[News] ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP DVD will be released

UPDATE 1: The release date is scheduled on April 24th, 2014.
UPDATE 2: The scheduled contents were changed (yellow text part below).

Credits: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/JANG_KEUNSUK_ZIKZIN/
Genuine words
dedicated to JKS’ dear friends

Jang Keun Suk, who’s started arena tours in Japan since 2011
and accomplished even Tokyo Dome performance and solo festival.

Throughout this tour (ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP),
he’s stuck to a concept, ‘closeness’ with fans (his eels).

On the stage, he showed us a look that has never seen before.
What did he speak, feel and want to tell there?
Let’s feel his genuine words together.

*Collectors Edition: 23,800 yen (including tax)
Included Zeep live tour in 5 cities
Jang Keun Suk finally performed on his long-awaited Zepp stage
Complete collector’s DVD BOX that fully includes his real self on the stages

From beginning (Zepp Fukuoka) to end (Zepp Nagoya), all performance in every area will be included. This is a luxury edition that includes not only every performance but also making video in each area (Fukuoka/Sapporo/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya) and JKS interview in each disc!!! Besides, it includes the original photo book, too.
– DVD 5 discs(Fukuoka/Sapporo/Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya performance, making of each area and JKS interview) [about 14 hours long]
– Photo book

Bonus for pre-order applicants:
– 5 sheets of 2L sized photos
– ZIKZIN original sticker (scheduled)
– Lucky pre-order buyers win special gifts in a drawing!

*Special Edition: 6,800 yen (including tax)
Included Zeep live tour in Tokyo
Through this hearty stage, what did he speak and want to tell?
DVD BOX condensed his genuine words

This is a special edition that includes the final stage and making of Zepp Divercity Tokyo and the digest of other areas. Besides, it includes the original photo book, too.
– DVD 2 discs(Tokyo performance, digests of each performance and making video)
– Photo book

Bonus for pre-order applicants:
– 5 sheets of L sized photos
– Lucky pre-order buyers win special gifts in a drawing!
1. Tokyo Zepp stage included in each edition will be different.
2. Making and digest videos in each edition will be different.
3. Photo book in each edition will be different.

38 thoughts on “[News] ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP DVD will be released”

  1. O…I really want the collector item…but if it does not come with english subs it’s only half the fun..
    Wonder where we can ask if they add english subs

      • Hi Tenshi..
        Do you know where we can inquire if these DVD’s come with english subs?
        I really want them but without subbing I can only listen to his songs but not understand his heartfelt words

      • Honestly, I don’t think these DVD will be released with subtitles. Because ZEPP tour was held only in Japan, not like CRI-SHOW or other Asian tour. So PONYCANYON has the right to release them. Remember Tokyo Dome DVD doesn’t have the subtitles. But, of course, we can still have the hope. I think asking Tree-J must be a small possibility.

  2. I have not seen Jang Keun Suk perform with a short hair for so long & he looks super handsome wow. Please eels keep telling Sukkie how handsome & manly he is with that short hair (though I also love him in long hair)because he just told us he still feel awkward with. But my gosh getting a glimpse of that Zepp concert what can I say fabulous!

  3. No matter how expensive, I’ll have to get my hands on this one! Comparing to his previous works (2010 FM, 2011 Cri-show, 2012 Cri-show II, 2013 Team H), something is very different about this Zepp performance. I don’t see traces of Actor Jang, only Singer Jang who looked so comfortable and at ease with himself in this intimate stage. He really loves Zepp ^^.

    • Yes…me too I want these
      I posted a email to frau international requesting if his work can be subbed…I don’t think they will but I had to try..
      and maybe I’ll try to send one to Tree-J too…if Sukkie wants to become a real WP they have to seriously consider these things in contracts…

      An international eel can hope : D

      • Have you got the answer regarding english subs?

        I really want those DVDs, but it will not be the same without english subs.

      • Zoe…no…not heard anything from them..
        Did not expect but hee…we must keep trying esp towards Tree-J..we must keep asking the same question for JKS works in Japan, Korea and China the most but he has many many international fans too…instead of waiting for subbing (and sometimes illegal distribution…if with subbing they sells more of the original.

      • The best is to cross our fingers…I will buy the full package and pray some eels will make some sub files to go with it….

  4. The question is always there for me. Jang Kyung Suk, Park Shin Hye Is it really love or just a friend’s younger sister looks up to him?

  5. tenshi plz tell to him that i am a big fan of him from india thats enough tenshi…thank u very much….i have sent so many tweets to him .i hope he will read that.

      • tenshi you are maintaining this website right.how u are updating and collecting all the information.whether jks will see this website or not .

      • I just collect his information through some media news or the official announcements on the internet like other his fan bloggers.

  6. When I saw I had the impression that just finished filming Beethoven Virus. That haircut makes it look unchanged after five years.
    Jang Keun Suk forever young … so I wish for him.

  7. I have just find out that we can preorder Zepp Live Tour DVD on Yesasia. No english subs, and realise date 14th May, but I am still happy, happy.♥


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