[22.12.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

[Pretty Man Suport] It’s the shortest day of the year!!Eating the redbean soup is supposed to ward off evil spirits and prevent misfortune for the next year. The Thai Eels sent redbean soup for all staff to the location tonight!!

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tenshi_akuma’s note: I’m afraid but Sukkie doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Before in Japanese TV program, [ENG-SUB] Kuwazugirai-Ou_20120202, he revealed he don’t like sweets. If you haven’t seen the program, please check. He was so sweet and funny ^^ But this time, especially when he felt tired, taking some sweet must have healed his tiredness from a hard day of work.

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  1. I heard that Thaieels will support Buffet food but the location of filming not convenience to support the Buffet food. And JKS want a hot coffee (For sleepy & warm) at night time because really cold at the shooting place.

    For the red bean soup offer & arrange by staffs team because of 22 Dec is a special day in Korea as “National Companion Day” and eating the red bean soup is supposed to ward off evil spirits and prevent misfortune for the next year.

    I translate from my understand at Thaieels FB page..

    • Thanks Tawan for the supplement. Now the mystery was solved. I think his preference about food is well-known among eels. The fact was they didn’t plan to send him sweets at first. But eventually it must have become more meaningful for him and Korean staff ^^

  2. They should have sent som Tom Yum Kung, hot, and spicy lemon soup, just hot and spicy like our Prince. Well the Prince has every taste in him, sweet, sour, bitter, hot, spicy, my yummy Prince. Just simply love him. I was away for quite a while, traveling for work. Miss you all and miss our Prince tremendously.

  3. Thai eels are so sweet to have delivered red bean on such a special occasion ! Their efforts are really heartfelt even though jks may not have a sweet tooth.

  4. Thanks for tenshi_akuma’s sharing ^^
    The red bean porridge which Korean eat during Winter Solstice is salty not sweet.

    FYI. HKTVB payable network version NOW 807 will re-broadcast MSOAN start from Dec 24,
    every Mon to Fri (HK Time : 2:45pm, 5:45pm, 9:00pm, 01:00am, 06:00am & 10:00am)

  5. Bravo for ‘ThaiEels’ supporting the cast and crew of the PM!!! They sure need something warm in the cold conditions they’re working in 🙂

    Proud to be a JKS fan!!!



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