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October 27, 2013 in Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Notice: Some photos were not taken on that day. Some pics were borrowed from the Internet.

Personally I don’t smoke. I’ve never tried to smoke. But honestly I’m not a confirmed smoking hater. For me, there are also some habits we can’t stop easily. Smoking is one of them, I suppose. So please allow me to write my personal idea about smoking here. I know some of you hate it and don’t accept his smoking. Thanks for understanding.

Some of you might have already known that there is a production that Sukkie smokes on the stage when he sings a song. I myself knew that before the show, but when I saw it in person, my heart was shaken badly… and I couldn’t help but feel like holding him tightly, saying “I will save you no matter what.”

It happened when he sang ‘Save Me’, second last song. Before he sings this song, he reveals his hard times to eels. I’ve already heard his story several times before, but this time was totally different for me. “Have you ever thought that you want to die?” He continues, “It happens to everybody…” Then, he said that he had such times that he wanted someone to save him, but now he has a feeling to sing this song to save someone. Then, the music started. He turned around and lighted a cigarette. Then, I witnessed his big smoke in the air… He breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly, with a cigarette hanging out his mouth. I was totally knocked out by that big smoke and felt as if I found the reason why he smokes.

When we want to release our stress, we need a change of pace. There are many ways for a change. Some people drink coffee, and others drink beer. Some eat chocolates, and others smoke. This time I first realized that smoking is a bit different from others. Unlike others which are all taken into our body to bring a sense of fulfillment, smoking seems opposite. I felt the purpose of smoking seems to take away our worries and burdens from our body. I had seen his smoking many times, but this time I saw it directly in the dark of the venue. Very big and white smoke… I couldn’t take my eyes off from the smoke, feeling that he has such a big pressure.

On that day, I was very close to the stage. It means I was very close to him on the stage. Specifically, I was standing 2nd rows from the front. I could even smell the smoke. During the opening music, he breathed out only once. Then, he started to sing ‘Save Me’, holding the cigarette in his hand.

Originally, I suppose this production was planned to show his real self as ‘Let’s gather pieces consist of who I am. Let’s keep being my natural self’ is a key concept of 2013 JKS ZIKZIN LIVE TOUR in ZEPP.
This time he even ate his new favorite, corns and drank beer on the stage. Like these, it’s obvious that this ZEPP tour was totally different from other concerts held in big venues. There was an intimate feel in ZEPP for both JKS and eels. During the show, he said something like this. “I’m not an idol. I’m not an artist. I’m a human being, Jang Keun Suk.” When we first heard his saying “I’m not an artist”, we replied to him, “What are you talking about? (We all know he’s not an idol at all, so no objection to the first word.)” But after we heard his final explanation, we all got what he meant. We all nodded. Yes, he’s Jang Keun Suk. He’s always trying hard to behave himself and show us that he’s not so different from us.

There is lyrics in ‘Save Me’ that “surely every person is a traveler who’s searching for our lost other half”. Eels can become his lost other half? At least, he was a missing piece of my life. Because I found him, my life is now filled with love and peace. I found him. How about him? Can he find me? I’m here.
Seeing his lingering smoke, I listened to his singing. Honestly I was distracted and couldn’t remember that moment well, imagining his hidden sufferings. He is always trying to overcome them with an attitude of positiveness, and I know he can manage to do it. But when I saw the smoke with my direct eyes, I felt different. He needs help even he can do it by himself. I will help him. I will save him. I will protect him. I will be with him… no matter what happens. I promised myself so in the dark.

After singing ‘Save Me’, he started to talk something about his busy life. “Your life is also busy, right? But still, even to keep running, we need to rest. We need to rest in our busy life to keep running.” Now he knows how important taking a rest is even his everyday life is so busy like riding a roller coaster. I remembered the book he was inspired last year and thanked the author again that helped him so much to live his life. Then, he started to sing the last song, ‘Turn Off’.
‘Turn Off’ was not actually the final song. After that, there was an encore. The very last song was ‘Like a Movie’. Listening from ‘Save Me’ to ‘Like a Movie’, I identified the lyrics with his own words nevertheless they were not described his real own life. For me, they were like his own words, not sounded like written words. I felt real JKS throughout the ZEPP stage.

As you know, some of scheduled ZEPP tour were postponed to January because of schedule change of his new drama ‘Beautiful Man’. So after this ZEPP Sapporo, there is a break until the next ZEPP tour starts. Sukkie looked to miss ZEPP tour already. He said today was like the final stage of ZEPP tour. He seemed he didn’t want to end the stage. He signaled the band member with his eyes not to stop playing soon like the original. I suppose they played the ending four times to last the stage longer. Suk laughed and sang the same part again and again. “Slowly slowly slowly whatever pains we had, they will eventually shine as my treasure. Just like a movie. Like a movie like a movie like a movie. Oh my life my life my life…” I also said to him again and again, “I love you, Sukkie. I love you. I love you. I love you…”

Below is the set list of ZEPP Sapporo, a bit different from ZEPP Fukuoka. He sang ‘Beautiful Change’ instead of ‘In my dream’. All songs were arranged differently from the original songs in the albums. They sounded very new. I love them all. I want to get these edited version as a new album.
1. Take care, my bus!
2. Crazy Crazy Crazy
3. Let me cry
4. Love is black hole
5. Bye Bye Bye
6. Serenade
7. Tomorrow
8. Indian Summer
9. Nature Boy
10. Rain
11. I Will Promise You
12. Stay
13. Always close to you
14. Beautiful Change (*Sukkie sang BB’s part, too.)
15. Poison
16. Save Me
17. Turn Off
18. Like a Movie

Sorry, I skipped the most part I experienced on that day. I really wanted to share what I felt when I saw his smoking first. From now, I’m going to share other experience.

My mother and I flew to Sapporo on that day. We need to get up very early in the morning. We left home before 5:30 am. This time I booked one of the nearest hotel from the venue, so it was really easy for us to go to and back from the venue. At first, I was a bit worried that I got standing seat tickets. Does it mean ‘first come, first served’? If so, do I need to line up for a long time to get nearer area to the stage? I’m OK about queuing for a long time, but I was with my mother, so I was really worried about it. I attended the final day of ZEPP Sapporo, so already the info about how to enter the venue was shared on the internet by those who attended the first day. According to the info, all attendees needed to enter the venue depending on the ticket number. From A to C block. From 1 to bigger numbers. Our tickets showed A 69 and 70. Luckily we could enter the venue earlier and got good standing seats.
The opening time is 17:30 and the show starts at 19:00. We needed to line up at 17:00, depending on our ticket number. After entering the venue, we couldn’t move. I mean we stayed where we wanted to see him, not going to toilet nor getting a drink. So from 17:00 to 21:30, we were just standing there. Yes, but it was worth doing so.
As I said, I was lucky to get the place, 2nd rows from the front. I heard ZEPP is very flat. For those who is short like me, it’s a big problem. So I wore wedge-soled heels. But still I’m short. Wearing heels for a long time was tough for me. But thanks to that, I could see him very well.

Throughout ZEPP tour, he always puts on a hat. This time he did as well. I think it’s because he always keeps staying on the stage, not leaving for a long time to change clothes. So putting on / off is useful to change his figure. All the audience expected what he looked like on that day.

Before the show started, the stage was covered with a thin curtain. Even we were standing very in front of the stage, we couldn’t see what was happening inside. The staff could focus on preparing for the stage until just before 19:00. The show started at 19:00. His silhouette appeared against the curtain. Then, the curtain dropped when he started to sing the first song, ‘Take care, my bus!’

I don’t know it’s because I was very close to him. Literally I couldn’t move. I forgot even breathing. The only thing I could do is just gaze at him. I’ve attended his concerts many times, but I went blank and rigid. The fact that the man I love is just in front of me. I was overwhelmed by this miracle. My mother shook me by the shoulders, saying “Kaori, are you OK?” Thanks to my mother, I managed to come back to myself and started to clap hands gradually. But still I was too nervous. Like this, most of the time, I was just gazing at him. As the show continued, I succeeded to release my tension. I could sing and dance with everyone. But still most of the time, I looked at him only. I couldn’t see the whole stage setting or screens hanging on the stage. Sorry, I couldn’t remember at all…

OK. I will share something I remembered at random. First of all, about his new favorite, corns! On that day, he shared the fact on LINE before the show. And his passion didn’t stop during the stage. He brought many corns on the stage, and asked us if we had ever eaten this special corn before. I was one of them that had experience.
This corn is called ‘Pure White’. It’s sweeter than melon or other fruits and very juicy. We can eat it even raw. So, please don’t get it twisted. He didn’t eat regular corns raw. It’s a very special one. He bought 3 boxes of it, but after that he found that he couldn’t bring them back to Korea. So he was trying to eat up all while staying in Hokkaido. He said, “It’s worth staying for a week here only because of this corn!” Then, he showed us how special this corn is. At first, he let us hear the sound when he bit the raw corn through a microphone. We heard the crispy and juicy sound. We all smiled to see his happy face. Then, he broke it in half and gave some to the band members. All of them were astonished to bite once. Sukkie seemed happy to see their face. Needless to say, after the show, many eels got this at airport, and it became sold out. Lol.
tenshi_akuma’s note: If you’re interested in ‘Pure White’ corn, here’s a blog written in English.

He couldn’t bring back the fresh ones to Korea, he decided to bring the retort pouch. I also brought it back home. And I bought the same guidebook he read as well. He’s really a good sales person. Lol.

About ZIKZIN. He explained this word, using ‘car navigation system’ as allegory.
A car navigation system is very useful when driving. It tells us the best way to reach our destination. Sukkie imitated his voice, “Turn left at the next lights.” He admitted it’s very useful, but he also said he loves keeping go straight. In our life, we have to select which way we should go. But he loves to go straight. Once he decides the destination, he wants to go straight. ZIKZIN ‘Going straight’ is his belief.

About another story about ZIKZIN. He decided this when he drinks a toast. Unlike the ordinary “Cheers!”, he wanted to create a new word between his close friends. Let’s start to say “ZIKZIN” when we drinks : )

He introduced his favorite words as follows; freedom, bond, sincerity and eels. He asked us to keep going ZIKZIN together. Why not? Let’s ZIKZIN to the future!

This time he decided to hold concerts in ZEPP to make more intimate relation with eels. He said this idea was really great. He could see many eels’ face clearly. He said, “I will definitely recommend my friends to hold concerts at ZEPP. It’s amazing!” Before the show, he spoke to Jeajoong on the phone. Someday Jeajoong will come and see Sukkie’s concert at ZEPP for his own show?? If so, it’s another amazing plan! I didn’t look back to the venue after the show started, but I suppose it looked like these. Especially from stage, if Sukkie saw this kind of view, I understand why he said it was amazing. The venue was full of eels and he could felt it directly.

The audience view (It was taken in ZEPP Fukuoka)
The stage view (I borrowed this image pic from Japanese band ‘chatmonchy’ blog.)

He’s going to shoot his new drama ‘Beautiful Man’ soon. After the drama, he’s planning to release his 3rd solo album and Team H tour. His busy schedule seems packed already. During the show, he said, “I’m feeling that I’m alive!” We eels are also ready to keep riding his roller coaster already. To feel we are alive, let’s keep ZIKZIN together!

P.S. I want to share another story about our trip in Hokkaido. My mother and I went to some areas he shot ‘Love Rain’. One of them is Biei (美瑛). He went there in winter. There was only snow. But Biei is one of the most beautiful area in Japan throughout the year. You can see the beauty everywhere. He mentioned this area in U-gata TV interview.

In autumn (I took this pic)
In winter
In summer
In spring
tenshi_akuma’s note: If you’re interested in Biei, here’s the English tour guide.

Then, we went to Furano, eating ‘RuRuRu’ curry and rice.
The restaurant ‘Yuiga Doxon (唯我独尊)’ is very famous in Furano. There are so many people eating there. We had to wait for a while. Honestly the appearance both inside and outside is very unordinary. But the taste is really really good. We ordered the same curry and rice as Joon and Hana, curry and rice with omelet and saucisse. This place is must visit for all travelers.
tenshi_akuma’s note: If you’re interested in the restaurant, there is the page in tripadvisor.

It’s my first visit to Hokkaido without snow. I used to go skiing there. But this time, I enjoyed driving there. Needless to say, a car navigation system was installed in a rental car. But sometimes I ignored the guidance when I saw a wonderful view. It’s our decision which way to go. I don’t want to regret my life. kkk

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