[pics-2] ‘Beautiful Man’ food support by TEF & ECNA (Food truck and second coffee truck)

Credit: Cri-J 4

ECNA (Eels Club North America) and TEF (The Eels Family) teamed up to provide the food truck and second coffee truck to “Beautiful Man” shooting site.
Buffet food, appetizer is Galbi soup (Short rib) and coffee. Bravo!!!

Look at Prince enjoy the food!

Buffet food


Second coffee truck

Free candies provided by food vendor

For pictures of first coffee truck, please click “HERE

10 thoughts on “[pics-2] ‘Beautiful Man’ food support by TEF & ECNA (Food truck and second coffee truck)”

  1. oh man I a man so happy to see this, when I joined the group I was wanting to give money to help, but I know I can when there are other projects, but this is so amazing to see 🙂 great job fellow eels!

  2. Haha, was hoping he would hold a sign saying”coming soon”! So happy eels could pull this event together so close to the holidays. Also, I would like to thank the admins for their time and effort in creating this act of love for our Prince to show him our support for his efforts on Beautiful Man. Jyo Zikzin and Happy Holidays!

  3. Great job TEF and ECNA fo4 organizing the food truck. JKS definitely feel the love from international eels that support him from the other of the world.

  4. The twitter event and this has me smiling for days. I’m happy he can feel the love and appreciation we Eels have for him and his work. It’s is so great to see what the Eel power can do when we get together.
    Happy Holidays everyone. This is definitely the time for giving and the time for sharing.
    Let’s share Pretty Man (Bel Ami) and our Jang Keun Suk with the world.

  5. Hope the Galbi was delicious and that it warned the hearts of all the Beautiful Man cast and crew. But most of all I hope that it helped Jang Keun Suk to see that he is loved by Eels all over the world. Even Eels from the other side of the Pond (Ocean/World)!

  6. Congrats to my TEF Family and ECNA …. You’re always doing the best for our Prince… Daebak !!!

    Thanks sis Sarah for sharing ^^


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