5 thoughts on “[Beautiful Man] Thoughts and Recap For Episode 13”

  1. Sheokee,

    Wowwww….you almost covered up every little details happened in this Episode. Great detailed Recaps. By reading your Recap, I realize, indeed, sooo many things happened and sooo many secrets revealed in one episode.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Shoekee, Thanks for this beautiful recap! I love how you have written all the details. While reading, I had this feeling that I am watching episode 13 again. Yesterday, I saw the only recap done by one of the blogs that seems so popular with how they made recaps of other Kdramas. And many commented why they did not continue making recaps. I was almost tempted to make a comment that there is no need. A lot of JKS EELS are pretty much better writer than those who did the recaps there hahahahhaha…


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