10 thoughts on “[11.01.2014] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Why must you go on a diet?
    You look fantastic now!
    I like yr chubby cute handsome face!Kkkk
    Well.. do whatever u like!
    As long as u like it, I will like it too! Kya!

  2. you don’t need to go on strict diet Sukkie! all you need is ample time in the gym and burn those baby fats.. anyhow, you look perfectly fine with your current body structure..

  3. Sukkie, you look great!!! But…
    You have worked and still work very much. I know you like what you do but you need to restore you from time to time. Now you need some rest. Give yourself a break and I’m sure you will understand all those who love you. You need a diet that will harden you, perhaps more fruit ….. anyway …. The same advice I give them to my son and he only hears when he wants….

  4. hahaha his comments – but be careful on the salad dressing Sukkie those are the ones with calories! ^^
    oh but looking at how happy and healthy you look now – you do not need to do that diet!! ❤

  5. Poor boy, the food looks very dull. My head is still stuck with the picture he took when he made Takoyaki…looks like both himself and his staff had some mad fun at 2 am


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