[03.01.2014] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

UPDATE: added the original CF of Kellogg 1996

Belated happy new year..
The boy flaring his nostrils about 18 years ago became Asia Prince^^^^^^

늦었지만 happy new year..
지금으로부터 약 18년 전 콧구멍을 벌렁거리던 저 아이는 아시아프린스가 됩니다^^^^^^

tenshi_akuma’s note: He used the screenshot from this CF ^^

tenshi_akuma’s note: I can’t help but share this cute pics. Sukkie hasn’t changed at all. These pics are from his old Kellogg CF and his latest BM food support TV program.
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14 thoughts on “[03.01.2014] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Our Prince here looked like the baby playing Dogko Mate when he was little and was left by his mother. However, the real Prince was known to be adorable, pleasant, always smiled and was a darling to Mama Jang since he was a little baby. He has never been abandoned by anyone and he is still a darling to all eels up to present. Still good looking, nice, neat, and clean as always, I just simply love him, my Babe Prince.

    • Sad…only to be abandoned by a lot of his own people…
      Thank God he stayed how he always was despite all the hardship; now loved by all passionate eels

      • True, Mamacri! His own countrymen might not like him but the whole World does! Because he is who he is and he’s not afraid to show his true self to everyone! And no one shouldn’t be!

        Just stay yourself JKS and never give up! Hard work and persistence always pay up in the end 🙂

        Peace out!

  2. This old photo proves that he hasn’t changed…such good looks is inherited from good genes :)( he looks so much like his dad ),nothing to do with plastic surgery.

  3. Sis Tenshi, I admire you that you could trace back and find this Kellogg’s video. I nominate you to be Number 1 Eel. Btw, the Prince looked so sweet. His acting skill was shining from those day, especially when he turned and looked at the mom in the advertisement, sooooo adorable.


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