[Pics-2] Arab eels support ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’

Original source: Jang Keun Suk Arab Fan Club
You must have remembered Arab eels did ‘Beautiful Man’ food support before. This time again! We are so proud of them. Thanks to sis Lubna Almomani , we can read the original Arab message in English. Here you are.

English translation and shared the BTS: Lubna Almomani from ECI

We did it again!
The 6th of January is another historical day! For the second time Arab eels have united and sent a food truck to our precious prince!! But this time it was a coffee truck in order to warm his heart in this cold ^^ …. Can you see how cute he is!!

So this is our coffee truck with our banner!
This is what we wrote on the banner, along with this picture (on the right of the banner)
With a new day comes a new strength,
Arab eels have gathered again to show their support to Asia Prince

And of course our prince is standing in front of our truck with his beautiful smile that brought us happiness. This is the least we can offer you prince, you deserve more and more <3 We would like to thank everyone who helped us to make this project a reality again. And a special thanks to Cri-J manager who made sure our gifts were delivered personally to him. Our second gift in which we said it’s quite a crazy one is “Petrol” looooooooool yes indeed petrol!!! We bought him a petrol coupon for his car, because we all know that he loves to take his car for long drives ^_^ (since we are Arab countries and he said once that he wants petrol from his Arab Fans!!!) The note we enclosed with the petrol coupon:
Since we are the countries that produces and exports Petrol to the world, and because we know that you move a lot from here to there with your car, we have decided to gift you a gasoline coupon so that you can use it for your transportation … a small gift but we wish you like it our prince ^_^

21 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Arab eels support ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’”

  1. Oil rich country offering their precious natural resources as gift to JKS!
    So thoughtful!
    Thank you Arab eels!
    You r wonderful!
    JKS feels energised inside out after receiving your gift!
    Love to see his sweet smile!
    With all these food truck throughout the filming, which caught the attention of the media and crew & the public, now everyone will know how the WORLD loves our Prince! He is being showered with loves from countries he hv never visited!
    Way to go EELS! That is eels power! Eels support cannot be denied. Eels existence are evidence of our Prince popularity globally!
    Let us continue to show them how we support our Prince and that he is an international star!

  2. hahaha….Sukkie be sure what you wish for…
    Your eels are there to make your dreams come true…
    petrol coupons…hahaha such happy thoughts..

    Daebak Arab eels…

  3. Arab Eels, you ROCK! And idea for the Gas/Petrol coupon was unique! Excellent job, guys!

    Unfortunately, the PM shooting is coming to an end tomorrow (the 7th of Jan) but I am so proud to be a part of such a great fandom that gifted so many food trucks to the hard working Beautiful Man and staff 🙂

    Peace out!

    • Is tomorrow really the end of shooting???….boehoehoe…
      That really means it will come to an end…Although I really want to see the end I’m not really to say goodbye to Mate ..

  4. thanks to all the sisters ^_^ actually JKS mentioned once in an interview that he would like petrol from his Arab fans (it was a joke) hhhhhhh I think it was in 2011/2012, so this request stayed in my mind and when we wanted to send him something that represents Arabs we suggested this idea… which had a very good reaction!!! so we proceed with it and sent him the coupon ^_^

  5. Arab EELS, and the rest of the EELS all over the world who made this project of delivering food to the filming locations, I’m very sure you are melting the hearts not only our Sukkie, but all the crew and staff of BM. Now they know Sukkie is loved by the world.

  6. Wow so amazed by the love and support from all over the world!!! JKS you are loved always I remember that!!! Zikzin Arab Eels!


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