[Beautiful Man] Episode 15 Preview in Text

Credit: KBS and yakumocri weibo for Chinese translation and poster
English Translation by Springsuk_USA

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not watched the previous episode be aware of the spoiler.

Mate who realized his feeling towards Botong stars to use a different way as before to face her. Botong is touched to see Mate like this. On the other hand, David is so worried after he learnt from Ryu La that the “secret code” Mate is looking for is Botong. SS Shopping gets bounced back after used Mate’s business proposal and makes several days sold out record. Botong Company is developing very well on the good track. Na Hong Ran send people to monitor Mate’s every movement. Suddenly one day, Botong disappears.

10 thoughts on “[Beautiful Man] Episode 15 Preview in Text”

  1. OMO….what will happen with Botong…are the “bad” people on to her because they want to take away Matae’s password and his new found love..

    I hope we will get to see a very passionate kiss from these two!!

  2. It’s been fun watching this drama, and great that they didn’t follow standard kdrama protocol and have a kiss in ep 8/16 (which is usually the first kiss episode by formula). I can’t wait till Wednesday’s episode!


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