[music] “Beautiful Man” OST by Jang Keun Suk

Please listen carefully to the BGM. I can’t wait to listen to the whole ^^

Credits: shs renivie
English translation: tenshi_akuma
Beautiful day
The day with you
Your beautiful eyes staring at me
are more brilliant today
I love you I love you I love you
I like you I like you forever
I love you only
I want to give you all my heart~

20 thoughts on “[music] “Beautiful Man” OST by Jang Keun Suk”

  1. Kyaaaaa……Finally.. BM OST by Jang Keun Suk. The music producer is smart business man to add just one JKS name in the CD label…..for sure, his EELs will buy the CDs to support him, no matter what.!!

    The producer is very smart….hahaha….they surely SAVE the BEST for last…..kkkk

    Any way, I LOVE ALL Beautiful Man OSTs. I like to listen to UP beat music, romantic lyrics or inspiration songs, not matter to me. When I listen to UP beat music…I feel soooo joyful and happy.

    Funny in a way, in the PAST, I only like to listen to romantic and SAD LOVE songs (Ballad types)….but as I grow older…my taste change a little.. for my heart beats faster with joy when listening to UP BEATs music then ballads. Though, I still do like Ballad Songs….just selected ONES…..LOLLL

  2. Love the song..!. His voice sounds better. One will fall in love just listening to it. Makes me wish i have someone right now.. ^^

  3. Ahh finally!!! Am wondering why there is no ost sung by jks . Seems like his rubato is taking a whole new level ,zikzin our prince !!

  4. Finally a new OST sung by Sukkie came out yesterday at the end of Ep.14! A big surprise plus a right timing to sweep away my tears!

  5. sorry but i thought there is a mistake here, this song is im nobody with jung joong young not our prince!!!
    i listen it alot and the voice and song is same in this part of movie and im nobody ost!!!
    tenshi please lesten again!!maybe im in mistake!

    • This is song is JKS because it was played during the skating part. Jung Joon Young’s I’m Nobody was played at the very end of the episode during the hug part. So it’s two different songs that are played.

  6. I would have melted if I was looked by that pair of his kind and passionate eyes. He did expressed his love so well in this episode. Gosh, I simply fall in love with him.

  7. At first I was like: hm… nice tune… I heard this voice before… oh WAIT! IT’s SUK’s! *going crazy*.

    I love almost all the songs they use as the soundtracks of this drama. I’m currently replaying Jung Joon Young’s :). I hope they’ll release the full version of Suk’s song soon… what a pleasant New Year’s surprise for us eels <3

    • LOL…me too…
      I was so engrossed with that scene it did not occur to me that it was Sukkie..
      I love this song…our new favorite..very happy song..
      Learned a new word from ken ken…’rubato”…hahaha never too old to learn : )


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