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  1. OMG he looks dashing here XDXDXDDX .. i miss mate and botong alot !! and it makes me so happy to see them close togther cuz it kinda seemed that IU was sort awkward with sukkie and kind scared of talking to him !! i dont know ?!! may be she is just shy cuz he is super gorgeous , and has a strong personality ?! or it was the stupid writer fault for not giving them any romantic scene , ??! cuz from what i see IU is really a very lovely very cool and talented person , and i went crazy fangirling over her , she is so cute and made botong looks adorable, and i love her voice and listened to most of her song , but she said that she will not be comfortable with guys who are very good looking , cuz she thinks she is will not belong with him , cuz she think that she is not pretty , ! but i’m really sad cuz i really wanted to see them close , cuz IU is so pretty so cute and a very huge very loved in korea and even though jgs is the love of my life ! i will be happy if her date her , cuz i really love her now and she deserves to be asia prince girl friend .

    • totally agree !! and i i was sooooooooooo angry with the kissing scene of pretty man !! i mean i just wanted to smack their heads ,!! and tell them C’MON !!!! you can do better jang geun suk ! are you serious !! where the hell is the awesome kissing from love rain ?!! but …… i have notice that jgs is really taking care of IU cuz he said she is young and very famous and has a lot of fans , and that is why he didn’t do a deep kissing scene , cuz i guess he didn’t want antis like what happened after kissing yoona , and since IU is a huge name in korea , he was taking a extra care of her , and the kiss was sort a cute when they where both smiling and you can clearly see that JGS wants to kiss her but he couldn’t , i dont know maybe it was in the script that the kiss should be like this , or maybe IU who asked for this kind of kiss cuz iu is normally shy !? and i also noticed that she is a little awkward with jgs and sort afried of talking to him , maybe she really shy like you said,and i dont blame her . i mean if i were her and i meet jgs heheh XD i would die from fangirilng XDXDXLOL ,any way … i was expecting a better one , but , .. what should we do , its over , and the last hope for me to see them kissing again deeply would be in my dream ,or if they ended up dating in real life LOL…

      • @ Randa c’mon stop that ur so childish you’re angry bcuz of the kiss??? u dnt know maybe the scandal about iu?? u mention that iu is more famous in korea? yoona is more famous in korea than iu…stop being a childish cuz u don’t know about the sones

    • sophia what are you saying ??!! IU is WAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more popular than yoona , > are you kidding ??! she has the second lagest fancfes just after snsd with over than 145000 people and that is without her chines fans !! all by her self ?!! and just saw you know , i live in korea and people her love iu more than suju or exo !! in fact the never even took them seriously , but IU can make a perfect kill in charts whenever she has new comeback which is hard for even a older bands and this year IU was the girl with the most money in 2013 with over than 10 million dollars beating both yoona and suzy !! go check the news !

      • @ alex so your Korean and you love iu? sorry that I don’t know about your bias iu bcuz I only concern about jang keun suk not iu or yoona only I reply randa’s comment about the kissing scene im not sone for your kind information and I don’t care about iu.. you got me???

  2. Our Prince looks so handsome in his short hair. Although I miss his long hair that he got in a few episodes. Anyway, long hair, short hair, skin head, dreadlock, he just looks gorgeous. It is not the hairstyle but it is his beautiful head shape, his nice eyes, his nose, his lips and most of all his personality that is shining out when he speaks and moves. He really is a God Given artist that we want to cherish him forever.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!! I miss Dokgo Mate and Botong! But Sukkie is super handsome and gorgeous of all these photos. But my the one I love most is that photo when he was wearing the green coat. He looked so stunning.

  4. For a change, nice to see him in sophisticated clothes. Seldom you see him like this as he usually loves to wear colorful funky clothes. He looks gorgeously mature handsome man.

    • yeah, your right. and also his hair is a big plus in these images. i wish he will have short hair forever like these pics or a clean cut.

  5. I looked many times at the pictures posted here and in other photos from filming and I noticed one thing. Everyone in shooting team are dressed with thick clothing, in pics 7-10 a person is wrapped with a scarf over his mouth, everyone has headpiece and Keun Suk in pic 16 has sleeves pulled over his fingers. This means that it is very cold and Keun Suk is clothed thin. If I have only seen him I would not have realized that it is very cold.
    What does that mean? Maximum of professionalism! He is able to convey the viewer what he wants to convey. He can turn the story into reality. He can convince you that it is warm, even if it’s cold and can make you believe it’s day even if it’s night.
    This is about magic! Keun Suk is a master wizard.
    This master is able to make you live and feel with his characters, to enjoy, to love and to suffer with them.
    The outfits and hair styling that can only say that have been perfect. I can not imagine any other suitable outfits and hair styling.
    As for the kiss at the end, I respect him for his choice, because I’m sure he decided that. A sweet and gentle kiss like a white lilac blooming in a spring morning, just like their love.
    I already really miss you Ma Te!!!
    Wish you the best.

    • agree with all your comments! i love sukkie very much because of how he portrays his character. superb acting that you cannot distinguished it is still acting. looks very real!

    • i don’t have time missing mate, since i have him everyday. hehehhe. i rewatch bel ami everyday and its my third time already watching from ep 1 to ep 16. i just love all the scenes! most specially all his pics in short hair, he is so stunningly handsome. and all his outfits really fits well, very adorable and his killer smile is a treasure. my cellphone’s wallpaper is dokgo mate and also in my tab. i saved a lot of pictures of him for me not to missed him a bit.

  6. Totally JKS…even the bts is picture perfect…..he can’t help it..the camera really loves him..
    me too miss BM matae very much..

  7. Hi every one and accept my pure regard far from you.
    Iread all yr comment .i told Mr KeunSuk read yr comment here.
    Thank you
    Thank you dear sister Tenshi and yr hard working group.
    Finally all who blame keun suk will understand his wonderful talent and all korean will proud of him.
    Be sure God never leave who is loyal and honest in his life like Keun suk.
    And i hope all chineses reporter site who reviall lies about him just 1 week befor his serial ,,Bel Eme,,undestand we never give up him.as he said it makes me stronger and more determind to follow my goal.
    I pray for him and i wish the best wishes for all you around the world.
    Thanks alot dear sister Tenshi♡

  8. in all pics he is very cute .and we are waiting for ur next project …if u feel sad or alone sometimes just think us we eels are there for u …saranghae go head prince…fighting…!!

  9. When you are born with it, it truly shows. Those boyish good looks and charisma caught on and off camera just bounces off every picture and every angle like the golden rays of the sun:):) Simply our blue eyed boy period!

  10. He is the only actor who can carry all sorts of hairstyles. Talk about versatility!! I like him in long hair when he does concerts, short hair in dramas.


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