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  1. Farina unnie, I want all the above you wanted,….but I want him to HUG me more, a sweet hug like he gives Electric Fairy ……awwww….*dreaming mode*

  2. the scene where JGS picked IU on his shoulder just bcuz he was jealous , was the cutest thing ever , i replied it 100 times , it was just sweet 🙂

    • hahahahah ! i knowww right !!!!! I love it when he grinned at Bo Tong !!! hahha ! If i were Bo Tong, i would tease him moreee lolll like Bo Tong said “I love that annoyed face” !

    • Sis jezreel, i’m glad you love reading my recap eventhough my writing skills are poor. my thoughts area ll over the place. I wanted to write more but i was afraid i could bore the readers. lol. hahha everytime i watch anything peely , i will always think of the PEELS here ! always ! haha and that put a smile on my face he he he

  3. Well, if you love Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’, you will love Dok Go Mate. I love to see him with apricot scarf, dancing gavotte like in Carly’s song. I think, the Prince, himself is so vain as what he said once that this Mate character matches his real personality. I love the real vain Prince, that makes him excel. If you are too young to know this top Grammy record, do search Carly Simon You’re So Vain in You Tube, you will enjoy it. Her man is really so vain like our Prince. I just love it.

    • hehehhehe Sudie ! you were right ! I was born 0n 1987 he he he. I ve youtubed the song ! LOVe the song already !!!! thatsss sooo himmmm ehehe

      You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht ( Sooo MAte and sukkie)
      Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
      Your scarf it was apricot
      You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte
      And all the girls dreamed that they’d be your partner ( This is sooooo us his eels)
      They’d be your partner, and….

      You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
      You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
      Don’t you? Don’t you?

  4. Izzati, thanks a lot for this recap. My favorite of all is how he carried Botong, what a great excuse of his exploding jealousy hahhahaahha. Mate is always doing the opposite. He rewarded Botong ten pictures but all in all he gave 15 including the big tarpaulin for her room. How I wish David would also gave Botong a huge billboard hahahah. And that attire wearing short and long socks to convince the owner of Four Limbs was really the most hilarious. Farina, I also want that tongue hahahhaha… But the best acting Sukkie gave in this episode was his meeting with that evil step Mom, what an intense projection of anger and fear on his face, I could feel the nerves moving all over his body. And the last seconds before the ending credit…OMO I could feel his heart was about to explode in anxiety. How I wish Sukkie will get an award for this drama.

    • Daryl Lade, totally agree with you. Even my heart feel like it would explode watching the intense of his anxiety and fear in the last few scenes.

      OmO-yahhh…at this point….how I wish Koreans would watch Beautiful Man..?? Beautiful Man is as good as any drama can get with the same genre…

      Don’t even think far to receiving an award…becoz it’s probable next to impossible to happen….aigoooo.

  5. Thank you sis Izzati for wonderful, funny and great recap. I love it. I love the way you show your reaction and feeling with some scenes, too.

    I super LOVE ep#6, I watched it about 5 times by now. I’m so glad to watch that MaTe and BoTong’s relationship start to develop and grow a little, slowly…but surely. I’m totally OK with slow development of relationship and feelings between two people…..it’s reflect the real life.

    DoKgo Matte, at this stage of self discovery and growth, the slow and subtle awareness of his feelings for BoTong is so realistic and appropriate based on MaTe’s characters at this moment.

    To me, I would be so disappointed if Mate shows sign of deep jealousy or LOVE sick fool….when my Mate’s nature, still pretty much a playboy. Oh Goshhh…..Is it right that Dokgo MaTe pr-destined to meet with 10 women..?? So to declaring dying love for BoTong now would be so ridiculous and hypocrite storylines. Yeahhh…..thank you Writer be being sooo smart to write this way.

    As for BoTong and David’s relationship, I always see the comfortable chemistry between this two from the begin…..I don’t know how this relation would lead to.?? Would Botong eventual come to her sense regarding her fantasy love for DoKgo MaTe and offer her true heart to the one person who always show care and willing to help her on everything, David.?? I hope NOT…..because I would like to watch Dokgo Mate’s development in learning and changing to realize true love, beside gaining financial success, with Kim BoTong at the end.

    This drama is totally challenging my thinking and senses. I am soo in love with this drama!!

    To Jang Keun Suk-ahh,

    No matter how hard and difficulty you are experiencing right now with this drama. Even though, many of your people treat Beautiful Man as a “trash”, totally overlooked its qualities and values, Beautiful Man becomes beautiful gift to millions of people around the world. Those millions of people who can see its values and worth. I always trust your and believe in your choice.

    Please believe, the quality of this drama, with its unique plots, smart and great educational story-lines will last in audiences’ minds and hearts…for long long time, it not forever…!!!!

    Keep on ZiKzin, please!!

    • Kailey, YILINI kkkk…if the people in Korea do not appreciate this drama as long as we are happy and Sukkie is happy that he gave the best Christmas gift to EELS. But I’m still hoping that Sukkie would be nominated for some award giving bodies, an I’m really hoping for an international award nominations.

  6. Sis Izzati, thank you for the recap

    Aside from the actual lesson, for this episode I came to this:
    1. Be brave and show no hesitation in front of your enemy, later you could fall on your chair with sigh of relief, make sure you wont fall backward
    2. Never have a scar, even the tiny one, on your left hand. Remember that that hand is the hand you’re going to put a ring on when you
    get married later.
    3. If you want to return one’s favor, give her/him ten pictures of you – or wall paper of you ?
    4. Stick the tongue out pose is cheesy – not for one pervy 26 years old girl
    5. Frenemies is frenemies, but when it deals with working together with frenemies, thank them properly for great job done.

    btw, sis love ur name.

    • LOL….
      I like your Frenemies…Matae will meet a lot of them..but his character is such even he is artful to make women do what he wants without lifting a finger he is equally innocent when comes to other life experiences…in that he finds his mate in Bo Tong and even in Yura who (although has her own agenda) guides him to learn

  7. Thanks for the recap sis Izzati :). This episode made me laugh so much… That scene with the president of the sock company… omo… i almost fell down from my chair haha… But our boy Ma Te really learned his lesson in making connection well… Impressive for such a pretty boy who immediately agreed to lick his lip when asked by his ultimate ‘fangirl’ lol… *Sis Farina, I want that tongue too!!! Peely me… Oopsie*.

    Anyway, i’m also glad that the writer has started to work on the ‘romance department’ of the three characters :). We need a small dose of real romance every now & then ;). Can’t wait to watch the next ep. We were left with such an anxious feeling about how the sock selling would end up… And oh… Can’t wait to see the royal hotness haircut…

    • O…I’m a bit scared to see what will happen with Matae..did Hong Ran do something to hurt or sabotage ..Matae was a bit unstable on his very handsome shoes

      So curious about the new woman and their sparks

      • The way I understand it based on the previous article about the different women Mate would meet,the fourth woman he met that in the past prior to Jaek Hee. And she was his first love. Maybe Mate met that woman when he was in high school or maybe in the university.

  8. I love what he did with the fairy. To help someone open up like a flower and not pick it- beautiful. Alas, she needs to protect herself and her family.

    Off to learning a new skill, people pleasing! Ooops I mean networking. I’m tired watching that poor woman. He does pull off the sock factory meeting with such pizazz, though.

    David and Bo Tong’s “met in the psych ward” relationship is cute and I hope it stays just “cute”. More fun that way.

    Thanks for the recap!


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