[News] Hallyu star JKS eyes the world with the launch of his Asia Tour

HS Media, Jang Keun Suk’s agent company in China, has officially announced the news of JKS Asia Tour 2011 on their website. Since the news is out, it has attracted large crowds of fans leaving messages at HS Media’s official website and Sina. The expected overwhelming response comes with good reason.

Due to his child actor background, Jang Keun Suk’s many years of acting experience resulted in his rapid growth. The drama “You are Beautiful” (YAB) in 2009 was an important milestone in his career. According to news, the China CEO of an international brand watched “You are Beautiful” at a friend’s recommendation and for someone like him who does not watch Korean drama, the CEO was deeply touched by the actor who played “Hwang Tae-kyung”. Besides being curious about the actor, the CEO had the idea of asking the actor to be his brand ambassador.

Just based on JKS’ acting skill alone, his movies prove most persuasive. In the movie “The Case of Itaewon Homicide”, the vicious-looking eyes of JKS’ character literally causes one to tremble in fear and leaves a deep impression; the aura that emanated from the character was overpowering. The CEO of HS Media, Jason, says, “After I watched ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’, the lingering effect was I dared not look JKS in the eye for quite some time.”

According to HS Media, JKS values the China market, and has the intention to work with good Chinese movie producers. HS Media has even received work offers from England and America, but Jason reiterates that the script is the most important. JKS is an artiste who places an emphasis on the importance of the script and has his own plans. Even if the financial gain is considerable, the script is of utmost priority. Looking at the entertainment circle today, most young celebrities are impetuous and materialistic, being overly concerned about the short-term monetary benefits, whereas this young man Jang Keun Suk born in 1987 always manages to be level-headed. An artiste who is very clear about his future path is quite rare. This explains why JKS still has a large group of loyal fans in fiercely competitive Korean showbiz where newcomers abound.

In 2010, “Marry me Mary”(M3) once again demonstrates the excellent acting skills of JKS. Before the broadcast of M3, various doubts about JKS duplicating his roles and unable to achieve a break-through had surfaced with regards to the similarity of the roles of Hwang Tae-kyung (in YAB) and Kang Mu-gyul since both roles are lead singers.

JKS said, “I am not a puppet who does what others tell me to, and walk a path that others have prepared for me. I want to create a world that belongs to me.”

Should we use “proudly untameable” to describe this actor? But then, JKS is also one who pays detailed attention to people around him. He would help his fellow colleagues fend off drinks. Even when he is exhausted to the point of collapse, he will persevere by sheer force of determination and break into genuine laughter to encourage and cheer on his fellow colleagues who are shouldering the battle with him. And the chauvinistic side of him obstinately refuses to admit that he has a gentle and sensitive side. The Chinese staff who had worked with JKS in his Asia Tour 2010 expressed that JKS is unlike the domineering roles that he played in the dramas – in reality, he is very friendly with a strong sense of justice and does not put on airs. He would joke around with the others and interact well with them. JKS is the polar opposite of their impression that Korean celebrities are more unapproachable.

The definition of a good professional actor is that he can give life to characters regardless of any external conditions. When you have seen the seemingly laidback and yet stubborn Kang Mu-gyul acted by JKS, you’ll completely forget Hwang Tae-kyung. There is no duplication in acting at all. One can only see from his eyes the charm that will steal away one’s heart.

Some comment that Jang Keun Suk is a miracle. He can give people surprises and hope. It seems as if he is by your side, and yet he’s standing on the tallest peak. Where is he? He wanders between the moment and eternity.

This is Jang Keun Suk – the new generation Hallyu star who is full of passion and ideas, possessing the ability to control his world, seriously serious and equipped with boundless charm that can conquer the world.

Credits: Sohu Korea
English translation: Aphrael77

搜狐韩娱讯 近日,张根硕中国经纪公司HS Media在官网正式公布他2011年亚洲巡演的讯息。消息刚一传出,HS Media官网,微博便聚集了大批粉丝围观留言。这来势凶猛的人气,其实由来已久。
  张根硕是童星出身,多年的演艺经历令他迅速成长。2009年的一部《原来是美男》成为他事业上的重要一笔。据悉,某国际一线品牌中国区总裁在朋友的介绍下看了美男这部剧,从来不看韩剧的他竟深深被剧中“黄泰京”的演员所打动,产生了极大好奇心的同时也萌生了邀请他做旗下品牌代言人的念头。就张根硕的演技而言,他的电影最有说服力。在《梨泰院杀人事件》中,张根硕在影片中那种凶狠到令人颤抖的眼神在脑海中挥之不去,他身上散发出那种强烈的男性气息。HS Media公司总裁Jason说:“我第一次看《梨泰院杀人事件》之后一段时间产生了后遗症,无法正视张根硕的眼睛。”
  经纪公司表示,张根硕本人也很重视中国市场,并有意愿与中国优秀的影人合作。笔者了解到,HS Media还收到来自英国,美国的邀约。但Jason表示,剧本尤为重要,张根硕是位非常看重剧本并有自己规划的艺人,就算重金邀请,也要先过剧本一关。纵观今日演艺圈,年轻艺人中普遍存在浮躁,虚荣,只视眼前利益为生命的情况。而张根硕这位87年出生的年轻人,竟总能保持冷静的头脑,十分清楚未来之路该如何走下去的艺人实属难得。这便可以解释清楚,在新人倍出竞争激烈的韩国演艺圈张根硕仍有一大批忠实的骨灰级粉丝的原因。

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  1. ooh, is this how JKS got to be appointed the brand ambassador for the Chinese lifestyle and fashion brand, Zegda? Because the CEO likes JKS’ acting? Cool …. ^^
    When JKS’ acting touches the hearts of people, it really has repercussions!!

    This news report sounds really … promotional. In fact, it’s one of the strongest promotional “news report” I recall reading about JKS, and I suspect that most, if not all the information came from HS Media.

    Nothing wrong with that. I like HS Media because they are really supportive of JKS as an actor/artiste, they say very positive things about JKS and they respect JKS’ wishes in terms of work, they allow JKS a lot of freedom instead of forcing him to abide by their expectations. Now, I’m not an expert on Chinese showbiz, but somehow I get the impression that this kind of treatment coming from an agent company is rare….

    Anyway, promotional news report but quite true ^^
    I cannot agree more with their assessment of JKS 🙂

    • Aphrael, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve ever read somewhere that JKS is offered a leading role in a Chinese-Korea collaboration movie about spies in World War 2. Do you have any idea about this? Is it true? Really hope it’s true…… Wanna see him to really go international……

      • that would be awesome…JKS as a spy ?? woww… a must see movie. even if he’s playing as the antagonist, like in Itaewon murder case, he would still look good 🙂 btw, i just saw part of YAB scene where JKS tied his hair up, the one with red shirts, the morning scene. all of the sudden, i had this thought, that he would be GREAT to play a samurai role (better than tom cruise in “last samurai” i suppose ) 😀 and for that, i will wait patiently…

      • Found the article:

        Huayi Brothers ft IHQ – when Rain, Lee Dahae, Jang KeunSuk, Kim Taehee, Song Seungheon come to China

        Two of the biggest entertainment empires from China and Korea – Huayi Brothers and IHQ – have recently announced a collaboration effort in TV drama production.

        “This co-production won’t just be Korean actors filming in China, but really tell the story between Koreans and Chinese. We will film in both countries, and complete post-production in Korea,” said Hao Lin, head of Hao Lin Studios of Huayi Brothers.

        Two series are currently in production – spy series “Kung Fu” and modern love story “Autumn Rhapsody.” From the Korean side, “Kong Fu” will star Rain (IHQ), Lee Dahae(IHQ) and Jang KeunSuk (Huayi) and will tell the tale of a Korean-Chinese spy war against Japanese imperialism during WWII. The series is co-produced by the Hao Lin Studios and the Korean Studio that brought you “Iris.”

        “Autumn Rhapsody” is a modern love story of two couples, one in Korea and one in China. The Korean couple will be Kim Taehee (IHQ) and Song Seungheon (IHQ). No Chinese actors have been announced yet, though Huayi Brothers CEO said “We will choose the best artists to join the cast. Huayi has a lot of acting resources, and we’ll find the right artists to join the filming. That doesn’t exclude big names like Li Bingbing (Huayi) and Deng Chao (Huayi) as long as the roles are right.”

        In recent years, Huayi has been increasingly collaborating with foreign companies, including “Hot Summer Days” with Fox and “High School Musical” with Disney this year. Last year, Huayi and Shanghai Media Group also collaborated with Korea to remake the comedy “Nonstop.” IHQ, too, has been eyeing outside Korea with projects such as film “Blood Vampire” starring Jun Ji-yun.

        Source: Cfensi
        Credit: gems @ soompi
        Reposted from lovesears @ blogspot

      • Hi Deborah,

        Do you have the exact link to the source article?
        I would like to check out the source, date etc.


      • thanks, deborah…. but as this is not the original news article or website, I cannot confirm how true this piece of news is, but I’ll be on the lookout for it

  2. Love the picture – Keun Suk’s eyes directly looking at you with a warm, gentle smile. So sincere and receptive. His face is totally a reflection of his kind nature.

  3. I hope JKS, have again a drama similar to “You’re Beuatiful” and the music and song are more powerful and hoping he will shoot it here in USA espcially in Chicago!!!I like him so much,and I hope he’ll be in Seoul this summer,coz I’ll be in South Korea.

  4. Hi. I love reading articles posted here. I am sorry I already reposted them in a forum without asking permission. But I always put all the credits there. I hope you don’t mind that.

  5. Ahhh…everytime i read JKS articles my head spontaniuosly singing :”you’re just too good to be true,cant take my eyes out of you..you feel like heaven to touch,uuh i wanna hold u so much…” 😀

  6. that’s absolutely true.. JKS really gives colors to the Hwang Tae Kyung & Kang Mu Gyul characters.. he made the two characters completely different.. such a talented actor!


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