73 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 2013 Jang Keun Suk ZikZin Live Tour in Zepp DiverCity Tokyo_20131211”

  1. Kaori chan, I will read your FA many times as the feeling is as though we were there with you… although I can’t join Zepp tour this round, I feel happy reading your FA ^_^

  2. so touched sis.. i’m moved, this is our sukkie, one of the reason why i love sukkie very much is his honesty, never afraid to tell the truth. always be him self, always trust & appreciate his eels.. when ever he think he want to tease his eels he will do it either on twitter, LINE or his FB…your are so lucky sis tenshi, can always attend sukkie show, seen him as close as you can, can heard his voice directly, & the most is you always know sharing your FA with us,thank you so much. this time read your FA i cry a lot, don’t why, my tears just come out … until know write my comment still crying..
    Jang Keun Suk always be your self, we eels always beside you.. what & when you need eels, we always be there for you..

  3. Sis Kaori , I really felt like I was there with you. I have tears in my eyes. I am really thankful you were there in that particular day , thank you God for giving us that gift! My dear dear sister Kaori , I saw him with my heart too through your words. This man , I can never forget. He’s truly inspiring and a part of my life. I might never get the chance to meet him or see him for real but I know I will forever be their praying for him with my most sincere feelings.
    Imagine if one day both of us got to sit next to each other in one of his concerts …. too good to be true but today you made me feel like that and I want to hug you tightly and cry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest sister <3

    • Cri-J, my dear Ruba… you made me cry now… Even it looks almost impossible, imagining is important. If no one imagine peace, it won’t come the day. I’m always praying for your countries’ peace and imagining the day when we can meet will come. I love you!

      • Believe and pray ^-^ Our hearts have met many times already. I will always hope we can meet for real one day. You’re always in my prayers too sister.I love you too <3

  4. Tenshi, thank you for sharing. I commented in FB that you tag me about this post, but I feel I want to write here either. I have a super mixed feeling after reading your FA. Well, all of your FA are always giving me a goosebump, but this one is extra special. I am imagining my self at there, actually I am imagining my self for this Thursday. I know I will not have a good seat, I know due to my height I wont be able to see him, I know I will tremble when I am standing in the venue and realize I am breathing the same air as him. But thank you for the deep thought about ‘ while not seeing him directly’, I know even though I wont seeing him directly, I won’t regret that I still be there, to just be with him…. love him so much. Thank you 🙂

  5. I always think that he is a very very strong man…that’s why he hardly cries apart in drama/movie. Kaori, you are lucky to be there as his support when he chose to show this soft side of him . Ahh…my heart feels mushy now … I think I’m gonna be a stronger eels from now on ..thanks for being our ears and eyes for him. Once again I have underestimated the heart of this young man .

  6. Thank you so much It very impressive and it gave me an energy as well. I decided to tattoo his word ZIKZIN the next from my Cri – J sign on the back awwwwwwwwwwwww am I psychosis eel ? lol

  7. Dear sis Tenshi, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful FA. While reading it, my tears keeps on falling down that I can understand how prince feel and sincerely share out his feeling to all the beautiful eels in zepp. The feeling that I felt while reading your FA, that I couldn’t explain it. It just like all kind of feeling joy, sad and emotion., ect. I’m happy to be his eels and fully be there as a friend for him no matter good or bad. The best part is I will never regret being an eel. Thank you so much again sister Tenshi.. Zikzin ^^*

  8. Sis Tenshi… You are indeed an ‘angel’ for us eels here :). I can’t thank you enough for sharing this precious experience with us. I just decided to become an official eel last year after occasionally following news about Jang Keun Suk for some time through this blog- particularly I was personally touched by your Fan Accounts! I was never a huge fan of any other stars before and joined any fan-club even during my younger years. I never saw or ‘met’ Jang Keun Suk in person even when I got the chance to visit Seoul last year, but through your stories, I felt like I was also there in various concerts & occasions that you attended. I hope one day I can experience the same thing, being ‘close’ to him, to cheer and support him as his eel.

    Thank you once again, Kaori- chan… and thank you, Jang Keun Suk, for being you: the one unique star- the person that we eels all love. Thank you for trusting us with personal stories of your life. We trust you, too :). Life is certainly full of ups and downs. nobody will always be on top. Sometimes we take the ‘wrong’ decisions or make mistakes; however, ‘wrong’ decisions and mistakes teach us to be wiser and help us grow better & stronger. You’ve lived your life so far doing what you’d like to do, Keun Suk-ah, cherish that precious life and live it to the fullest with that charming smile on your face :). Keep zikzin-ing til the end!

    • Yes agree Tenshi is such an angel as to think of other eels who miss the privelege to see Jang Keun Suk upclose..while she is supposde to just enjoy what’s in front of her…THANKS…
      We trust her to convey the feelings of JKS as JKS entrust them to his eels at the concert..
      We know E bizz is hard and it’s all about the money…but for JKS to proudly stand tall and strong in this is very admirable…it gives us encouragement…yes it can be done..fighting against goliaths and still be yourself..so we do it also in our own life..being courageous and righteous..
      That little tears proof him to be a real strong man..
      Now we know some of the issues he talked about and we love him even more..

      So sad for him not receiving any scripts at all for two years!!
      must have been a real blow to him and devastating to his self esteem..he and his family must have had a real hardtime…T_T
      After that he rose to the top just to find people hated and sabotaging him because they did not understand him and felt threaten…
      This got him in this very negative mood…How hard it must have been at that tender age to feel so much hatred, envy just because he was doing his thing..We just want to hug him.
      What a difference now; I am so relieved to hear that after Love Rain he got more than 100 scripts only to pass them on because those where too much on the beaten track..
      I’m proud he choose Beautiful Man…for it is really one of the best drama’s I have seen

  9. It’s really worth the wait. Thank you for hanging in there with painful feet just to share this wonderful FA. Thank You for always thinking of your Eel friends. I remember you said before that you feel guilty whenever his in Japan and have the opportunity see to him. This one thing I want to say to you. while you felt guilty, We (your Eel friends) feel sooo lucky because we have a friend(you) there that we know will surely share these wonderful feelings with us. Thank You So Much!!! ^_^

  10. Tenshi, Thank you so much for share, as always i cried a lot reading, wishing hug and comfort him, i like the fact that he trust in us , his eels.I was impress with the chart part, mean he though and meditate well his ups and downs.About the drama, the important thing is the quality and good acting and BM has .He crying there broke my heart.I am happy for you lived that experience, you said once you were happy only thinking you were breathing the same air as he was breathing and this time you cant saw a lot of him , but felt him near to you, thats good too.Dont tell me you didnt took of your high heel? You stayed with them all the show? If you did, its called magic, kkk.

  11. Tenshi thanx for sharing your wonderful story …..I felt like I was there with you. I t took me to a whole different world.Thanx a lot. Tears came into my while reading it. He has a really amazing soul. And again I would like to thank you coz ur thoughts and feelings always tells me the worth of being an EEl. HUgs

  12. You have such a gift of seeing the glass always half full Kaori. I should really learn from you especially when facing difficulties.

    Sukkie, there will never be another one like you. Thank you for being honest and sharing your heart so openly with us. I feel that you treat us just like your best friend. Do what you want to do, even if you fail; we understand you will still be satisfied because it was your decision to try the difficult road. I feel that i understand him so much better now.

    Thank you Kaori, you are such a wonderful friend <3 <3 <3

  13. Thank you Kaori for sharing the FA – it has so much depth and details that it brought tears in my eyes reading the part Sukkie crying as he sang. I am so glad he had this avenue to pour out his hearts to his friends – his eels, and it is even more touching knowing that he is “always there for us!” (although eels may graduate or turned kabayaki). I am happy to know that our boy has chosen the path he desires (despite knowing it may not be the easiest or one that brings him easy fame), living life to the fullest with no regrets! ZikZin Sukkie!

  14. Tenshi while reading your FA I felt silence wrapping me… I stopped hearing car voices or any voices that surrounded me. it was only me and your words and I was sitting there beside you .. I could hear his words …. I even closed my eyes in some parts and I really could hear his voice filling my heart and mind!!

    though I have finished reading minutes ago I am still overwhelmed with what I have just read… seriously my mind is numb and blank!!!

    I feel as if I am seeing a totally new JKS!! I don’t know… did I just witnessed a mature JKS? a more responsible JKS? I seriously don’t know!!… but what I know and I am sure of is that this is the first time in 4 years (since I became an eel) I have felt this way!!

    I think non of us (eels) have imagined to be this close to him!!! we loved actors/idols and bands before, but non of them made us feel like he does…. his simplicity, honesty and the way he treats us is a just so rare these days…. that’s why not so many people understands the depth of feelings and relation we have with him and he with us.

    for him I say.. you have no idea how many lives you have changed and saved!! each and everyone of us had his/her own problems and we all had our share of misfortune in life, many of us were about to fall in that deep black hole, but yet we were saved by you… with your smile, courage, Optimism and pure soul.. yes!! you managed to save us all, each in a unique and different way..

    you have to be sure of this ONE thing that will never change in your life… eels were,are and will always stay by your side no matter what and I know that you believe in us just like we believe in you.

    sis Tenshi believe me when I say that I felt like sitting next to you!!! you were not able to see him with your eyes but you saw him with your soul.. it was a heart talk between souls… and through your words we have, I believe, witnessed the same thing as you did.

    thank you for sharing this FA… I have no more words to say

    • Lubna, I understand what you meant to say. Even me, I don’t know how many times I stopped writing on the way. I was crying while remembering the day… We can’t love him too much. Let’s hope we can sit next and see him in person ^^

      • Agree Lubna..
        and you Tenshi…We can’t love him too much…and we can’t be honest enough with him for he is all about that…

        I hope I’ll get the chance this year to see him in one of his concerts…

    • Lubna sis, I had similar reaction with you, while reading this FA. My whole world seemed to stop and stay still for a while….I was so engross in reading this story.

      To Kaori Chan-sshi, million Thank You won’t be enough to convey how I feel for you, how much I appreciate your dedication and hard work here. Do you know…. You are our Angel, eels’ Angel.!! For such a young woman, you are sooo wise and able to see thru the hearts of people, especially our Sukkie’s heart.

      This morning, I could not myself reading this FA before leaving for work. Lord behold, I didn’t know I would be crying crying crying river while reading it. My tears kept falling while reading it. My whole world came to stop. I was sooo touched….I was soo overwhelmed with unexplained emotional of bonds and love I have for this man.

      After reading this FA, I felt soo sick and my eyes so swollen from crying. I didn’t even have strength or energy to go to work….but remembering and reflecting on….no matter how tired or sad Sukkie can be at times, Sukkie worked sooo HARD… because he has “responsibility” for his parents, his employees and his eels. With this sense of responsibility….I managed to go to work, eventual…!!!

      What is sooo extra special about your FA is…… you always write with your heart…you always convey the messages between hearts…..your Heart and Jang Keun Suk’s heart!! You can truly convey what you feel, and what Jang Keun Suk would has been feeing while saying what he was saying.

      Thru sharing many of your FA throughout the past few years here, especial this FA, you have opened our heart to receive and understand the REAL JKS, the brave, strong, and yet very weak and sensitive man. Thru your writing, I can feel what you feel and ….. .I can feel HIM, too. Thru your writing, you can make us eels fell the connections with him. I was sooo touched by the answer to yourself…..be able to feel his presence without seeing him….. Awwwww….totally special bonds and love between you and him. You have spoken and represented millions other eels, too, who cannot be able to see him in REAL person, due to distance, financial or other objective reasons……etc….

      As for me, I truly love him, the REAL him…..not the STAR!!! Even if, Jang Keun Suk would won’t be on TOP on some types of ranking or not always #1 on some types of Voting Poll, my heart will not change how I think of you. My heart has nothing but love and well wishes for this man. Called me crazy weirdo fan? or Delusion fan?…or whatever..? I am all…. and more.

      My dear JKS, don’t you worry, I promise you, with honesty of my heart, I’ll always be your eel, will always love and support you in whatever projects you will produce. I always believe in you. Please stay PROUD and TRUE, No matter what happens in your life.!!! I am proud you are my STAR. I am proud to be your EEL!!!

      P.S. sis Kaori Chan, You are very good and expressive writer!! Thru this FA, I can see Sukkie’s weakness, mental strength, and also understand your hidden message of “new birth of JKS” ………my heart alleviate with hope and acknowledging with new sense of understanding and acceptance… that no matter what will happen in his professional or personal life, Jang Keun Suk will be just FINE and be always lead his live proudly, joyfully and grandly day by day…!!!! Jyo~ZikZin..!!!!

  15. This is exactly why I miss Zikzin Radio. From the first day it was released I listened to it every night till I fall asleep imagining Sukkie is just in front of me. When I close my eyes in the dark listening, I hear the richness of his laugh all the more, i feel the emotions of his words deeper even if I don’t understand. Because there is just pure honestly in Sukkie’s voice, the rawness of his heart, the innocence of his laugh, the confidence of his jokes! Together with his songs, everything is just more alive listening to Sukkie in the darkness.
    Dear Tenshi, thank you for being our angel sending us all Sukkie’s emotions and love through your FA’s. Please know that we send our love to you from miles away to support you and thank you for your good heart always thinking of us.
    And for my love Sukkie, you have given us so much of you by the music and art that you do, please allow us to give back to you even just our understanding ears and loving hearts- we will listen to all that you want to share and we will always love you more for it whatever it may be.
    With all the tears in my eyes- Jyo-Zikzin! ❤

  16. Very touching fan account Tenshi!
    Really admire you always hv the chance to be close to JKS!
    Thank you for your effort in writing and expressing details of the concert.
    Thru u, we r able to understand him better.
    JKS could b working too hard recently with filming and Zepp tour and having some other pressures.
    May he rest well before his next tour!
    Stay strong JKS!
    Our hearts are with you always!
    Live an interesting life without regret!

  17. Thank you for sharing!!
    He said once in his Asia tour that he doesn’t cry in front of his fans, I think this time he really couldn’t keep himself from crying.

    그 괜찮아요, 장근석씨, 울다.. It only means you’ve been trying to stay strong for a very long time. What’s important is that you’re living your dreams and doing the things you want to do. 당신은 자유로운 영혼입니다. You’ve insipired a lot of people not only through your life’s success stories but most especially through your rising up from the failures. We, your eels, will always support you no matter what, 진심이다.
    Fighting! 직진! 사랑해요!

  18. Kaori sis, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and meaningful FA with us. I’ve been in tears reading it, he always been honest with us Eels. That is what make us love him and supporting him always. By reading your FA i feel like i was there too and deeply touched. Psycho, if by any chance it happens for you to drop into this blog i would like to tell you that eels here will never leave you , this is our promise to you.
    I clearly understand your feelings while singing “Stay” after revealing your story and after singing this song you will feel like crying. If you cried coz of happiness that you been recieving from eels i will tell u that, no worry these happiness will always stays with you coz you have me and other eels.But if u cried coz of feeling sad i would tell you, don’t cry my precious person for eels, everything is gonna be alright.Please believe in eels coz eels are believe in you. We are one <3
    OKay i've had so much emotions from reading this FA. I just want to leave my feelings on this site.
    ZikZin Always !!!

  19. Sis Kaori….another wonderful and touching FA which definitely make me 200% no regret of trying my best to attend his coming Osaka Zepp…as I mentioned to you, reading your previous FA put more courages for me to go…
    Like what sis Fenny said, with our heights I’m really worried I don’t be able to see him even his hat but you are correct, we are lucky enough can be with him and feel him and support him.
    Sis Kaori, this is such a meaningful FA and I really hope he able to read it 1 day….

    • Thanks Kaori sis. I wanna tell you that your FA is magical because I can strongly sense your emotion while reading it. It’s like I am in the zepp concert as well. Not only Sukkie can make us cry, your FA have the same effect as him.
      As agreed with Casey sis, reading your Zepp Sappora FA is part of the reason that motivate me to apply for his zepp ticket. I feel Sukkie tend to have some hidden troubles these few months. (I hope I am wrong). Nevertheless, I have faith that he will be able to ride out the storm because he is none other than Jang Keun Suk!

  20. As always, I am often touched by your words and love for our prince. It’s amazing to see so many wonderful eels gathering here to share and show our love to Sukkie. Eels, let’s all remember this feeling and keep it going for our prince. I always believed that Love is a commitment, not a passion.

  21. Thanks Kaori for your heart felt FA. As always you write in details account so we actually feel the actual sensation of the night. I’m glad to hear that he share his burden and story with eels. Kaori you are one of the special person who hear it directly from him even if you cannot see him but you can feel, hear and fathom him how he express it. So near yet so far but still be enchanted by him. I feel my heart was squeeze when I read that he really cry during the song ‘stay’ that it’s hard for him to finish it. That song has a special meaning to him because eels are special. I will stay with him forever. Thanks again Kaori for your moving FA. <3

  22. Tenshi, thanks for sharing such a lovely and touching FA with us, I could feel your precious experience and emotions while reading your story, it must be a wonderful and precious night for eels who were there.

    and I’m also grateful that you have shared with us what he said to eels during the show, his true feelings… That’s the Jang Keun Suk I know, admire and love. He’s just human like the rest of us and he’s living his life the way he wants to and I support that. Ups and downs in life are normal, it makes our life story interesting and meaningful. As long as he’s happy, I will be happy to see him enjoy his life.

    No matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter what you’ve become, I’ll always be with you, Jang Keun Suk!

  23. Thank you so much for your heartwarming fan account. I do love to see this side of him and would so love to attend his concerts/fan meetings and be a part of this but for now I can live vicariously through you in this regard. I love that his fans are such a support for him. His radio program at times does feel like “group” as do some of his concerts. While our support is helpful I hope he has good people in his life that can take him further. Maybe next time we do a fundraiser we should concentrate less on feeding his tummy and more on soothing his heart and feeding his soul by paying for a good therapist. (Joking! I love You!)

  24. Thanks for a very wonderful FA, Kaori! I was overwhelmed by his words and speechless for a while after reading it.

    I have seen how extremely honest he is and I’ve read a lot of FAs wherein he wears his heart on his sleeve for all eels to see, but indeed, he had never been as honest as he was in this show, pouring out his heart and soul to his eels. I am happy knowing that he knows he has his eels behind him no matter where the tide brings him and that he trusts and believes in them as much as they do him. There is an enviable bond and connection with JKS & his eels and to be part of it is incredibly amazing. Truly, JKS and his eels communicate through the heart and soul, and that’s what makes all the difference. Despite what others say and however they may perceive him to be, he is a good soul and his heart is pure. I can see that clear as crystal. Honestly, I learned and continue to learn from him. As young as he may be, I could say he’s been through hell and back. He has a lot to share to people, primarily his wisdom and learnings.

    I am quite sure there will be endless possibilities and boundless opportunities for him for there is no weapon more powerful than the human soul on fire… and he definitely is!

  25. You makes my tears rolling down through reading this FA sis Kaori. It is worth the wait.. One more time, warm comfort feeling running through my veins while reading the lil heart to heart sharing moments he did with eels and you are very lucky sis as you get to meet him every once a while.. My gratitude goes to you for sharing those moments with us. I am no longer worry toooo much on him as through your FA & Nako sis FA, I am rest assured that he’s a strong fighter who walks his chosen path with proud. Never ever complain on his hardship as he is fully aware of the choices he made. He is very brave to take less travelled path and go against all odds for his own satisfaction

    To Jang Keun Suk,
    We live once, you gotta enjoy your life to the fullest..
    You can count on eels. So if you sometimes feel tired, just turn to us. Come just as you are to us. Your secrets are safe with us. Lets zikzin and just be free.
    I will love you unconditionally.

  26. Thank you, ss Kaori 😡
    My heart hurts when reading his confession. Oppa ah, please don’t think of death anymore, your family and eels are always beside you. You deserve all the best in life, even not the top of the world, you are no.1 in many people. To the world, you maybe one, but to somebody, you maybe the world.

  27. such a very touching FA kaori 🙂 it made me cry..he really is a strong person, the way he challenge life..thank you for sharing this very wonderful FA kaori.. 🙂

  28. o.k this is the third time i hear JGS say he is gay ?!1 like maybe he really is ! i mean who knows , i mean why would he say a joke about him being gay ! he could have chose any joke in the world , i think he really is gay but its to risky to show it and that is why he is giving us hints

    • Even if he is, to me personally he is still the Jang Keun Suk I love :). I don’t know why he chose such a joke, maybe because he has been rumoured to be one so far- but yes, this kind of joke is indeed ‘a big blow’, meaning to say that if you can take this, you can take almost anything else. Accepting whatever situation he is in is unconditional love eels can give to him. I love him, no matter which path he’s gonna choose, incl. being straight, gay or whatever :). Love is genderless to me. Anyway, as eels we can only see him and he is the one having to go through everything… his pain, his struggle, his glory, we can only watch but he’s the one dealing with all those :). I’ll just be happy to wish him love and hopefully one day he’ll find a partner whom he loves and loves him in return :).

      • NoonaEel, I’m one with you. No matter what his preference, whatever what he choose to be,If he is a gay or straight, I will continue to love him no matter what…He would always be the son, that I dreamed to have. And if he is really a gay, then I will wish he will find a partner who will treasure him until the end, because he is such a beautiful person not only on fave value, but his soul is even more beautiful than his face.

      • NoonaEel, me too!! Totally agreed with you!!! Thank you for expressing what I wanted to express.

        For me, Love is unexplainable thing. Love is colorless, generless and ageless!!!! No matter if Jang Keun Suk is gay or straight, I will continue to love him, and will continue to support him becoz he has enormous Talents and skills with his crafts……

        Alex, it seems like you are worrying too much, focusing too much on “gay” issue that you failed to see many many other good qualities of Jang Keun Suk here. JKS being gay or straight is totally not your problem….why you are bother with the idea too much and making it your problem.

        Please try not to be such a narrow-minded or shallowed person for a change….you will be surprised, you will see your self a better person and beautiful person in the inside.

  29. Kaori, I sit here wiping tears from my face. As usual your fan account was factual and honest. You shared what happened and what you thought… but more importantly to me, you shared what you Felt.

    The part that touched me most, was not when he spoke honestly and cried in front of his Eels. But, the part where YOU decided to stop looking at him with your eyes, and start feeling him with your heart. That was when tears sprang to my eyes… when you started to realize that you could still experience what you needed to, see what you needed to, feel what you needed to… by using the Bond (Kizuna) we Eels share with him.

    I believe you were there this time for a reason. The reason my dear was to sharpen the kizuna between you and him. I am sure it was awesome to see him (what you could)… and to hear his words hang in air around you, but most importantly for you to be touched, not just by his words, but also his emotions. To feel that energy that filled the venue at that time.

    You were there for all of us Eels who do not speak Japanese. But more importantly You were There for Him, when we Eels on the other side of the world Wished to Be but could not. I’ve believed ever since I came to this website over 2 years ago, that Jang Keun Suk is very energy sensitive. And that is what makes the bond we share with him so strong. (We might have liked other actors or singers before, but have never felt this “connection” to them.) I believe you were there… to strengthen your bond with him… so that his true heart comes to you, and through your translation work to us. I’m thankful that Jang Keun Suk is in my life, but I am also grateful for all the wonderful Eels I have come to know through him. Of which dear sis Kaori, you are a most precious one. (hugs)

  30. i’m always looking forward to your fan accounts coz your words have the power to make me see what you saw and feel what you felt during the show,always as if i was there with you…your fan accounts brought a different meaning to the show,you made us see that it’s not just a concert but a gathering of friends,a bonding as you said…

    for eels who haven’t seen JKS yet,like me,we appreciate the way you deliver your fan account,im really touched…it’s hard for me to see JKS in persons,even impossible due to some circumstances but thru your eyes i can see and feel him clearly so no regerets…thanks a lot and i mean it big time!!!

    Sukkie my dear,i for one always get my strength from you but in times you need someone to lean on you know you’ve got us,millions of shoulders to support you…ALWAYS!!! JKS FOREVER <3

  31. Sis Kaori.
    Fail to pull myself together to write a few lines. I have not crying so long ago.
    You’ve shared an experience that touched me the maximum. You must consider the fate spoiled because you privilege to be so close to our Star.
    I know I will not be able to have this opportunity than if he would come to perform in Europe. And maybe not even then for objective reasons.
    Because of this, please be my eyes and my heart whenever you can be close to him. My greatest joy would be to can hear him live, in concert.
    “Serenade” is a song that makes me cry without my control. So is “Like a movie”.
    After reading your writings and I reheard “Serenade”, “Save Me” and “Like a movie” I realized that for some time he leads a fierce battle with himself. And I realized where it came his desire to be free on stage as when sing.
    All my life I was a person who felt that the age of the acts is not the real age.
    I am not an eels with legal papers but I consider myself a eels.
    I wish to help him like he helped me.
    For the first time since I wrote on this blog I said I Jang Keun Suk discovered in a dark period of my life. By chance I heard his voice that fascinated me and just then I saw him. I was impressed by his thoughts, talent, determination, courage to be himself and especially his smile. However I did get out of the miserable state in which I was.
    But I never thought about what may be in his soul.
    Now I feel helpless but I can send some thoughts.
    Dear friend.
    You must learn to be your best friend yourself not to become your biggest enemy of yourself.
    Must go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live your life that you have imagined you, regardless of obstacles.
    You must not always right, you should not be afraid to make a mistake.
    You must not let life discourage you. Those who have succeeded in life are those who have been forced to take it again.
    You are the most important for you, for your friends, for your family, for your eels…
    You are a rainbow with gold on both sides ….
    Be strong and fight for your dreams. You’ll never be alone.You have your whole life ahead and enjoy it.
    With all my love, Adriana

  32. wow..i dont know where to begin..i cant say anything..im crying while reading this FA..thanks a lot..i wush i can attend his concert too..this star is really different from other each time i read his story i feels like im reading my close friend’s story i really feel close to him…
    for his gender preference i DONT CARE…y? coz he is jang keun suk the personwho always INSPIRE ME ..

  33. Sis Kaori thank you for your deeply moving FA. You had me in tears. You are our eyes and ears since we can’t be there. There is a song that Frank Sinatra made popular way before your time. It’s called My Way. I think that it fits Jang Keun Suk to a T. He should make it his song. The last verse goes: For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught
    The right to say the things he feels
    And not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.
    I agree with what hesukie says about Jang Keun Suk’s gender preference. He’s still the same person.

  34. kaori, thank you again for this wonderful FA. everytime you watched his show, it made me happy for i knew that you’re always shared your FAs with your fellow eels. your FAs are not only something for us to read but they’re always full of love for our prince that made us love and understand Sukkie more. you always made us feel that we were also there by reading it.

    you’re indeed a blessing to Sukkie and his eels.

    for 4 years that i’ve been his eel, no matter what revelation he will confess to us about his real self, i will always be his loyal and loving eel who will understand and support him. be strong my prince for we’re here for you!

  35. Tenshi, Thanks a lot for sharing this FA. The way you have written this is so profound that I could feel I was also seating next to you. While reading about his bout of depression way back 2012, made me remember a photo that was posted while he was in Europe for that photo shoot of a particular magazine. His eyes were so lonely. This FA made me cry. I’m happy that he find strength to tell directly these things to his EELS. Its a sign of relief, that these kind things going on with him that could only be told to people very close to him like his parents were told to his EELs, the kind of trust he had given to those who follow him I really did not expect. But I’m sure letting this out, it would contribute to healing and rebuilding his soul.

    Once again, Thanks a lot…I may not be able to meet JKS in person for my lifetime, but I know not only facts about him, but his soul through you…

  36. I really don’t know how to start but first of, thank you so much Tenshi!!I was totally in it! This really put me on tears. Can’t stop it even when i’m typing this. This is really worth the wait. I don’t find this long either. I feel like I want to hear more from you Tenshi! Haven’t seen him yet in person. Not even once. But I felt like I was there, standing in the corner of the stage just staring at him and feeling him. I also have a lot of things to say to him but I’m not even sure how to start with.

    Suk-ah, Thank you so much for continuously opening your heart to us. Hope you can feel us too. Feel it that we’re more than just your fans. We are your eels. We’re more than those whom you can lean on. We’re more than just your shoulders to cry on. We are your family and we’ll continue to be your strength. A fan may come and go but a family will always be your family, will always get back to you. You can be yourself during rough times but you can always turn to us anytime whenever you need to.

    I sincerely want to thank you as well because you made me realize something important in this life. I have always been so silent whenever I see you being bashed by others. I can only reply them with good things about you. But deep in my heart, I want to curse them and kick their a**es but I couldn’t! I couldn’t do it because i’m trying to avoid them from bashing you more. Then I realized that I have only been growing such pain in my heart by that doing. Yes, silence is still the best answer. But I realized that its not an act of maturity from me. That pain has only given me grudge and turn me into a hypocrite one. That pain made me hate other of your colleagues. I realized that I wasn’t really showing them a real respect just by being silent towards them. But now I understand. You have been carrying such a heavy pressure on your shoulder that your colleagues may have been carrying much more than yours. You are more lucky and blessed than them because you are FREE in this world. I feel like I’m no different to those bashers. They don’t deserve to be hated without doing anything. I should have given them my true and sincere RESPECT they deserve like what i’m giving you because they all just also want to live in this world with a real happiness like you. So thank you! For being a good influence and for being an inspiration!

  37. Jang Keun Suk is a young, hard working and very profound human being. He is here to lead a path, a road not yet taken by any other person. He is the first one and I sincerely admire him for all his talent and for being honest, transparent, with a wonderful sense of humour and great intelligence. I really don´t care if he has an androgynous look or not, if he has short or long hair, whether he is gay or not, if he wears jeans or a flowered dress, because he is who he is: unique. I will love him and support him as an unofficial eel always.
    Tenshi: Way to go! I heard him reading your comment on Zikzin radio and I know he reads everything about him on the web. Since you are such a committed eel, a great translator and have such a big heart, he has certainly known you for a while. Keep it up! Thanks for your comments.

  38. Thank you Kaori and Tenshi for sharing this precious experience with fellow eels not able to be there. JKS opened his heart like a beautiful flower and I am happy to be a part, however small; of his support group, the eels. He has touched our lives and made us want to live a life of Zikzin and we have helped to make him a Prince. No matter where he goes, what he does, or who he loves I will always be by his side.

  39. i am not only crying for your FA account Kaori but also in reading the good comments of my fellow eels here. i could feel the love of each one of us for him. group hug for our prince my fellow eels………

  40. What a fan account. Is hard for me to find right words to describe my feeling right now. But first. THANK YOU Kaori Chan to bring your special experience with JKS to our witness here. I can feel you and I can feel him too. That’s amazing!!! I have to say, I think no matter how much eels love him. Still JKS lives his life and we live ours. There are things that eels can’t imagine happen on him. We all look up to him and he is up there, but he, himself, alone to face some the difficulties that is very hard for him to talk with anyone I guess. I understand, so it is a big relief and grateful that with this opportunity Zepp Concert, this special moment, he opened up to his eels. Great job, JKS. Eels are the one you can trust. No matter what, we will support you. Me, an eel from US, I don’t know when I will see you but no matter when, my heart is always stand by you and support you JKS. You’re a strong man and with venerable feelings as well. I support your choice for being your own choice of life and not a safe one. As an artist, this is way I respect most. I will always remember what you have said in this concert. Let’s go and Zikzin no matter where we go.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to JKS and our angel eel Kaori Chan.

  41. im in tears Kaori, you are so lucky to have this experience. thank you so much for sharing.

    Keunsuk, i may not be as loud as i am when i became an eel, but know that i am always thinking about you.. always. i will look after my big star from afar., until you get married, have kids, get your lifetime achievement award. i will be an eel forever. and that is a promise.

  42. Thanks Sis Tenshi for sharing the best, touching and meaningful FA. I shed tears while reading it. I decide to use my heart to feel Sukkie’s heart and feeling in the coming Nagoya Zepp and will treasure every moment with him!

    “No matter where you are, or how far your dreams are, eels all over the world will always be with you – Our Promise!” <3

  43. Tenshi, thank you so much for such a beautiful and heartfelt FA. You made me feel as if I was there with you, listening to him and feeling him in my heart. I am lucky to have known him and to have known you and the many brothers and sisters in this community of eels. To be honest, as I have been an eel for less than a year, there were times when I have wavered. But reading FA like yours and knowing more and more about him and seeing how hard he works to perfect his craft and how much of himself he wants to share with his eels, I have grown to be a devoted eel.

    So Sukkie, you don’t have to worry about losing your eels. For every eel that you might have lost, you gain a few more just by being yourself. Eels all over the world will always be with you in whatever you decide to do. You will always be a World Prince in our hearts. Zikzin!

  44. thanks Tenshi for sharing your wonderful experience..I hope someday I’ll experience it myself. Whatever happens I’ll love JKS forever!

  45. Yesterday I couldn’t write anything coz i tried to hide my tears from the family and closed the computer. But today I still want to say this: Thank you, Tenshi! Your FAs are the window that make me see JGS as handsome, warmhearted and clever as he really is!!!
    When a person starts to like or even love a star, the idialized image have a little in common with the real person and many fans are tending to ignore the faults of their idols in order to preserve the imaginary hero they have. And suddenly they learn something showing that their idol is just a person and what happens – they abandon him and look for the next star ( pitty him or her!).
    This is not the case of Geun Suk! He is honest with us and is up to his eels to decide what kind of bond we should have – as a star and his screaming fans or as a wonderful talanted man and his friends from all over the world!
    When I first was attracted to him I thought that he was just a teen idol. Foolly me!
    Then I started to read a lot of him and was facinated by his dept and talants. And form your Fan Accounts, Tenshi, I really started to understand him, so once again THANK YOU!!!!

  46. yesterday when I was reading this very touching FA It breaks my heart thanks sis tenshi for sharing with us and to sukkie please don’t give up life is so precious just trust our LORD GOD with all your heart and everything will be fine and thank you very much for trusting your eels I will promise u I will never leave you no matter what

  47. As what you have said Sukkie, we, your eels are and will always be here for you.. Some may be “graduating” and “cheating” but a bunch of us will never ever leave you..whenever depression will strike again just remember the source of your energy will always lend their ears to listen to all your sentiments. Enjoy life and stay healthy Sukkie! Your eels will be very sad if something will happen to you.

  48. Sis, Kaori, many sisters above hv already described all my feeling in words in many ways. Here again, I just want to say that, thank you very much for bring me together with you there to the concept near sukkie.

  49. What an amazing FA? I sincerely wish I had seen this sooner. Very sad to know that he had a death wish, but I know that feeling. Happy to hear that his Poker Face dropped and that he was able to reset. My New Year’s resolution is to follow his lead and Zikzin as much as possible. This is actually very hard for me right now after a lonely holiday season, but I know time will heal me. Success to us all in our endeavors – eels and master. Hearing his voice in the BM OST today was very healing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik2SB88VcYo

  50. Ms. Kaori (Tenshi),

    Deeply from my heart… thank you so much for your FA. You’re not just an eel, who keeps on loving and supporting JGS but a good… if not the best… kind… helping friend as well.. to him and to many. Thank you for that. 🙂 As to JGS sexuality, for me, even if he is or he will be gay it doesn’t matter. I, as an eel accept him, his personality, himself, whatever he is. But, needless to worry because in my heart.. I know he’s not gay. 🙂 He is.. what he is.. as we are all too.. what we are.. yeah as he said.. it’s Jang Keun Suk’s life. It’s him. Like us, we too have our own life. We cannot change a person or his life to meet our desires rather we must learn to try in understanding one’s individuality so that we can accept anything unconditionally. Ms. Kaori, thank you again. 🙂 God bless! 🙂

  51. I’m always watching his Zepp Tour Tokyo every weekend so when I re-read this FA of yours last weekend while I was looking for something to share in our group, I enjoyed more watching this show and appreciated more all the efforts you’re doing for all of us (your fellow eels.)

    Thank you so much sis Kaori and God Bless You………..


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