

  21. ur such a beautiful human being..ur so frank in all your answers….and i like ur altitude towards life…i think ur the best artist in your motherland and love u.we international eels always there for u…don’t smoke too much …be healthy love u u u u prince…

  22. As an actor we admired him for all his effort to be the best in every project.And were so glad that at least he’s still aware about the realities of life by saving and investing for the future use.It only proved how smart and wiser he is.You know, we have heard a lot of famous figures when they got old ,they end up with nothing at all and that was really sad. Definitely,when it comes to acting we rate him the best.We wish him more challenging roles and best story lines in the near future.As an actor,he should do{ not 1} more acting drama/movie project a year. Doing what he’s doing now shows how super talented he is, so its ok .In that way he’s also keeping in touch with his fans personally.We like a frank person more than a lier.At least you’re being true to yourself and others.

  23. my heart aches for our prince when i read about the low ratings in korea…but this interview shows he knows this and is okay with it…he looks at the bright side of it and hopes the ratings will be better…what a courageous young man…he accepts what is there but continues to do what he wants to do …i especially like his comment that “when i choose a project i have my own standard”and given the chance to do it all over again he would still choose bel ami…dear prince… i have the highest regard for you… you are such an inspiration to me….when my friends ask me why i am so into you.i tell him you are not just a pretty face…you are an intelligent and deeply caring young man…your choosing bel ami gave us eels insights into the world of business and relationships…it is not just an ordinary romcom…you gave us eels a lasting legacy that we can use in our lives…thank you and continue to do what you want so you can look back with no regrets…fighting!

  24. I don’t have enough words to discribe how happy I’m to know from distance such a marvelus artist as JKS. I have seen him as an actor, singer, dancer, DJ, his interviews and is really inspiring all he has achieved with his hard work.
    Dear JKS, I hope you get to read this. It is all the events of life it self that will make you more mature. But don’t rush it. Your looks are beautiful but more important is your soul and genuine personality. Follow your hart and keep enjoying all the proyects that you choose! All your eels suport you unconditionally, specially this girl from Venezuela ♡♡♡
    Fighting!!!! xoxoxo

  25. I love JKS’ honesty….reading his interviews makes me happy because I get to learn something new about him. JKS stay as sweet and true as you are! And whatever you do I’m here to support you!!! Zikzin!!!

  26. now ,you are real actor for us.
    you are free spirit.
    age dose not matter.
    believe in yourself.
    we are waiting for your new movie.
    good luck jang

  27. Brilliant just brilliant answer this is how to show the world who you are,honest and sincere answer,we don’t want you to become 30 something let stay as is 5555555 love you to death 555555 thanks god for sending you to this earth

  28. Good to see this interview..JKS is quite confident about being himself ..that’s good ..while accepting dramas he should be careful for how he is going to be portrayed …should be careful not to do if not satisfied…love rain if released in India it will be definitely successful…He is well exposed to world cinemas… his roles show he stands out a lot from regular dramas ..why JKS I a not considering India the second huge in population ..very well recognized country for cinemas..He can be successful here too.


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