[Pic] New 10 coasters’ words of ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING

From right top to down… All were written by JKS. Most of them were written in English : ) Yay!

1. We can get together somewhere in the future if fate allows..
인연이라면 언젠가, 어디선가 다시 만나겠지..

2. Life is choice!

3. All the people in the HOUSE!!

4. An end means another beginning.

5. Save me and I’ll save you.

6. Don’t think too much.

7. What is your name?

8. Life is alone.

9. Can I knock your heart?

10. For my lonely lips… kiss me…
ぐちがさびしい.. kissして…

32 thoughts on “[Pic] New 10 coasters’ words of ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING”

  1. I choose 8.
    I’m living alone just like him.
    Feels alone all the time!
    Although you hv yr family & friends but before you find yr life partner, u will always feel alone.
    Life is alone also mean more than that.Yr parents brought u here and yr life is yours alone.
    In the meantime, alone does not mean lonely.
    Have an interesting life alone doesn’t sounds bad than a lifetime of loneliness.
    Cherish what u hv now and enjoy your life cos life is short!

    • Very true Lynn. Often, even if you have family around you, if you have not found your soul mate you are very alone. In those moments is so important to get along well with yourself. This is why I said that important in life is to know how to become your own friend because otherwise, you can become your biggest enemy.
      I hope for him to find his soul mate as soon as possible.
      All the best.

  2. Hmmm…so lips, like the heart, can feel lonely as well haha. Oh, I heard a song recently on the radio ‘Lucky Lips’ sung by Cliff Richard 🙂


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