[pics] “Bel Ami” (Beautiful Man) On Cover of Singapore “Teenage” Magazine February Issue

Credit: “TheOfficialTeenageMagazine”
Picture credit: Michelle Poh from ECI

The Teenage February issue is out on newsstands and there’s plenty to love this month! Find out more about Pretty Man, the hot new K-drama you have to watch.


11 thoughts on “[pics] “Bel Ami” (Beautiful Man) On Cover of Singapore “Teenage” Magazine February Issue”

  1. Good article!!!oversea articles r better than korean!korean articles r sucks. Comment without using brain.

    Bel ami fighting…waiting for my country to broadcast it…uuuu…cant wait for it!

  2. omh that is so cool .. i want that magazine 🙂 stupid koreans .. their brains are to small fro such great drama like this . this drama is for clever people who can enjoy its uniqueness and amazing cast .

  3. I bought it already. So very interesting. Glad he is so popular in our country. All the best to our Prince JKS (^_^)

  4. Nice coverage by the magazine :). It seems that the writer really watches the drama & she has mentioned some interesting points of the drama. Hopefully this can promote the drama further in Singapore… hopefully this will bring the ‘Dokgo MaTe’ wave which is as big as the previous Hwang Tae Kyung wave :). Thanks for sharing. I wish I could get a copy for a keepsake…


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