6 thoughts on “[Video] BTS of ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’”

  1. Why only 4 and short duration, KBS why? There’ll be more right?

    BTS#1 1 scene,many cameras.Great
    BTS#2 Sukkie is teasing IU with his hand. Now I noticed that he threw the ring box before proposing.Cute

    All in all, the shooting atmosphere was great. If Bel Ami were not another ‘live-shoot’product. Hope BA team will have proper rest after the drama ended. *sigh*

  2. i really hope there are more of these, and that through all the eps the whole cast has been close to one another. they are giving their best amidst bad temp so i hope they able to at least share good laughter and memories together! thank you for sharing these! BM fightin’! ❤

  3. These BTS are so much fun to watch^^ Btw, did anyone watch last night’s KBS Song Festival live on KBS World? There were no English subs, but when it was IU’s turn to perform, the MC mentioned something in Korean that needed no translation…”Yebbeun Namja” and “Jang Keun Suk”! Oh my, for a split second, I thought that Suk was attending the event LOL. The KBS Drama Awards will be aired live on KBSW {Dec 31st]…hoping to see our Prince at the event^^

  4. Thanks for sharing these BTS’s…I’m so happy to be back from family vacation…time for myself and for Sukkie and you all…

    I love the BTS’s….they had fun doing BM..
    I love the drama sooooooooooo much


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