[Beautiful Man] Ep 13 Text Preview

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the previous episodes be aware of spoiler from reading this.
Credit: KBS
Chinese translation Credit to Ai-Yean-Cri weibo

Episode 13 preview in text: Ryu La learnt that the watch on Botong’s table was Mate’s and it looks the same as the one that Na Hong Ran has, this is confusing her. Na Hong Ran called Mate and said that she has an interesting proposal but Mate refused right away. One day Guae Gi holds a press conference as heiress and her speech surprised everyone. Botong is looking at the watch and wondering if this is related with the secret code.

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  1. I can’t for the next episode. This is killing me. It is giving us a hint that Mate could be the Evil Woman’s son. Gosh… It islong wait till the next episode. I do not care about the ratings anymore, I love this drama no matter what. I just love how they show that Mate is also a man with principle, when he deleted the password. What a beautiful transformation! BM fighting!

    • Indeed, I’m amazed by how MaTe has really improved in this Ep 12. He doesn’t need to be ‘spoon-fed’ with the lessons directly by the women anymore. He sort of figured things out himself as well :)! I don’t care about ratings anymore, either, just like you Marie. I’m so gonna buy the DVD of this drama. It’s worth watching over and over again. I wonder how things will end up with the family ‘mystery’, though… ugh we have only four more episodes :(. I think I’ll have a severe withdrawal syndrome from this drama and from Dokgo MaTe :’p

  2. I can’t wait for the next 6 days. OMG, the plot thickens. And Mate has grown in wisdom a lot. I did not expect that he would delete what Yoora had recorded. But we are not also sure what was it all about, because Yoora seems so clueless about many things. And just wonder who prosecutor have the connection when she got the strands of Mate’s hair. For sure it will be for DNA testing. And Botong would likely to fall and choose David instead Mate?

    • before this ep..i thought yoo ra just made up the story about the password but the writer once again blown my mind with this.so..she really have the password.what is it?maybe the clock?idk..frm the ep so far..i can only predict that park gi sook is the mastermind and using yoo raa and david to maintain his place.and i dont watch the last 2 ep with sub yet.maybe..idk if the writer will make me change my mind again after watching those eps.

      • Now it seems that Yoora and the Chairman has certain connection.And I agree he is using both of them to maintain his position at MG. And we do not know also if the Chairman is also connected with the other siblings of NHR.

      • Now with the presence of the lady prosecutor, I’m confused to who she is connected. She not just the 6th woman to be seduced, but it seems she is connected with either the chairman, Yura, NHR or the other siblings of NHR. Its creepy when she got Mate’s strands of hair when he was drunk.

  3. I guess the password is “Dear son, you’re not my son….” (Mate’s “mum” couldn’t finish the sentence as she was dying…) and Yura don’t know Mate is actually HNR’s son as if she knew then.. she won’t be telling Mate the password as she hates HNR…

    Backtrack the scene in ep11 (when his father looks disappointed with him when Mate said “I’m son of Kim….” and ep 12 (when Yura mentioned if Mate knows about the password, the whole world would crash on him..)

    • Possible. And all throughout Yoora was just using Mate to hatch her plan of revenge. And it could be the word that came out of Mate’s mom was the name of chairman, because it seems she was so shocked looking at the old clock.

    • Yes i think all of them are just bound to find out now who MaTeh really is. I hope the prosecutor plays a good role here, Sukkie has read a lot to find things about her and yet she on the other hand knows who MaTeh really is!! super exciting! BM fightin’!!! ❤

  4. There’s going to be more surprise? I’m already at the edge of my seat at the end of episode 12. I’m addicted to BM! 1 week is just too long.. hehehe

  5. i doubt NHR is Mate’s mother, because Mate’s looks like his mother and there’s 2 watch not one. maybe his mother is a twin sister of NHR.

  6. We saw episode 12 yesterday and I was thinking at second old clock . The script is amazing. I do not exaggerate when I say it is the first series in which the story was so well graded that constantly keeps you blown.Usually, in the first episode you learn about the story and intrigue. In the following episodes the story goes on a smooth ride with little ups and downs and finally, in the last episode is clearing the story. The Beautiful Man is totally different. The story resembles a volcano ready to erupt and begin to resemble a conspiracy that is centered on DMT. Even the sixth woman he must conquer is involved but I soon realized who is in the connection. Everyone around him had something to hide and now it’s hard to tell who is on the side of DMT. I look forward to episode 13 but I am sad to have left only four episodes.Jang Geun Suk, THANK YOU for choosing to play in Beautiful Man and I’m absolutely convinced that you alone can give life to a character so complex. All appreciation and respect for you and the entire team. God protect you all.

  7. Episode 12 is a real twist..
    Mate came to a decision his life will not be enslaved any longer by the password…whatever it is he has to find out he will find out for himself and at his own strenght…
    I guess the prosecutor woman will be a good one…all the women in his life so far turn out to be ok towards him…by taking his hair she will be able to do DNA tests and that is always stronger than any “password” whether his parents like it or not..
    Wonder if NHR had her child taken away and that’s why she turned “ugly”?
    The way Mate said he will help the procecutor make her marks by helping her do justice…I guess she will make it possible for Mate to clean up the whole bunch of crooks…MG and SS group alltogether…and by doing that able to free himself and others..
    I love this drama…I hate it already to know only 4 episodes left of beautiful acting of JKS

  8. i agree. this drama is worth watching even if not a jks fan. it is so unpredictable…you just dont know what’s gonna happen..it’s like a roller coaster ride…jks gave us a great gift when he chose this and shared with us great insights into the realities of life..great drama..and great acting,prince!


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