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  1. Thanks for this recap. I’ve seen ep. 9 and 10 translated in English (not my native language). After seeing episode 10 I decided to start over and see all ten episodes linked. I got a different view on the story. Without letting me influenced by media reviews and comments I have concluded that it is a very serious story. Besides the fact that everyone has something to learn, along episodes is remarkable evolution of both the actors and the characters. But the most important is the evolution of JKS and consequently the evolution of DMT. I’ve seen all the movies, TV shows and commercials in which JKS played but BM is a true tour de force. It is an example of talent, tenacity, commitment …To change your appearance so many times to give life to a character show maximum dedication from a dream. To follow your dream is a hard fact to accomplish, but JKS seems that regardless of any obstacles.Only those who have angels wings on their shoulders can fulfill their dreams in this life.For this he must be very strong and determined. This is why all his fans must unite their good thoughts to give the JKS strength and determination.Only those who have angels wings on their shoulders can fulfill their dreams in this life.Let’s help him to fulfill his dream.

  2. Thanks for the recap, sis Clara. Ep 9 is kinda different since it shows more development of the romance side, which hopefully could give a good balance to the story of this drama 🙂

  3. Thanks for the recap. I have mixed feelings about this episode as all of the “romance” made Ma Te’s character backslide on goals/growth. I started off really liking Bo Tong, I thought she was quirky and creative and would have Ma Te’s best interest at heart, I am really disappointed in how she is turning out to be. She can’t come up with one reason why she likes Ma Te but she can sure use him as an excuse to string another guy along..Really disappointed.

    • Honest, I was not disappointed with Ep #9….but I got confused with the change of direction of focus that the producer and writer are going.!! Pretty much, I have mixed feelings how to perceive the Triangle Love Story!! O.O….is this drama has Love Triangle now.?? If I did not follow this drama from the beginning I would think this story is about David and BoTong’s love story…LOLL

      Here is my take of my mixing and confusing feeling about Love Triangle… (this is totally about my feelings ONLY based on what I see on the screen. I am no drama expert or critic, certainly has no skill to analyze the drama’s plots or story at all.) **** Anyone or any sisters here, please please write your comments to make me understanding this Drama better….I am seriously need direction and guidance with this Drama… becoz I am lost…LOLL.

      In this episode, they focus too much on the Romantic of BoTong and David Choi….yet I agree, it is somewhat necessary to show David’s story of love for BoTong, so the story can proceed with Triangle Love Story. Really!!! if that’s the point that the Director wanted to get across….then I would say…few romantic scenes of BoChoi here and there …..I would totally get the idea, not necessary to show about 70% scenes of BoChoi couple. Sorry, I am NOT a BoChoi shipper.

      I want to see romantic development between MaTe and Botong more….that would happen or make it more convincing to the audiences is….by showing MaTe and BoTong’s times associated with each other more in a romantic way….) Arhhhh…I don’t know how to express this feelings and thoughts in a clearer way…aishh.

      In this Episode, Even though, some family secrets are being reveal and awkward romance sense or awareness start to creep on Dokgo MaTe by making him being immatured jealous man (this is the point that I am confused of the drama’s focus). I thought the main focus of this drama is about DogKo MaTe’s growth. Dokgo MaTe’s character should grow to be more matured and better and beautiful person in the inside. OmO-Yahh…am I getting this drama WRONG from the beginning? By making MaTe acting such a spoiled immature and un-cool jealous man is throwing me of the curve or track of what direction this Drama is going..?!!

      In the previous ep. 1 to 8, I love the balance of showing each characters’ scenes. And I can still see the value life lesson or the focus of Dokgo MaTe’s story….and they derailed it at ep 9.

      By all means despite my dislike the changing of direction and script of this drama… I still LOVE this drama to bit. I can’t wait for Next episode…!! Yoohooooo….Dokgo MaTe, can you hurry up reclaim back your girl, who seems slipping away from you further and further. If you are still being tooo prideful, you might loose her for real…LOLL. That is not good for you, Dokgo Mate, with all the valuable life lessons you have learned and success you have gained…you would end UP a lonely man…T.T. Kailey. STOP. STOP right here. You are making a mess of your lousy assumption and thinking here……LOLL.

      P.S. sis Clara, Thank you so much for this wonderful recap. I enjoy it so much!!!

      • Kailey, hahahahaha…I’m thinking all your questions will be answered in episode 10. All that is happening ( the romantic side for Botong Choi tandem) is needed to engrossed the emotion of david and to show the dark side of his character. As for Botong its normal for an average girl (face value, based on observation and encounter with many young females ) who liked a popular guy, then find someone who give the the real attention to be overwhelmed with sudden change. So the tendency to respond to the guy who is more demonstrative of his feeling is pretty much normal. And we have this mantra for women in my country,( I do not know if this is also true in other culture )” It is better to build commitment with a guy who loves you wholeheartedly but you don’t love that much, rather than trying to build a relationship to a guy, whom you are the ones who has greater love for him, but his love for you is of lesser degree. I think, this is the case that made Botong becoming closer to David.

      • Daryl and Kailey, not in my country no longer wear the unrequited love. The girls have become more practical and I think they’re right. In the whirlwind of life in the 21st century, I think they deserve more. That can happen with KBT.
        I think the director wants to highlight the struggle of DMT to earn proper position at some point require sacrifices. There may still be other. That happens in reality. Those who take this kind of struggles is likely to remain alone. It is knowing where to stop and whom to support. I say to have patience and believe that we will not be sorry. I trust the JKS choice after reading the script. He must feel us by his side.

  4. thank you for the recap Clara. Yu Ra is a scary woman, I think she is no different from her mother in law, LOL.
    Guess at the end, it’s a battle between her and her mother in law to fight to get her daughter back

  5. thanks for the beautiful recap. 🙂 I liked how you described CD moment – “leans in for a kiss in a way that only second male leads can pull off as romantic instead of creepy” ^^

  6. Clara, Thanks for the recap. Reading all the details of what you have written made me feel that I’m watching again episode 9. I love so much of the part where Mate was trying to coerce David about his date Botong and making all the excuses that he is not interested at all. Bu I also pity with Mate when he was stood up by Botong hahahahh… what history, its the first time that Mate was stood up by a girl, and of all the girls its Botong.

    • i love KBT character..she really honest with her feeling towards others..and when he choose to go to CD’s concert..it doesnt mean she love him more..its a proof that she know what she’s doing by keep the promise make with CD earlier as a friend.of course she has the right to do that coz she didnt promise anything to Mate.its just Mate who get his pride hurt by that.i think its a lesson to learn for Mate..

      • Yes I agree… BT is showing us that..a word is a word…even when it’s difficult..
        Mate is so used to having everthing his way or no way, this was a learning point for him..sometimes you have to swallow some disappointmnt too.. of course it was sad for him for he really wanted to spent X-mas with her esp after she told him about his mother and the X-mas tree which he found tacky at first.. his warm feelings which I guess was always there starting to emerged and that is really something new for him and he doesn’t know how to handle it for he is not used to be troubled by anything in his life but his mother..

      • of course he’s troubled when thinking about his mom coz she’s the only love he have.love surely can make anyone troubled..now kim botong turns..i hope he can realize it soon if he dont wanna lose her..but ottoke?? he seems to busy with other women..

  7. Thanks for the recap Clara,even i write one,i like to read the others too and see others points of view.I love Ma te in bad and good moods,so i hope Yura dont ended making him suffering with her ambitions.

  8. Thank U Clara for the recap.

    I love it when Mate finally gets jealous in this episode. Can’t wait for him to reveal his love for Botong or is it just the case of him feeling jealous becoz he has to fight for something that is always there?


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