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  1. I do not know how much help this introduction. Of all the episode that has many beautiful and interesting scenes they chose exactly when David eats pasta under the sink. I do not think it is a representative stage show. It is not a parody.I wonder what is the purpose of this presentation. Who watched carefully and filled with good thoughts found that in fact the story is very real and interesting. It’s about life lessons, about survival, about the transformation of a Pretty Boy in a really Beautiful Man. It is a true demonstration of interpretation of JKS. Those who already know what it is and appreciate the show and the cast will look forward to every episode, unfortunately it went half. Dear JKS, we are with you.

  2. I think from the beginning drama was misrepresented. It wrote that Dokgo Ma-Te is the most beautiful man in the world. He is also an ambitious man and wants to make a lot of money using his beautiful appearance and his mission is to seduce 10 different women. This presentation is partially true. The story is more complex. It is the story of a wealthy family, the struggle for power, about the maturation of DMT, how all learn from each other… Not only DMT learn from women he conquers. And they learn truths about life from DMT. Jack-Hee realizes that the most loves the money.Fairy noted that she is vulnerable and that its button is DMT.She noted that each one has his point sensitive. Even it has a button. In-Joong Kim realized that whatever connections they can achieve is a measure in everything and always have respected some rules. No matter how hard you think you are, do not always work out as you want. Myo-Mi learned from DMT to be fair to itself, and that nothing is more important in the world than your own child. As the fifth woman, I appreciated when they returned the money and considered it sufficient to serve each other. This is my opinion and might not be shared by others. But I think it’s fair when I say that it is too simplistic presentation that says it is about the story of the most beautiful man who profit from women to earn money. Maybe so Koreans have not watched this series.

    • Adriana, Its true. And I was thinking they did it that way in also for the others to discover PM what the real thing within. But anyway, I always believe the cannot pull down a good man. I believe the best thing for Pretty Man is yet to come.

    • Adriana, you said it all beutifully.!!! Agree totally!! Beautiful Man was misrepresented from event he Drama was on-air. Many people were already riot up about the concept of a man using his beautiful appearance to seduce many women for a living…etc. On topic of the misrepresitation, KBS had done soooo little to nothing at all to promote this drama in Korea. Any way, there is nothing Internal EELs or drama-lover audiences can do about that.

      The fact that this Drama has so many valuable substances and lessons about life and about what’s in going on in our current society in some aspects. Beside all that, Beautiful Man drama is actually very very funny and enterting drama.

      No matter who you are, I guarantee you will smile and laugh and grip on to your seats while watching this drama…..of course if you watch it with open-mind and un-bias attitude.

      If people watch any drama just to find something wrong with that drama…..they sure will find plenty things wrong that they don’t like….but that won’t deter people from watching that drama, unless the drama is soooo terrible.

      Honestly, I don’t worry about BM rating anymore..!! Even BM receives such a mokery low rating…..this DRAMA is being comparing and competiting with the HIGEST TV rating in the nation….Wowww…that’s only mean, the people, the medias, the K-industry, are taking NOTEs and aware of Beautiful Man’s vaulable and power….kkkk or otherwise, those Medias or grossip websites won’t care to even write anything and a lot, BAD or Good, about Beautiful Man Drama. This little low rating drama must have trickled or make some BIG guns anxious..LOLL. When I image scenario happen for REAL, I can’t, but smile and giggle to myself….kekeke.

      Any way, No matter what, Beautiful Man will open many people’s minds and hearts to learn and accept new things, new conception and new TREND in our society.

      Goshh…to thing about, Don’t some of the MALE STARs or ARtists in this world use their appearance to indirectly seduce women, like us, to fall crazy for them, and trust, willing give things to our STARs, right!!!….LOLLL.

      Beautiful Man protrayed such an sensitive issue….that no wonder, a convervative country like Korea, won’t care for about the story. In a way, just leave it to Jang Keun Suk to be the one that can SHAKE up or stir up some things news and differences in a so-called traditional and calm society.

      To Jang Keun Suk-ahh,

      Even some people think you must be stupid to do this drama, but to me……you are so BRAVE and smart, and you have GREAT visionary of this changing Show Biz World and your society.!! Please keep continue to be the leader of Hallyu STAR and a trendsetter. Keun-Suk, you are an creator and originator…not follower. Being an originator of many things for many people to follow is really GREAT compliment of being a STAR. Keep on follwing your path on your own chosing, good or bad, you will learn from your experiences, and become well-rounded and better person.
      Keun Suk-ah, if you have a chance to read this blog or this tread, please know….I am very proud of your proud and fighting spirit. Please keep on fighting!!!

      • It’s difficult for many esp the ones steeped in traditions or are followers without questions to accept the world is changing and somethings are not good and have to change..
        Does not the situation of MG..the networkqueen, the media manupulation and Botong company (aka Tree-J) reminds you off th pigsituation of JKS?…and now there is this third party and a new player SS group…
        As JKS shows bravery and sincerity for so long and is stillnalive, little by little other stars are getting itchy and don’t want to lie to themselfs anymore and come forward…. depending on their own stamina they will survive and trive…
        I guess our Sukkie is really one of a kind..he never speaks ill about others even they treated him very unkind and unjust…still he can be his own happy real self…only there for I admire and love him

  3. I think you’re right about the misrepresentation. That shows that anti-JKS lobby (as I call it) is still active and efficient unfortunately. But the world doesn’t end with Korea and it’s wonderful that there is the food support from so many countries every day. Zikzin Beautiful Man!


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